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Buying a car can be a puzzling and stressful experience, especially if you’re dealing with a traditional car sales lot. You can feel pressure to buy when you’re not ready or even intimidated to go with a model you’re not certain of. This is where Carmax can ease car buying woes. At Carmax, you have the power. Sure, a sales representative will be there to guide you and help you find what you need, but ultimately the decision is yours alone.

Are you interested in finding a CarMax location near you? Simply browse Carmax near me on the map below and find a list of Carmax lots in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on carmax? Read on for facts, trivia, and so much more!

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Carmax Near Me – Carmax Trivia

Can you negotiate price with Carmax?

One of the hallmarks of the car buying experience is the ability to negotiate a price, but can you actually negotiate a price with Carmax? In short, no. Consider this as you search Carmax near me. Every price on a vehicle present on the Carmax lot is set by algorithm. Carmax closely monitors the marketplace and prior sales of similar vehicles to set an initial target price that they believe that an individual will purchase a vehicle at within 30 days. After a few weeks, if the car receives little in the way of interest on their website, few test drives, and low inquiries, they will highlight the vehicle on the site as a “feature” car. If the lack of interest continues even after being featured on the website, Carmax will then lower the price of the vehicle and reclassify the car as a “last chance” car. At this point, if the car hasn’t sold within two weeks of becoming a “last chance” vehicle, they will then take the vehicle to a location that needs a similar vehicle within their particular inventory plan. If there aren’t any other locations to take the car, then they will auction the car off to another dealer. Because of this, buyers cannot negotiate on the price. Though you can’t get them negotiate on the price, you can often bargain to get them to replace worn tires and take care of any minor repairs that may occur within the first 30 days.

carmax near me

Carmax is one of the best places to buy a used car!

Are Carmax cars new or preowned?

All Carmax cars are pre-owned. Carmax is a used car retailer that has some 100 stores all around the country. In the dynamic world of car sales, Carmax has emerged of one of the best alternatives to buying a pre-owned car at a dealership. Unlike many used car lots, Carmax puts all of its vehicles through a very rigorous testing process. While many dealerships will take almost any used car as a trade in or at an auction, Carmax actually puts every vehicle through a very rigorous testing process prior to allowing any car to go up for sale on the lot. This means that less than 50 percent of all of the cars received by Carmax actually become eligible to be sold at stores. Those that aren’t up to the strict standards at Carmax are sold at auctions. As you search Carmax near me, consider just how hassle free it is to buy a car from Carmax. Not only are all of its vehicle prices fixed (and non-negotiable) but all of its salespeople are paid on a flat commission basis (in every state except California). This means that whether they sell you a Fiat or a Range Rover, they’ll get paid the same amount.

Carmax Near Me – Carmax Facts

The Biggest Used Car Retailer

Shopping at Carmax has a huge number of perks, but if you’re searching Carmax near me, you’ll quickly find that one of the greatest things that Carmax can offer is sheer size and diversity in its inventory. According to brand statistics, Carmax is the nation’s largest retailer of used cars. The company first pioneered the used car superstore concept back in 1993 when it opened up its first store in Richmond, VA. You might not think that size boasts many big advantages, but one of the major perks of shopping with a large scale used car lot such as Carmax is the ability to have cars shipped, for a free, from one location to another, rather than driving them home yourself. Because of the sheer size of Carmax, they have the capital and the equity to truly cater to their customers. Currently, Carmax operates 126 used car superstores in a whopping 63 markets. During the 2013, the company reportedly retailed 447,728 used cars and sold 324,779 wholesale vehicles at their in store auctions.

The CarMax Warranty

One of the most important aspects of buying a car is ensuring that the vehicle you choose has a good warranty. If you’re searching Carmax near me, then you’re already on the right path. At no extra cost, every Carmax used car comes with a limited warranty. This means that Carmax covers all of your vehicle’s important systems and the hundreds of parts that exist both inside and out. The warranty is for 30 days in most states, except for in Connecticut where it’s 60 days and Massachusetts where the warranty is 90 days. Live on the border of Connecticut and Massachusetts? Drive the extra distance for some extra protection!

You Can Return a Used Car

While most car lots aren’t exactly sympathetic to buyers remorse, Carmax believes that if you don’t like your used car, you should be able to return it. That’s right at every Carmax location, you can return a used car hassle free, so long as you return the vehicle within five days. Carmax smartly offers this policy because it knows how few people are going to return a car after five days, especially after undergoing the hassle of buying it. Buyer remorse typically occurs after one month, but unfortunately, then it’s a bit too late. If you’re searching Carmax near me, make sure you know where you stand with your used car before the five day period is up.

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