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Since its inception in Bentonville, Arkansas, Walmart has grown to be America’s largest chain of box stores, rivaled only by Target. Walmart is known for it’s rock bottom prices, massive selection, and commitment to selling goods made in the United States rather than abroad. From household goods to pantry staples, Walmart gives every shopper the opportunity to find what they’re looking for under one roof. That’s convenience at its finest. Of course, not every shopper can visit a Walmart during regular daytime hours, which creates the necessity for 24 hour Walmart locations.

Are you interested in finding a 24 hour Walmart near you? Simply browse 24 hour Walmart near me on the map below and find a list of 24 hour Walmart locations in a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on this mega-store? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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24 Hour Walmart Near Me – 24 Hour Walmart Trivia

True or false: Walmart was created with the idea of saving the shopper money.

In a money driven society, it can be hard to believe that the concept of Walmart was created on the foundation that saving shoppers money would in turn create a greater experience for all parties involved. Strangely enough, that’s exactly what Sam Walton had in mind. Consider these facts as you search 24 hour Walmart near me. Back in the late 1940s when Sam Walton was still focused on franchising a Ben Franklin variety store in Newport, Arkansas he came up with a truly momentous idea. Like most business minded retailers, Walton was always looking to snag a good deal from his suppliers. Typically, a retailer who had managed to score a bargain from a wholesaler would leave prices within the store unaltered (rather than lowering them) and pocket the extra money for themselves. It was a way for businesses to up profits without the customer being any wiser to the changes happening behind the scenes. Sam Walton could have done the same thing, but realized he could do better if he passed those wholesale savings onto his customers and earned his profits through volume of sales. This idea would form the foundation from which Walmart was finally built upon back in 1962.

24 hour walmart near me

Many Walmarts are open 24 hours, with those that aren’t often staying open until 11 PM or Midnight.

True or false: Walton was a notoriously cheap man.

Any business owner who places an emphasis on passing savings onto the consumer rather than himself would likely be someone who is keen on frugal living. According to those who knew Walton, the quest for low prices came naturally. He was a notoriously cheap man who always lived well below his means. Despite being ranked the richest man in the United States in the 1980s, Walton continued to have his hair cut by the local barber who charged just $5.00 per cut. Unfortunately, Walton’s cheapness also extended to the tip, which was almost never given. Cost cutting was an obsession for Walton and thus became an obsession within the Walmart culture. It is said that Walton was just as chintzy as his executive team as he was with his cashiers. Even when on business trips, just about everyone involved flew coach, including Walton himself. Hotel rooms were always shared rather than given to the individual and every cup of coffee at the office required a 10 cent or 15 cent contribution to the coffee bucket. As you search 24 hour Walmart near me, consider how Walton’s obsession with frugality lead to a culture in which cheap reigns supreme. Do you believe that this an at times compromise quality as well?

24 Hour Walmart Near Me – 24 Hour Walmart Facts

Made In America

In recent years, many businesses have begun to produce products made in America to help bring back manufacturing jobs that had been shipped out to other countries. Long before “Made in America” was a marketing ploy, Walton launched a “Made in America” campaign. Back in 1985, amid anxiety about trade deficits and the loss of American manufacturing sectors, Walton committed Walmart to buying American made products if the suppliers could get within 5 percent of the price given by a foreign competitor. This may have initially compromised the bottom line in the short term, but in the long term Walton understood the benefits behind convincing employees that the company had a working conscience in addition to having an eye on profit. To further boost morale and engage employees, Walton also made sure to give his staff members a stake in the company. He introduced a profit-sharing plan in 1971 which allowed employees to put a certain portion of their wages towards purchasing subsidized Walmart stock. For those employees who loyally stuck around for the long haul, this meant quite a bit of money. According to a long time Walmart truck drive, Walton promised that if the driver was to stay for just 20 years, he could guarantee him $100,000 in profit sharing. Walton also promised employees that working for Walmart meant limitless opportunities for advancement and growth. Something that few jobs could promise in the 70’s and 80’s. As you search 24 hour Walmart near me, think about how Walmart’s commitment to goods made in America and creating a better life for staff members lead to such tremendous bouts of growth in the 90’s and beyond.

Millions of Shoppers

If you’re searching 24 hour Walmart near me, you may be wondering just how many shoppers Walmart beckons through its doors each and every year. Well according to brand statistics, Walmart typically draws around 140 million shoppers each week to just its US locations. That’s the equivalent to about 44% of the total American population. There are currently around 4,233 Walmart stores in the US, more than double the number of Targets. Walmart also owns 635 Sam’s Club locations. Odds are if you’re looking for a Walmart, there’s one located within 30 minutes of your current location.

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