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The one thing that’s on every driving American’s mind? Finding cheap gas. Sometimes finding gas can feel like a bit of a waste. Often individuals will drive around wasting gas just to find the cheapest prices in their area. Where does the madness end? Right here!

Are you looking to find cheap gas near you? You’ve come to the right place. Simply browse cheap gas near me on the map below and find a list of stations with the cheapest gas in your area. Need a bit more information on finding cheap gas? Read on for tips, facts, and trivia on gasoline!

Cheap Gas Near Me – Find it on the Map

Cheap Gas Near Me – Cheap Gas Trivia

How much ethanol does gasoline contain?

If you’ve been searching cheap gas near me for some time now, then you’ve probably wondered once or twice how just how much ethanol is put into your gasoline. Ethanol itself is an alcohol fuel that’s distilled from plant materials such as corn and sugar. Alcohol fuels have been around for many years, and have commonly been mixed with gasoline as a blend sometimes called gasohol. While some gasoline contains higher levels of ethanol than others, most gasoline contains around 10% ethanol because in the early 1990s, the US issued a Clean Air Act that required Americans to use oxygenated gasoline in order for it to burn cleaner in combustion engines. Over 70% of all gasoline pumped in the US contains ethanol. This means that your car has already used ethanol, without you even noticing. Virtually every car that has been made since 1980 is designed to run on higher blends such as E15. Your car may even run on higher blend than that.

cheap gas near me

Finding cheap gas isn’t always easy, but it is possible if you follow the tips mentioned.

Which president first enacted fuel tax?

Ah, fuel tax. The proverbial thorn in the side of so many Americans. As if gas doesn’t cost enough on its own, let’s throw a tax on top. If you’re searching cheap gas near me, you know this fact all too well. Fuel tax first began with Herbert Hoover. He created a revenue bill after the stock market crash of 1929. During this tough financial time Hoover created the bill to include taxes on personal income, estates, corporations, and sales. In 1932, the House of Representative passed a version of the bill that also included fuel (seeing it as untapped but highly profitable commodity in the new car driven age.) Nowadays, states can impose their own fuel taxes. States with higher than average fuel taxes include California and Pennsylvania.

Which country has the highest gas per gallon?

If you think gas is expensive in the United States, you likely won’t want to go to Norway anytime soon. According to insiders, the country with the most expensive gas prices in the world is Norway. In December of 2016, Norway boasted a price per gallon of around $9.25. The national average in the United States is around $2.55. Searching cheap gas near me in Norway would be a bit futile.

Cheap Gas Near Me – Cheap Gas Facts

Buy Discount Gas Cards

If you’re looking for cheap gas near me, here’s a great insider tip for getting gas cheaply: buy discount gas cards. By utilizing sites such as and, you can pick up discounted gas gift cards for stations such as Shell, Gulf, and Mobil. That means that you could get a gas card that’s worth $100 and only pay $90 to $95 (sometimes even less). While it may not seem like a big deal, you’re actually getting $5-$10 in free gas and that adds up quick. This is especially thrifty if you’re someone who fills the tank up once a week or more as it can help you save a bit of dough every week.

Time Your Trip to the Pump

If your goal is to find cheap gas near me, then consider when you are filling up your car. During a regular week (a week without any holidays), it’s best to fill up your tank on a Wednesday or Thursday before 10:00 AM. The reason: gas prices always go up on Thursdays in anticipation of weekend travel. 10 AM is when most station owners make their price change for the day. Unless you absolutely have to, do not buy gas on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. During the holidays, prices tend to rise due to the anticipation of drivers on the road. Fill up in as far advance of the holiday as possible. Not only may you get lower prices, but you may also deal with less lines.

Consider a Gas Rewards Card

According to experts, one of the most foolproof ways to get cheap gas in your area is to get a credit card that rewards you for buying gas or a gas station rewards card. Many rewards cards will over you cents off of every gallon of gas that you pump. Some store related gas rewards card will even allow you to accrue points to a certain limit. Many individuals with grocery store rewards cards have been known to get .20, .30, and even .40 cents off of a gallon of gas (that could allow you to get gas for some good pre-recession prices!) You can also accrue a good deal of gas points by letting several family members utilize your points card number. This will allow your points to pool faster and ensure that you’re all getting the best deal on cheap gas.

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