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Tire problems? Waking up and finding a flat tire is never fun, nor is it enjoyable to get a popped tired while away from home. We rely on our tires so much that we often think that they will always work. Still, things happen and we end up needing them repaired or even replaced. In your Tire Repair Near Me Map below, you will find the locations of all of the shops that provide tire repair work.

Just click on a location and it will give you the name, address and phone number of the shop. You can also find their hours of operation and reviews from past customers. After you are done, you may wish to keep reading to learn some more information about tire repair services and some fun facts about tires.

Tire Repair Near Me – Find it on the Map

Tire Repair Near Me – Tire Repair Trivia

How to Patch Your Tire?

Okay, maybe you don’t have easy access to be able to get your tire repaired quickly. There are 2 relatively easy methods that will give you a quick fix until you can get the tire replaced.

Before you repair the tire, you must first find the cause of the leak. If you see a nail sticking out of your tire, it is pretty obvious where the leak is. If you don’t know, there is always the bubble method. In this case, you inflate the tire up, using an electric air pump is best and then slowly spread a mixture of dish soap and water over the tire’s surface. If you see bubbles being formed, you have found your leak.

tire repair near me

Tire problems result in more than a quarter of all calls for roadside assistance in the United States.

Once you have found your leak, you are ready to seal it up. The two standard products you can use are either a sealant or a plug kit. The sealant is the quickest of the options. It is a spray that you put into the tire through the same valve you use to add air. If you have a protruding item that is causing a leak, you will need to remove it first. After that hook up the sealant and drive your car very slowly a little. This just allows the sealant to spread evenly inside. After, let the car rest a bit and apply the same bubble method just to make sure that it is all fixed. Most sealants will give you up to 3 days of coverage. You will want to look into getting the tire completely replaced after.

The second method uses a plug kit. These take a bit more time than a sealant but you get a little more range, if it is done right. You will need to jack up your car and remove the tire, check your user manual for where to set up the jack if you don’t know. You will need to remove any protruding item or find the hole first with the bubble strategy. After this, carefully follow the instructions of the kit. You will need to clean the hole in the tire and then you will be threading through and inserting a plug into the hole. There might be an adhesive to help as well. Once the plug is in, you will cut off excess to make sure your tire is smooth. Finally, fill the tire back up with air and test it for leaks. If all seems well, you can reattach the tire to the car, make sure it is on nice and tight. Pack everything up and you are good to go.

A very important tip: If you are patching the car tire, make sure to follow the instructions carefully. These instructions only give you a basic overview of the steps based on the type of repair kit you use. Each product may have slightly different steps to follow. Also, they are only temporary repairs. Even the plug is rated, at most for 20,000 miles. You will likely be able to find both products when searching Tire Repair Near Me; however, having a professional repair the tire is always a good choice.

Tire Repair Near Me – Tire Repair Facts

Tire Facts and Trivia

Are you ready for testing your knowledge of tires? Well, lets roll on over to our trivia questions.

1. When were tires invented?

Well, many people may attribute Charles Goodyear, of Goodyear Tires and the famous Goodyear Blimp of making the first tire, he actually didn’t. He did invent the process of vulcanization, which is used to heat and prepare the rubber to make it water-proof and winter-proof. This process was extremely important in making the first tire.

The first tire was actually created by Robert Thompson in 1845. Regretfully, his amazing creation was much too expensive to become practical. It was in 1888 that John Dunlop came along and gave us the first inflatable tire, which was first aimed at bicycles and later adapted to the automobile. Since then, tires have changed and been modified and advanced in many different ways, such as run-flat technology or the airless tires that are now available today.

2. How big is the world’s largest tire?

This one may shock you. You have probably never seen this tire driven on the highway, probably because it wouldn’t fit. The largest tire is more of a novelty than anything else. Created by Uniroyal for the 1964-65 Wold’s Fair in New York, the tire is 80 feet tall and weights 12 tonnes. It was later moved to Allen Park in Michigan. At this point in time, this tire is one of a kind and therefore cannot actually be put onto a car or truck to drive around with. So, until someone does get around to making a complete set of 4, we wont be seeing giant 80+ foot tall cars cruising the interstates.

3. True or False: The most expensive tires sold went for $600,000.

If you guessed true, you are correct. Some crazy person purchased $600,000 tires. These Z1 high performance tires were first studded in diamonds and then later covered in gold leaf. The tires were ultimately sold in Dubai, where you will find a wide range of extremely expensive cars. It is not known how well these tires will actually run, but they do function.

4. About how many flat tires are there in the United States each year?

This is a rather difficult question, as no one keeps very good statistics on it. AAA alone responds to around 4 million road side assistance calls for flat tires each year. There are about 7 tires that get punctured every second, or a little over 200 million tires go flat each year. Overall, 27% of all calls for roadside assistance are due to a tire issue. So, there are a lot of tires that need repairing and you are definitely not alone when searching Tire Repair Near Me.

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