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Everyone wants to know where they come from and who they are. Part of what makes DNA testing so interesting is that it can offer us a peak behind the curtain of our ancestry, revealing who we are and what we’re made of. DNA testing is performed for many reasons. Some want to figure out their ancestry while others want to determine whether they carry the genes for certain diseases. Others want to test for paternity or solve a crime. Whatever reason you’re seeking DNA testing, there are both physical and online sources to help you find the results you crave.

Ready to find DNA testing near you? Simply browse DNA testing near me on the map below and find a list of DNA testing sites near you. Need more information on DNA testing? Just keep reading for facts, trivia, and more!

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How much does a DNA test for ancestry cost?

DNA testing for ancestry is becoming increasingly popular as folks yearn to learn exactly where their genes come from. We’ve all heard about our “heritage,” but little is known about the lives that came before and which country those long lost relatives may have lived in. Not to mention, the diseases they fought or were predisposed to. DNA testing is becoming more common, which means there are many price points available to choose from. Test kits from Ancestry.com and 23 And Me, all offer budget friendly packages to get you the information you need. So how much will the average DNA test actually set you back? Consider this as you search DNA testing near me. Ancestry pricing ranges from around $69 up to $1,399. Those at home kits will generally run on the lower end, with many coming in at around $200. The fees at the higher end tend to include other forms of DNA testing related only to health and genetic disease markers. Helpful information to know if deciding to take certain health precautions early on. For those who simply want to know where they come from, testing is very affordable. Results are generally available within 4 to 12 weeks. Some companies can even get you your results in as little as 2 weeks. Keep in mind, price typically has little to do with turnaround time.

dna testing near me

DNA testing can help reveal your ancestry and roots!

True or false: Your DNA could stretch from the earth to the sun and back around 600 times.

DNA is a fascinating thing– but the average Joe doesn’t understanding just how long or impressive a strand of DNA truly is. Is it true that your DNA would stretch from the earth to the sun and back around 600 times based on length? Consider this as you search DNA testing near me. According to science, if unwound and then linked together, the strands of DNA in your cells would measure at around six feet long. With the hundreds of trillions of cells found in your body, this means that if put end-to-end, your DNA would stretch over 110 billion miles. This means that in theory, your DNA could actually make hundreds of round trips around the sun!

DNA Testing Near Me – DNA Testing Facts

How does personal DNA testing work?

DNA testing used to involve a trip to the doctor or a specialist. Now, thanks to at home kits, DNA testing can be conducted right from the comfort of your living room. But how does personal DNA testing work, Especially if anyone and anyone can do it at home? It’s easier than you think! Typically, all you have to do is collect a bit of your saliva for swab the inside of your cheek. You’ll seal the sample in the container provided and mail it back to the lab in a pre-labeled box. Around six to eight weeks later (sometimes two weeks), you’ll receive your results online. If you’re searching DNA testing near me, this could be a more cost efficient way to seek the DNA results you desire. At home kits aren’t just limited to ancestry. You can also perform genetic testing and paternity testing without ever leaving the house. Thanks to technology, getting a DNA test is easier and more accessible than ever. By cutting out the middle man, you can discover more about yourself than you ever thought possible!

DNA Testing Can Reveal Potential Health Risks….

While DNA testing can reveal a lot of fun information, such as your ancestry, they’re most useful in revealing potential health risks. If you’re searching DNA testing near me, you may want to seek deeper information about yourself, such as the genetic variants associated with diseases such as Alzheimer’s or breast cancer. Genetic risk is all about probability. Sometimes the results can be a bit frightening, especially if you learn you have an SNP that is associated with a tenfold increase in a risk for disease, but always keep your results in perspective. If a given disease only affects around 0.01 percent of people and you have a tenfold increase in risk, there’s still only around a .1 percent chance that you’ll develop that disease. Even if you discover you have an SNP that is strongly associated with a common illness and show some signs of having it, you should see a doctor to get proper evaluation before letting your results overwhelm you.

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