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If it’s fresh fish and seafood you crave, then a fish market is just the ticket. A fish market is a marketplace that is dedicated to selling only fish products. It can be a dedicated wholesale trade between fish merchants and fishermen or it can include the sale of seafood to individual customers. Many will sell to both wholesale retailers and individuals based on the day of the week and the type of market.

Are you interested in finding a fish market near you? Simply browse fish market near me on the map below and find a list of fish markets located in close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on fish markets? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more.

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Fish Market Near Me – Fish Market Trivia

How old is the world’s oldest fish market?

Historians aren’t exactly sure how old the world’s oldest fish market truly is as many forms of the fish market likely existed long before it was given a formal name or held on certain days of the week. Fishermen have been trading and selling fish for thousands of years, though the most formal market is likely thousands of years old. Fish markets are a known antiquity, often serving as a public space where large numbers of people were able to gather to not only buy fish, but to discuss town gossip, current events, and the state of local politics. This was especially true in cities such as Tokyo, where a fish market was as much a place of socialization as it was a place of business. As seafood is very quick to spoil and doesn’t last particularly long in open air markets, fish markets are almost always found in seaside towns. Here, cooking methods such as ice are used to preserve fish during the actual time of sale. Some fish markets have also been established in inland cities that possessed easy trade routes to and from the coast. Now that refrigeration and rapid transport are prevalent, fish markets can be established just about anywhere. This is why it is now easy to find fresh fish in grocery stores and supermarket chains all over the United States. As you search fish market near me, consider the history of this trade.

fish market near me

Buying from a fish market is a great way to get fresh fish at a reasonable price.

Where is the oldest fish market in the United States?

You may think that the oldest fish market would be located in Boston or Philadelphia, but strangely enough the oldest fish market in the United States is located in Washington DC. For over 200 years, residents of DC have been turning to the Maine Avenue Fish Market for fresh seafood. The fish market, which is also known as the Wharf is the longest continuously operating open air fish market in the United States. According to historians, it served George Washington when he lived in Mount Vernon. His wife Martha, was often frequently seen purchasing fish for the household at the Wharf. The market was initially started by fishermen returning from their days work. Many would spend hours in the morning fishing the Chesapeake Bay. When they were finished, they would bring their boats in and sell their catch right off the boats to eager consumers. As you search fish market near me, consider just how many historical figures and early Americans likely frequented this fish market for fresh fish and seafood.

Fish Market Near Me – Fish Market Facts

The Largest Seafood Market In The World

If you’re searching fish market near me, you may be interested in discovering exactly where the largest seafood market in the world is. Even if you might never visit this storied fish market, there is much to learn about fish markets and distribution in genera. The world’s largest fish market is currently located in Tsukiji in central Tokyo in between the Sumida River and the historic upmarket Ginza shopping section. The inner wholesale region of the market has restricted access to many visitors, but the outer retail market includes restaurants and associated supply stores which remain a historic tourist attraction for both visitors and native citizens alike. The market currently handles more than 400 different types of seafood during market days. They range from cheap seaweed to expensive caviar. One can even procure tiny bite sized sardines, tuna, and controversial whale species. On a whole, more than 700,000 metric tons of seafood pass through this seafood market every year. The value of that amount of fish tallies at almost 600 billion yen, that’s 5.9 billion US dollars. Currently anywhere from 60,000 to 65,000 individuals are employed by the market.

Why Buy From A Fish Market?

For many individuals visiting a fish market may seem like an unnecessary stop in an already busy world. But most experts agree that buying from a fish market is the best place to procure fresh fish that hasn’t been farmed. Not only does visiting a fish market ensure that you’re getting the freshest possible seafood, but you’re able to give your money to local fishers and vendors rather than large farming operations or seafood conglomerations which often don’t implement good environmental practices. In the modern day, it’s important to know where your food is coming from and what went into the process of procuring the fish. That’s not always possible when it comes to seafood. Buying from a fish market guarantees a certain degree of peace of mind that purchasing from a larger retailer cannot. If you’re searching fish market near me, you’re already on the right track!

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