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If it’s fresh meat and deli cuts you’re interested in, then a meat market is the way to go. Not only do meat markets offer the best cuts of beef, pork, and chicken; but it is far fresher than the meats you can purchase in a grocery store. Most animals are raised on a natural grain diet or grass diet and are typically free range.

Are you interested in finding a meat market near you? Simply browse meat market near me on the map below and find a list of meat markets located in close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on meat markets? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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Meat Market Near Me – Meat Market Trivia

True or false: Butchery is one of the world’s oldest professions.

Though butchers may get a bad wrap in the modern age or be deemed a lesser profession than many white collar jobs, butchery is one of the world’s oldest professions. In many countries, it is also a highly respected profession. According to historians, butchery dates all the way back to the domestication of livestock, when meat was first introduced to humans and brought into the diet on a regular basis. At this point in time, there was no other way to procure meat other than from a butcher. Of course, early ancestors did some of the work themselves, but a proper butcher job is hard to compete with. Nowadays, you can simply buy meat from a grocery store or from the frozen foods aisle without thinking twice. It wasn’t always so easy or convenient and in many ways, it shouldn’t be. The quality of cuts and freshness found at early butcher shops and meat markets was far superior to much of what we buy in shops and grocers today. As you search meat market near me, consider how this profession has been helping to feed mankind for over 12,000 years.

meat market near me

Visiting a meat market typically offers fresher cuts and better quality meats.

When did meat markets first surge in popularity?

In the present day, if you search meat market near me, you’ll find a whole host of markets and butchers to choose from. But up until medieval times, meat markets weren’t common or highly available. It was during medieval times that the profession of butchering came into the forefront, as the idea of preparing the animal and producing proper cuts became paramount. Proper cuts and methodology not only lead to better dinners, but it helped improve hygiene practices. Suddenly, those preparing meat were very cognizant of maintaining hygiene and preserving the animal in a way that wouldn’t lead to disease or bacteria spread. Today, the preparation is still just as important as the cut itself. Many believe that is proper preparation and dressing methods that can separate a great butcher form a sub par butcher. What do you think?

Meat Market Near Me – Meat Market Facts

A Deep Respect For Animals

There are many reasons to frequent butcher shops and search meat market near me, but one of the hallmark reasons is that many butchers have a deep respect for animals. It might seem a bit ironic to state that a butcher has a deep respect for animals given their profession, but most food experts agree, that when you buy from a butcher you’re a part of the solution to animal cruelty rather than the problem. Butchers buy from farms and often own farms. On these farms, animals are free to roam fields openly and have happy lives. They are fed natural diets and are never pumped full of steroids or antibiotics. They have the space and freedom to be amongst other animals and are not confined to small cages or stalls. Butchers often slaughter as humanely as possible, a far cry from the way meat is mass produced for grocery stores and frozen food aisles. On top of all of these reasons, hardly any part of the animal goes to waste when prepared by a butcher. It honors the life of an animal to have been treated with kindness during their living days and be free from unnecessary cruelties.

A Better Selection

As you search meat marketsnear me, consider the selection that you can choose from when visiting a butcher shop. While a grocery store has a few cuts and many have in house butchers, they can’t rival the variety and quality found at a meat market. Odds are, if you walk into a butcher shop, you can find any cut of meat you desire. You can also consult with the butcher as to how the meat should be properly prepared, which cuts are best for certain dishes, and how to properly preserve your selections at home. On top of that, you won’t find chicken breasts pumped full of saline or steaks gassed with carbon monoxide to appear more red. Meat buying at a butcher shop also becomes a highly personal experience. Your butcher will get to know you and vice versa. Your butcher will start to set aside special cuts for you and you can also start to request special cuts.

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