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Tailoring is the skill of designing, fitting, cutting, and finishing clothes. The word tailor is derived from the French word “tailler” which means “to cut.” The word first appeared in the English language during the 14th century, though the history of the tailor exceeds this date. Nowadays, a tailor is an amazing resource in fitting clothes, mending, and creating new styles from scratch.

Are you interested in finding a tailor near you? Simply browse tailor near me on the map below and find a list of tailors in your location. Need a bit more information on tailors? Read on for facts, trivia, and a bit of history on tailors!

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When did tailoring first appear in history?

Like so many trades, tailoring has a long and storied history that far exceeds that of America itself. What you might not know while searching tailor near me, is that this craft dates back to the early Middle Ages. This is when tailor’s guilds were first established in major town epicenters. Tailoring got its start crafting linen armorers. These tailor skillfully fitted men with padded linen based layers to help protect their bodies against any potential chafing from their chain mail and plate armor layers. At the time, men’s clothing was largely comprised of loose fitting tunics and hose. In 1100, Henry I, gave royal rights to the Taylors of Oxford. Linen Armors and the Guild of Taylor’s were granted arms in London in 1299. By 1466, they were incorporated into the company of Merchant tailors. In France, the official tailors of Paris were chartered in 1293, though there were very separate guilds for those creating linen armor and those crafting hose. Tailoring was and still is a predominantly male dominated trade, though many female tailors have emerged within the past century.

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What were early tailors tasked with making?

If you’re searching tailor near me today, odds are you’re not looking to have an outfit made by hand, but are in need of some simple alterations. Traditionally speaking, especially in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, tailors were tasked with making a wide variety of garments. In the trades infancy, tailors focused on creating capes, coats, doublets, cloaks and breeches. They gave shape to these items by using a coarse and firm linen , as well as a canvas for interlining. Horsehair cloth and cardboard stiffened with whalebone were also added for structure. Since not everyone had a perfect body type, asymmetrical shapes were evened out with wool and cotton padding. This gave the illusion of a more perfect frame. As time wore on, tailors were also tasked with making luxury garments. These garments were often lined with rich furs and delicious satin to keep the wearers warm. When it came to women’s fashion, tailors were essentially structural engineers. They were the ones tasked with crafting whalebone stays and corsets up until the 19th century.

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The Modern Measure

A tailor without his tools is hardly effective. One of the most important tools in more modern tailoring is the tape measure.The modern tape measure was first introduced in 1800. In Britain, an early epicenter of tailoring, cloth had been measured in ells (elbows), but the body was not necessarily quantified in actual units. After the revolution in France, the metric system was used to measure the body, whereas the British tailors often favored the use of inches. Before long, the tape measure was joined by a compass, ruler, and tracing paper which helped to create elaborate geometric systems that were put into use throughout much of the nineteenth century. Based in mathematics, these patterns were easily produced to scaled sizes and were designed around a more abstract notion of body size. These patterns used machines such as Dela’s somatometer of 1839. This machine included an adjustable metal cage used for measuring the bodies of any potential clients. Early entrepreneurs used them in order to produce ready made clothing in standard sizes. This standard sizing practice ensured a more accurate fit and happier customers. Can you imagine not being measured after searching tailor near me and finding your perfect tailor?

Savile Row

One cannot mention tailor or search tailor near me without knowing about London’s iconic Savile Row. England is known for worldwide for its incredible and almost unbeatable tailor skills, with London’s Savile Row being the birthplace of men’s made to measure tailoring. One of the first tailoring shops to ever open its doors on the now iconic Savile Row was the beloved Henry Poole & Co, who are largely credited today as being the inventors of the dinner jacket and the tuxedo jacket. But it’s no mystery as to why London has such skilled tailors, in the 16th century, one was to procure a 7 year apprenticeship before they were able to work as a professional tailor. This high degree of training meant that every tailor possessed a finely tuned set of skills that they would pass on to the next generation. Today, one doesn’t exactly need a 7 year apprenticeship before becoming a tailor, though they will have to put in the hard work to learn the skill well.

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