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Looking to spend a day outside with the family? Few activities are as fun or rewarding as a day of apple picking on a local orchard or farm. Not only do most apple orchards allow you to pick apples right off of the tree, but many will also offer food, hayrides, snacks, and entertainment for the kids.

Are you interested in finding apple picking near you? Simply browse apple picking near me on the map below and find a list of apple picking orchards nearest you. Need a bit more information on apple picking? Read on for juicy facts on choosing the right apples and getting the most bang for your buck.

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Apple Picking Near Me – Apple Picking Trivia

Is picking apples good for your health?

Picking apples is a great activity for the whole family, but did you know that apple picking can also benefit your overall health? Consider this as you search apple picking near me. According to studies, apples are a heart healthy fruit. They contain a soluble fiber known as pectin and flavonoids that can help to lower cholesterol and clear plaque from the arteries. Apples also contain boron, which make them a great food source in terms of improving one’s overall mental alertness and bone strength. This is why dentists along with physicians almost always recommend apples to their patients. Not only are apples rich in Vitamin C, which can help boost immunity, but they are useful for getting rid of plaque on the teeth. Apple actually contain a chemical that aids in dissolving stains that can form on teeth after drinking coffee or other dark colored drinks such as Coca-Cola. If all of these benefits weren’t already enough, apples also don’t have any fat, cholesterol, or sodium. They’re also a great source of fiber. On average, a medium sized apple with the skin contains about 4.5 grams. That’s more than the average piece of whole wheat bread! The peel itself offers up a bulk of the fiber and antioxidants. Put down the fiber supplements and just grab an apple or two!

apple picking near me

Apple picking is fun for the whole family!

What’s the most popular apple variety?

It might seem like all apples are created equal, but Americans might just disagree. What exactly is the most popular apple variety in the states? Consider this as you search apple picking near me. According to statistics, the most popular variety of apple in the United States is the Red Delicious. Originally known as the “Hawkeye” apple, this is probably the most ironically named apple of all, given that the flavor has largely been cultivated out of the red delicious apple. Generations of breeding the variety for a longer shelf life and cosmetic appeal lead to a drop in the overall flavor profile. It now boasts a thick skin and a slightly sweet flavor with a crumbly texture. This apple is grown just about everywhere in the US, making it a popular choice from coast to coast and in the midwest. While these might be popular apples to eat, they’re not highly recommended for use in baking due to their average flavor profile.

Apple Picking Near Me – Apple Picking Facts

Best Baking Apples

Want to use your apple harvest from a day of picking to bake a fresh pie? Well, some apples fare better in this classic American dessert than others. As you search apple picking near me, ruminate on some of the best types of apples for pie baking. Traditionally speaking, Granny Smith and Crispin apples are the most highly recommended for pie filling. They’re hard, firm, and boast a tangy yet sweet flavor profile. While these apples are the most popular when it comes to baking, some bakers state that any firm and hard apple would work in their place. McIntosh apples are also a good substitute due to their flavor. The only apple that isn’t recommended is the aforementioned Red Delicious, the flavor and the texture simply doesn’t hold up well after being in the oven. Keep in mind that for one nine inch apple pie, you’ll need around two pounds of apples!

Making Cider?

Ever considered pressing your own apple cider? Given that many farm stands can charge up to $7 for a half gallon, it’s a concept more and more citizens are keeping in mind. On your apple picking journey, you’ll need to find around 36 apple in order to make one gallon of cider. Apples can be fermented into hard apple cider, wine, and other homemade beverages. You’ll simply need a cider press and some clever bottling methods.

An American Symbol?

Ever heard the saying “as American as apple pie?” It has lead many to believe that apples are an American invention. And while there might not be many things more American than a fresh hot apple pie, the US doesn’t actually lay claim to the origin of apples. Consider this as you search apple Picking near me. According to historians, the first apple tree actually originated millions of years ago in a region of Central Asia. While apples have always been grown in all 50 states, there’s only actually one type of apple that is native to the United States- the small and tart Crabapple. In terms of baking and eating, Crabapples don’t really hold a candle to their larger juicier counterparts, but they are a great symbol of patriotism and American pride!

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