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Few things in life are as important as the health and mobility of your feet. Taking proper care of any issues that arise, getting regular check ups, and healing any blisters or ailments is key to good foot health. Of course, a visit to the podiatrist is in order for anyone looking to make sure that their feet are in tip top shape at all times.

Are you interested in finding a podiatrist near you? Simply browse podiatrist near me on the map below and find a list of podiatrists located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on podiatrists? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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When did the practice of podiatry first emerge?

The feet are one of the most important features of the body. They keep us mobile, active, and able to render day to day activities. Since foot health is vital to human health, it only makes sense that civilizations that came about long before our own, likely had an interest in the act of podiatry. Consider these fact as you search podiatrist near me. Although the exact period in which podiatry first emerged is not well known, the treatment of the feet and foot related disorders dates all the way back to ancient Egypt. This is when historians have discovered the first recorded evidence of podiatric practices.

The date of these records to go back to 2400 BC and the tomb of Ankmahor, a well known Egyptian physician. The walls that mark the entrance to Ankmahor’s tomb showed pictorial carvings of feet being cared for and healed. Since the Egyptians didn’t create carvings for just any ordinary occasion, it’s clear that foot health was an important aspect of overall health in ancient Egypt. Other evidence exists to prove that the Greeks were also well versed in foot care.

Hippocrates reportedly studied corns and callouses of the feet and sought to develop tools that could easily remove them. In more recent times, Abraham Lincoln reportedly suffered from a great deal of foot problems and foot discomfort. He routinely sought out the services of a podiatrist to help alleviate his foot ailments and find comfort.

When was the American podiatry association established?

podiatrist near me

Visiting a podiatrist is the best way to keep your feet in tip top shape.

Caring for feet may date back to ancient times, but the establishment of an organized association that set standards of wellness for podiatry did not come about until 1958. As you search podiatrist near me, consider just how long after the inception of podiatry that this organization formally organized. According to records, the American Podiatry Association was well established in 1958 after a series of proper name changes.

In 1984, it once again changed its name to the American Podiatric Medical Association. After this final name change, the association began to grow both in strength and in numbers. The focus of the group being on incorporating podiatry into the field of mainstream medical practice while increasing the level of professionalism exhibited by member podiatrists.

By setting standards that must be met by all members, APMA has allowed podiatrists to offer patients a complete approach to foot care and treatment. There is no more wondering what level of care a patient will receive due to these strict and rigorous standards.

Podiatrist Near Me – Podiatrist Facts

The Real Dr. Scholl

Odds are if you’re searching podiatrist near me, then you’ve heard of the foot care brand Dr. Scholls. The brand itself is renowned for making the best foot care products and insoles. What you might not know while searching podiatrist near me is that Dr. Scholl was a real person, and not just an invention of marketing. Though the brand might be the most trusted name in the foot care game, Dr. Scholl is not exactly a ploy to get you to buy over the counter arch supports. William MAthias Scholl is the real Dr. Scholl. Scholl was the owner and operator of a small specialty shoe store in Chicago during the early 1900s.

He was a true champion for foot care and was often found fretting over hte pain and discomfort experienced by his customers while wearing shoes. In order to gain a greater understanding of the foot, Scholl decided to enroll in medical school to study the anatomy and physiology of the feet. After completing medical school, Scholl used his knowledge to develop the first ever arch support in 1904. Soon, his product line took off, and a wide range of foot supports, compression stockings, and more began to hit the shelves. With these accomplishments in tow, Scholl went on to found the Illinois College of Chiopody and Orthapedics in order to pass his knowledge along to others.

Sadly, Dr. Scholl passed away in 1968 at the age of 81. His legacy still lives on today and Dr. Scholls products can still be found in every box store, pharmacy, and grocery store in the US and many times abroad. The brand also offers a line of shoes that come with the famous in soles installed right in the foot bed.

When To See a Podiatrist

Often times in this world, we’re told to toughen up and overcome our pains and aches, especially when it comes to the feet. But according to experts, there are moments when this can be the worse thing for you. One should always call a licensed podiatrist or search podiatrist near me if you experience any persistent pain in your feet or ankles.

If you see any changes in the nails or skin of your foot along with severe cracking, scaling, or peeling, you should also seek out the services of a podiatrist. Many people don’t think blisters are a big deal, but you should absolutely seek out a podiatrist if you are experiencing frequent blistering, corns, discharge, or signs of an infection.

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    Dr. Mastay (Beaumont)
    Karen is vomiting 2/4 times a day I want to re admit her to the hospital

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    unbelievable we can’t get a doctors phone number without paying somebody for a complete search
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