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If you’re looking to protect your investments or need help navigating the ever changing world of financial law, you’ll need a good securities lawyer to help steer you in the right direction. A securities lawyer is an attorney that specializes in the complex and changing laws that apply to financial investments and finances. A great securities lawyer not only knows how to protect the assets you have- they know how protect your future as well.

Ready to find a great finance and securities lawyer in your local area? Simply browse finance and securities lawyer near me on the map below and find a list of highly qualified lawyers in your local area. Need a bit more information on securities law? Read on for facts, trivia, and so much more!

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Finance and Securities Lawyer Near Me – Finance and Securities Lawyer Trivia

What are securities laws?

To a fledgling investor or someone relatively new to playing the market the concept of “securities law” might sound a bit like gibberish. What exactly are securities laws? Consider this as you search finance and securities lawyer near me. Securities laws are simply the laws and regulations that govern financial instruments such as bonds, mutual funds, and stocks. Due to rampant fraud in the early thousands and even during the financial crisis of 2008, these rules became more important than ever. Securities laws are designed to prevent fraud, deter insider trading, and ward off market manipulation from key players. At the same time, securities laws are designed to promote transparency through a system of reporting and enforcement. Thanks to these laws, the market is far more fair than it was when scandals such as Enron first erupted. Federal law absolutely requires publicly-traded companies to file reports with the securities and exchange commission (SEC). The purpose of these reports? To disclose information pertaining to their actual financial condition (truth is of the essence), operating results, and what they are paying those at the top of the food chain. The information secured through securities lawas is designed to help investors, brokers, and the financial market on a whole by providing accurate information to help shape investment decisions.

finance and securities lawyer near me

A securities lawyer wants to help you make great investments and avoid fraud.

How much does a securities lawyer make?

Let’s face it- most lawyers aren’t hurting in the salary department. They are fairly paid and often receive higher wages than their clients or the average person they represent. This is because the average lawyer will work more than 60 hours per week to represent you and bring your case to light. How much does the average securities lawyer make? Consider this as you search finance and securities lawyer near me. According to statistics, the average securities lawyer will make between $67,772 to $106,125 at the energy level and up to $126,661 to $202,102 at the SK-16 level.

Finance and Securities Lawyer Near Me – Finance and Securities Lawyer Facts

How can a securities lawyer help you?

You might think that self representation is always is the right way to go when dealing with investments or finances. In reality, the right securities lawyer can be truly instrumental in protecting your investments for the long haul. How can a securities lawyer actually help you? As you search finance and securities lawyer near me, consider these facts. A securities lawyer is educated in knowing the best way to protect your investments in the present and in the long term. As you are planning your investments, a securities lawyer can actually assist you in researching the health of the company at hand and their overall financial history. Based on the information your lawyer has on hand, they can determine whether ot not a product is suitable to you and disclose all necessary information on concerning recommended investments. In short, your lawyer has a duty to place your interests above their own, meaning they must always report the truth and be as fair as possible.

A great securities lawyer can also help you to avoid fraud. One common reason many investors hire securities lawyers is to advise on common signs of securities fraud or the potential mismanagement of your investments. They can also warn you of what to be watchful of as you begin to invest. Additionally, a securities lawyer can advise you on the many types of claims that are actually available to investors who have suffered losses that are not due to normal market dips, including:

-Conflict of interest
-Breach of fiduciary duty
-Failure to diversify
-Failure to supervise
-Insider information
-Market manipulation
-Omission of facts
-Risky investment practices
-Trading without explicit permission

As you can see, searching finance and securities lawyer near me is a crucial first step if you’re looking to invest. Especially if you are a novice investor, having an expert to help guide you through the complex world of finance will keep you from making major missteps so early out the gate. Given the corruption present in so much of the financial world- having someone on your team can only help!

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