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Want to stay in shape, build strength, and help mold a greater sense of confidence? A boxing gym is a great way to fit in a workout all while learning the challenging sport of boxing. Whether you’re looking to cut some abs or just want to get out some aggression, your local boxing gym has all of your needs covered.

Looking for boxing gyms in your area? Simply browse boxing gyms near me on the map below and find a list of boxing gyms in your local area. Need a bit more information on boxing? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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Boxing Gyms Near Me – Boxing Gyms Trivia

When did boxing first begin?

Every sport has a history, one that far outpaces the modern day. Boxing is no exception. Though this sport likely has roots that date back thousands of years, historians believe that the first official boxing match took place in the 17th century. When did boxing first begin? Consider this as you search boxing near me. The very first documented account of boxing first appeared in England in 1681. The fight was chronicled in the London Protestant Mercury. Without boxing gloves or proper gear, the fighting was done with just bare fists. It was often bloody and a bit tough to watch, but a sport it was. The very first bare knuckle boxing champion was James Figg back in 1719. Around this time, the term boxing officially came into use. As you search boxing gyms near me, consider just how old this sport truly is.

boxing gyms near me

Looking for a fun way to get into shape? Try boxing!

When did boxing gloves come into play?

For much of the early years of boxing, all of the fighting was bare knuckle fighting. It meant that boxers sustained a lot of injuries to both the hands and the face. The sharp spike of a knuckle into the face could easily damage an opponent and put them on the ground. So when did boxing gloves first officially come into play? Read on for as you search boxing gyms near me. In 1867, gloves were officially mandated by the Marquess of Queensberry Rules. Though many boxers resisted the change, often opting to fight without the gloves, many soon saw the benefits. Initially, the gloves weren’t intended to protect the opponents face, they were designed to protect each boxer’s hands from becoming raw, broken and bloody.

Can boxing teach discipline?

If you’re searching boxing gyms near me, you’ll quickly learn that one of the greatest aspects of the sport of boxing is that is quickly teaches discipline. This is especially important in anyone who is young or has trouble sticking with something long term. As as the case in any sport, you can’t get good at the sport of boxing without practice. Boxing requires a great deal of stamina, determination, and skill. All of those things are acquired over time. You’ll need to have a disciplined approach to the practice or you won’t get to the level you most want to be at.

Boxing Gyms Near Me – Boxing Gyms Facts

Sculpt Every Muscle

Anyone searching boxing gyms near me either wants to get started with the sport of boxing or get into fighting shape. Luckily, boxing can help teach discipline, build confidence, and sculpt lean muscle. Unlike many workouts, boxing is a two for one cardio and strength workout. It improves overall fitness and sculpts lean toned muscle. In addition to boosting your overall strength and cardiovascular health, boxing can also improve balance, coordination, agility, reactivity, and skill. Boxing is most definitely a full body workout, one that can sculpt both the upper and lower body at one time. No matter which gym you choose, you’ll always get a great workout.

Burn Major Calories

Boxing has tons of benefits, but few trump just how many calories one can burn in a single boxing workout. In fact as you search boxing near me, consider just how many calories you can actually burn in a single session. The most prominent physical benefit that all beginning boxers will see is an improvement in their overall cardiovascular health. Boxing improves your resting heart rate and can help you increase muscular endurance. This increased stamina can help you to stick with a workout longer and get in more workouts per week. Boxing typically burns around 13 calories per minute. If you plan on boxing for around 30 minutes, you’ll typically burn around 400 calories. If you plan on boxing in a ring with an opponent, that number can soar to a dramatic 500 calories. Just 30 minutes of punching a bag can burn 200 calories and 30 minutes of sparring can burn 300 calories. Not only is boxing an excellent total body workout, but it can burn as many (if not more) calories than other cardiovascular exercises such as cycling or running. It’s also a lot more fun! And after you burn all of those calories, you can enjoy some lower stress levels as well. Research shows that boxing can actually help to lower stress levels and stabilize the stress hormone cortisol. This can help you to shed belly fat and keep off the pounds long term.

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