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For more than 30 years, patrons across the globe have been enjoying bubble tea. Invented in Taiwan in the 1980s, bubble tea is traditionally a milk tea. It consists of freshly brewed tea combine with milk and sugar that’s been shaken with ice within a cocktail shaker. That’s where the term ‘bubble tea’ comes from. Shaking the tea gives it a bubble on top of the drink!

Are you interested in finding bubble tea in your area? Simply browse bubble tea near me on the map below and find a list of bubble tea shops and cafes located in close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on bubble tea? Read on for facts, trivia, and information on bubble tea!

Bubble Tea Near Me – Find it on the Map

Bubble Tea Near Me – Bubble Tea Trivia

What is the most common bubble tea topping?

Any bubble tea enthusiast knows that it’s the toppings that truly make bubble tea so unique. So what’s the most common (and popular) bubble tea topping? Tapioca pearls! If you’re new to bubble tea or are searching bubble tea near me for the first time, you may be scratching your head. Tapioca pearls the black balls that you traditionally see at the bottom of the drink. Tapioca is a starch that is derived from the cassava root. It is rolled into a ball and cooked. In order to be consumed it has to be boiled, cooked, and then flavored with sugar or syrup. Typically a particular bubble tea shop will choose the flavor they want on the tapioca balls. Traditionally most will go with brown sugar or something slightly sweet. Tapioca balls are slightly chewy and boast an addictive texture. Fans of bubble tea love to finish of their drink by snacking on the tapioca pearls at the bottom.

bubble tea near me

Bubble tea comes in many flavors and varieties to satisfy any taste palette.

Are there really jellies in bubble tea?

Yes, there are in fact jellies present in many bubble teas. The jellies used in most are called ‘nata de coco’ and are from the Philippines. These tiny jellies are made from coconut water. To produce them, manufacturers ferment the coconut water which allows it to jellify without adding gelatin or anything similar. This is how they keep the jellies vegan and gluten-free. They then flavor the jellies by adding juices and fruit syrups. Another popular topping is popping boba. Popping boba are tiny balls filled with fruit juice and fruit puree. They are made by a process known as spherification which is common in a lot of upscale restaurants. The process is done by dropping acidic fruit juice into an algae cellulose calcium solution. This forms a natural skin around the filling. Consider your toppings while searching bubble tea near me!

What is the most popular bubble tea flavor?

If you’re searching bubble tea near me and are familiar with these drinks, you may know that the most popular bubble tea flavor is called classic milk tea. Classic milk tea is simply black tea with milk powder and sugar. Many shops no longer call their classic milk tea but this name, as some have strayed away from using milk powder. Instead, they refer to it as Hong-Kong style milk tea. It’s made with evaporated milk rather than a powder. This makes the drink extra creamy and extra thick. In most shops it’s the best selling flavor!

Bubble Tea Near Me – Bubble Tea Facts

The Seal of Approval

One thing you’ve likely noticed about bubble tea if you’ve searched bubble tea near me, is the way this drink is typically served up. While some shops will utilize the plastic come lids you’ll find on frappuccinos and slurpees, most bubble tea bars serve their tea in a cup that has been completely sealed. A machine seals the top of the cup with plastic cellophane. This allows the tea to be vigorously shaken in the serving cup, but it still make it spill free until you’re ready to drink it. Rather than peeling off the cellophane, experts recommend you pierce the cellophane with your straw. The proper way to pierce the cellophane: hold the straw completely vertical with your finger covering the exposed end of the straw (forming an airtight seal), then punch straight down. This will allow for a mess free drink!

The Deal With the Giant Straws

Aside from being sealed in cellophane, many bubble tea shops will also provide you with a giant drinking straw. Because of the quarter inch often marble sized boba and tapioca pearls, bubble tea is consumed with an oversized half inch diameter straw. Taking that first sip is a lot of fun, because just as the tea rolls up, a pearl will slide into your mouth to join the party. This means you get to snack on the yummy pearls while sipping on your tea. The other half of the fun? The pearls burst in your mouth while you’re chewing them. Of course, this means that you shouldn’t let kids under a certain age drink bubble tea with pearls as it can pose a choking hazard. Instead, order your bubble tea free of pearls if you’re interested in letting the little ones try a sip or two.

Choosing the Right Tea

Of course, if you’re searching bubble tea near me, then you’re all about the tea. Tea offered at bubble tea shops can be green, black, chai, thai, oolong, or pu-erh. Tea is packed with antioxidants. Green tea in particular has been a proving waist whittler and natural source of energy. EGCG, an antioxidant found in green tea is proven to boost your metabolism while increasing the release of fat from sells. This can speed up the release of fat from belly sells and speed up the liver’s fat-burning capacity. Research has found that antioxidants are found in most kinds of tea. When you’re enjoying your next bubble tea, consider all of the health benefits found in this fun drink!

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