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History has found that dog grooming has been a prevalent part of society since the Elizabethan era. While early methods are still unclear, pets have always been clean and well groomed. Nowadays, grooming your dog is as natural as getting a haircut or manicure for yourself. In fact, many people are more willing to spend money getting their pets groomed than they are on themselves.

Are you interested in finding a dog grooming professional near you? Simply browse dog grooming near me on the map below and find a list of professional dog groomers in your area. Need a bit more information on the history of dog grooming? Read on for facts and trivia on dog grooming!

Dog Grooming Near Me – Find it on the Map

Dog Grooming Near Me – Dog Grooming Trivia

When did dog grooming parlors first appear?

While dog grooming has always been mentioned in historical texts of royals and nobles, the first dog grooming parlor wasn’t mentioned until the era of King Louis XV of France. Many books and official records from this time mention dog grooming parlors and the fine art of grooming a dog. “The Book of Dog” by Vero Shaw (1879) is one of the first books to refer to the existence of dog grooming in England. Books such as Ashmon’ts Kennel Secrets from 1893 mention actual grooming recommendations such as how to condition the coat, proper washing technique, and keeping nails clean and short.

dog grooming near me

From a trim to a full on coat shave, dog groomers offer a variety of services to help maintain your dog’s coat/skin health.

True or false: Groomers always brush out a pet’s hair before washing them.

True! While you may bathe your pet at home in between searching pet grooming near me, you likely didn’t know that all groomers recommend brushing out a pet’s hair prior to washing them. What many individuals don’t realize is that washing your dog before brushing their hair is the number one way for a pets fur to become matted. If there are any knots present in the coat of your pet prior to washing, the water will cause them to become tighter and tighter until eventually there’s no real option other than to shave your pooch’s coat to remove the knots. Brushing the hair before a bath will not only help free any knots or matted areas, but it can help you avoid the need to shave your pet.

Can a dog be groomed during cold weather?

For anyone searching dog grooming near me during the winter months, the question of grooming during cold weather often comes up. Professional groomers recommend having your pet groomed year round, even when the weather is cold. Dogs feel quite uncomfortable with a long and matted or dirty coat, even in the winter months. Your groomer can easily keep your dogs coat long while still removing dirt, fleas, and tangles. With the advent of professional dryers, the groomer can ensure that your dog dries quickly and thoroughly before ever stepping foot outside and becoming chilled.

Dog Grooming Near Me – Dog Grooming Facts

All Dogs Need Grooming

While pet parents of short haired dogs may believe that their dog is immune from a trip to the groomer, most pet care experts recommend that all dogs need proper grooming a few times a year. Every dog needs an occasional bath, combing, and brushing. Most importantly your dog needs grooming to maintain a short nail length (to avoid discomfort) and because regular brushing can improve skin and circulation which will not only make your pooch feel better, they’ll look better too. For folks with long haired pooches, grooming is an absolute must to avoid any matting. Matted hair can cause skin problems and unnecessary discomfort. By taking preemptive measures to matted hair and skin problems, your dog will always feel 100%. Go ahead and search dog grooming near me today, your pet’s happiness may just depend on it.

The Nail Issue

While keeping your dogs coat and skin healthy is of the utmost importance, many pet parents often forget that a dog’s nails can be a great source of discomfort should they become too long or curled under. As many people are a bit weary of cutting nails themselves, a trip to the groomer is often the best way to combat the issue. Just why do pet nails seem to grow so fast? Dogs today aren’t outside as much as dogs in the past. They spend much of their time indoors on soft carpeted areas or on hard surfaces that aren’t rough in anyway. Because of this, the nails are never worn down naturally. Experts recommend that you check your pet’s nails once a month and see a groomer or even a veterinary assistant to have your pet’s nails clipped to a suitable length.

Dog Behavior in Grooming

If you’re just now searching dog grooming near me, you may have been a bit weary of going to the groomer in the past due to your dogs behavior. Dogs can often become skittish or fearful when being brushed or having their nails clipped. It’s also well known that many dogs don’t exactly appreciate bath time until it’s over. Because of this, grooming at home can often be difficult, especially if you have a larger dog. Groomers have special tables and baths that not only keep dogs calm and in a static position, but they’re trained to sooth any woes your dog may experience during his grooming session. Unlike at home, most dogs will be on their best behavior with groomers (kind of like how your kids will let loose at home rather than in public). They are especially well behaved when they sense a firm but gentle touch that many groomers are trained to have. Most groomers are trained to deal with a variety of dog temperaments and behavior issues, which makes them more than capable of dealing with just about any kind of dog big or small.

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