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Our bodies may be a temple and a testament to how we live our lives; but we don’t always treat them with the kindness or respect they deserve. Massage is a giving and affordable way to reset the body, relieve tension, and work out knots or binds in common stress points. Asian massage techniques are some of the most effective in the world. Whether you want a deep tissue Shiatsu massage, a trigger massage, or a Thai massage, there is likely a massage parlor near you.

Let them take care of your tension and get your body back into shape. Simply browse Asian massage near me on the map below and find a list of the best Asian massage parlors in your local area. Need a bit more information on massage? Read on for the relaxing and true facts on Asian massage. After all, knowledge is the most soothing form of power in the body there is.

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Asian Massage Near Me – Asian Massage Trivia

What is the first sense we develop as human?

Massage is a powerful tool for many reasons. One of those reasons is the power of touch and the sensation touch can provide in the body. Touch is the very first sense we develop as human beings. It is also the last sense to fade when we die. There are a staggering five million touch receptors in the skin alone. Three thousand of those exist in the finger tip. Touch not only heals and sends physical relief to the body; the simple feeling of being touched can promote an instant feeling of connection and relaxation. While searching Asian massage near me, consider how a simple touch can make all the difference in your well being.

Asian massage can be as intense or relaxing as you'd like it to be!

Asian massage is the best way to relax after a stressful day.

True or false: Massage is the oldest form of medical care.

Long before humans had prescription drugs or topical ointments, we had to rely on the simplicity of healing touch. According to historians, massage is likely the oldest form of medical care that there is. Egyptian tomb paintings actually depict people being massaged as a form of pain relief. The ancient Chinese dynasties built upon these techniques, forming the facets of Asian massage we know today.

True or false: A hot stone massage doesn’t actually utilize hot stones.

While searching Asian massage near me, you’ll likely come across many salons and parlors offering up what is dubbed a “hot stone massage.” What is a hot stone massage and what does it involve? Well, a hot stone massage is exactly what it sounds like. And yes, it definitely utilizes many hot stones. A hot stone massages uses hot stones that are placed on closely identified parts of the body.

The stones themselves are placed in areas that are prone to stress or pain. The types of stones that are used are volcanic in nature. This allows them to retain heat throughout the duration of the massage. These warm volcanic stones relax the body and soothe tight muscles. If you want to quickly address muscle tension or pain, this is a quick and easy way to do so. Worried about the stones being too hot? Don’t fret! The stones are warm, but not hot enough to burn or damage the skin.

Asian Massage Near Me – Asian Massage Facts

Is Shiatsu Right For You?

Of all the types of Asian massage, Shiatsu is probably the most famous. In fact, if you’re searching Asian massage near me, you’ve probably encountered many parlors or shops offering a deep shiatsu massage. What is a shiatsu massage and is it right for you? A shiatsu massage is a traditional form of Japanese bodywork in which pressure is applied locally to areas of the body using the fingers, hands, and elbows. The work is done in a rhythm that spans the entire body. Each point in the body is held for two to eight seconds, which is shown to work the muscles deeply and relieve tension.

Shiatsu massage actually draws from traditional Chinese medicine practices that seek to stimulate the body’s acupressure points. This encourages energy flow and balance in the body. Unlike most massage therapies, shiatsu massages do not utilize oil or lotion. Instead, loose clothing is worn by the recipient and the massage is often performed on the floor or low table. Shiatsu is incredibly effective at both treating stress and other health related issues. It can also curb insomnia, alleviate arthritis, and treat back and neck pain. Some even find relief from their sinus troubles.

If you’re looking for increased energy, pain relief, recovery, and relaxation, shiatsu may be the perfect practice for you!

What is a Thai massage?

Despite being another form of Asian massage, a Thai massage is radically different from a shiatsu massage. What is a Thai massage? Read on for the answer as you search Asian massage near me. Unlike Shiatsu, Thai massage involves a combination of yoga, stretching, and pressing movements. Unlike some forms of massage, a Thai massage is performed fully clothes. Rhythmic compression’s are utilized to lower stress and improve range of motion. Thai massage in many ways more invigorating than other massage types. A masseuse moves you through a sequence of poses on a mat on the floor. This unlocks flexibility and helps to align the bodily energies. After stretching, the massage itself will be performed. Thai massage is amazing at alleviating lower back pain, ending migraines, and lessening the severity of muscle spasms.

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