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If you have some fabrics you that can’t put in a traditional washer and dryer, why not try the dry cleaners? They handle a lot of different types of fabrics from lace to wool and they get a variety of stains out that maybe would take quite a bit of hard work when done by hand.

They also do quilts and duvets, couch covers, and even table linens. Although they do sell dry cleaning kits, certain fabrics should always be done at a professional dry cleaner, like leather, rayon, suede, and silk. Need to care for your dry clean only items? Check out “Dry Cleaners near me”.

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Dry Cleaners Near Me – Dry Cleaners Trivia

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The Walt Disney laundry staff are a very busy bunch. They wash 285,000 pounds of laundry a day, as well as dry clean 30,000 fabrics a day! That’s a lot of laundry!

dry cleaners near me

A lot of mens dress shirts and suiting is labeled as dry clean only.

During the Civil war, laundresses were paid more than the soldiers. The women lived in tents with their children, and were responsible for the men’s uniforms. They were held in high regard by everyone, and some of their duties included ironing, drying, sanitizing, and fixing holes and tears.

Did you know?

Soap used for laundry used to be made of lye and animal fat, and it was often really labor intensive to make. It was usually made by boiling these components.

Though many people look at washboards as musical instruments in such musical genres like bluegrass country, washboards were the main tool used to scrub out dirt in clothes during hand washing. It’s actually a good idea to use these for small laundry loads because it conserves water and can save you money on electricity as well!

Did you know?

Only a small portion of American households use clothes lines. Only about 21 percent!

The average length of time it takes to wash a load of laundry is about an hour and a half. Most households in the US do about 8 loads a week. Have some items you can’t wash at home? Try searching for “Dry cleaners near me” and be on your way to fresh garments in no time!

A laundry bag in the United States Air Force is actually a nickname for their parachutes!

Laundry detergent is an emulsifier. What exactly does this mean? Emulsifiers trap dirt in oils and pull them from the clothing. It’ similar to micelle technology used in oil spill clean up.

The first washing machine was brought to the US in the 1940s.

Tide was invented around the 1920s and was considered one of the best detergents available. It still is considered a top detergent today as well!

The company that made a lot of soaps for washing clothes during the civil war, Proctor and Gamble, are still around making soaps today! Tide being one of their products as well.

Dry Cleaners Near Me – Dry Cleaners Facts

The chemical used in dry cleaning called PCE or Tetrachloroethylene, is considered a toxic chemical that might be bad for the environment. It’s the most used chemical, but some countries are trying to make more green alternatives.

The earliest chemicals used in France for dry cleaning were made of petroleum and were highly flammable. It wasn’t until American William Stoddard brought the dangers of petroleum to light, that during WWI, Chlorine based cleaners were used in it’s place.

There was concern over the exhaust released from dry cleaning machines causing environmental hazards. They changed the venting system from an open to closed venting system in the 2010s, and it makes the solvents condense and go back into the machine to be reusable.

Don’t assume that all stains come out so easily. Certain fabrics are not recommended to be left alone with stains on them like silk or wool. These fabrics are difficult to clean no matter what when the stay soaks in and they may never return back to their original shape after cleaning.

The dry cleaning machines have a number of symbols to determine what cycle or solvent is being used. a circle with an x through it means “do not dry clean”, a circle with a P in it means “PCE only dry clean”, and some other cycles include a gentle wash with hydrocarbon solvents. Need to clean your favorite leather jacket? Look for “dry cleaners near me” today!

PCE is highly carcinogenic, and it’s potential to cause cancer is well known in states like California. The dry cleaners re responsible for disposing PCE waste in a very cautious manner, so that it does not leak into the drinking water. There are studies and lab testing being done currently to figure out a way to use a CO2 solvent that cleans a bit better as a replacement for the PCE solvents.

There is a group of people in New Hampshire that are trying to promote the use of outdoor drying techniques and they are called, Project Laundry List. They are trying to save water and protect the environment by doing laundry outside and hanging it on clothes lines, but some laws regulate against this practice due to public image.

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