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When it comes to convenience, value, and overall satisfaction, few pizza chains offer the full gamut of services the way that Papa Murphy’s does. With locations all over the US and an eye on convenience, Papa Murphy’s is rapidly expanding to include areas it had previously not covered.

Are you interested in finding a Papa Murphy’s pizza near you? You’re in luck! Simply browse Papa Murphy’s near me on the map below and find a list of Papa Murphy’s locations in close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on Papa Murphy’s? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more on Papa Murphy’s!

Papa Murphy’s Near Me – Find it on the Map

Papa Murphy’s Near Me – Papa Murphy’s Trivia

When was Papa Murphy’s first founded?

Like so many take and bake pizza operations, Papa Murphy’s is a relatively new concept historically speaking. This pizzeria traces its history back to the decade of pizza innovation, the 1980s. It was 1981, when the first Papa Aldo’s Pizza chain was founded in Hillsboro, Oregon. Three years later Murphy’s pizza was founded in Petaluma, California. The Papa Murphy’s brand was officially born in 1995 when Papa Aldo’s and Murphy’s Pizza decided to merge. Both operations were successful iterations of the “take and bake” pizza model. Take and bake implies that customers buy freshly made to order (but uncooked) pizzas and bake them at their own home. This guarantees freshness and allows the consumer to control when they want to have their pizza. Meaning you could stop at a location anytime of day and get dinner completely under wraps. With this model, Papa Murphy’s is able to keep costs very low by not needing any ovens or licenses for cooking. This meant that nearly any location with ample space could be turned into a Papa Murphy’s location. Without the necessity of ovens or a staff intended to bake the pies, there was the need for fewer employees at each location as well. With these low overhead costs, Papa Murphy’s could also offer the pizzas at a relatively low price. As you search Papa Murphy’s near me, consider how the take and bake model saves money for both the consumer and the brand itself.

papa murphy's near me

Every Papa Murphy’s pizza is made fresh!

How many Papa Murphy’s locations are there?

At the end of the 1980s and 1990s, the take and bake pizza market boomed. This allowed Papa Murphy’s to grow quickly and spread to markets way outside of their home stores on the west coast. Today, there are roughly 1,350 Papa Murphy’s pizza locations in 38 states. A large pizza starts at around $5 or $6. This is a massive departure from a regular pizzeria, where a large pizza will often run you between $12 and $16. In 2003, Papa Murphy’s was actually voted the “Best Pizza Chain in America” by Restaurants and Institutions Magazine. They have also received a platinum award for Consumer’s First Choice in pizza chains in 2006. They were also the winner of Pizza Today’s 2001, 2006, 2008, and 2009 chain of the year award. Papa Murphy’s was also rated the #1 pizza chain for three consecutive years in Zagat’s Fast Food Survey. With success and accolades, comes major copy cats. Retailers such as Walmart and Costco have since begun selling fresh “bake at home” pizzas, inspired largely by the Papa Murphy’s model. As you search Papa Murphy’s near me, think about why you want a Papa Murphy’s pie? Is it the taste, the price, or the convenience?

Papa Murphy’s Near Me – Papa Murphy’s Facts

The Best Sellers

Being a pizzeria means offering a lot of flavor and pizza choices to the customer. Given that Papa Murphy’s is one of America’s largest pizza chains, it makes sense that the brand would offer some truly great pizza options. While every Papa Murphy’s pizza offering brings something to the table, there are three styles of pie that have quickly risen to the top of the popularity charts. The most popular pizza offering at Papa Murphy’s is currently the Herb Chicken Mediterranean. This pizza includes a mix of olive oil, garlic, sun dried tomatoes, feta, spinach, herb chicken, and zesty herbs all placed upon a super thin artisan crust. This is one of the most popular choices due to is healthy yet still flavorful toppings. You don’t typically equate health with pizza! The second most popular pizza that you’ll find when searching Papa Murphy’s near me is the Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza. Chicago is known for it’s epic pizzerias, both small and big. Papa Murphy’s take on the Chicago style pizza is not only a hit, it’s one of their most popular menu items. The third most popular Papa Murphy’s pizza is the Cowboy pizza. It’s both a traditional and untraditional take on pizza. It has toppings such as sausage, pepperoni, sliced mushrooms and olives, but it also has Papa Murphy’s famous herb and cheese blend. Though it’s mostly traditional this pizza also feels fresh and original.

Interesting Facts

Like any fast food chain, Papa Murphy’s is far from cut in dry in terms of history, current business models, and franchising. Ever since the company was first acquired by Lee Equity Partners it has begun growing its franchising opportunities faster than you can say “take and bake!” In 2011, Forbes ranked Papa Murphy’s as #5 on its list of the top franchises to purchase. Another interesting fact about Papa Murphy’s is that they do prioritize their take and bake orders. It features a call in system where every customer can call in their order and then pick them up through a drive through. Though they are still unbaked pizzas, the service allows individuals to quickly pick up a pie while traveling. This is especially handy when it’s raining or if you’ve got a car full of hungry kids! Of course, Papa Murphy’s doesn’t only sell pizza. After you search Papa Murphy’s near me, you’ll also realize that the brand sells cheesy breads, salads, chicken wings, lasagna, and dessert items!

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