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Every special occasion deserves to be celebrated in a unique way. While flowers might suffice in certain situations, nothing can beat showering someone special with something that truly hits the spot. Edible Arrangements specializes in selling a variety of unique fruit related gift items. Most include gift boxes that feature premium chocolate dipped fruits, candies, and more. If you want to celebrate an occasion or accomplishment, an Edible Arrangement can speak volumes.

Are you interested in finding an Edible Arrangements near you? Simply browse Edible Arrangements near me on the map below and find a list of Edible Arrangements locations near you. Need a bit more information on Edible Arrangements? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Edible Arrangements Near Me – Edible Arrangements Trivia

True or false: Edible Arrangements began due to a healthy obsession with fruit.

What were you doing when you were 16 years old? Odds are you were a normal high school kid just going to classes, hanging out with friends, and attending school football games. You probably weren’t concerned with opening your own business or setting yourself up for the future. While most 16 year olds are simply looking forward to driving and graduation, Tariq Farid was buying his first business- a flower shop that he dubbed Farid’s Flowers. Though Farid was still in high school, his business became his top priority. He spent a lot of hours cultivating a customer base, trying out new arrangements, and making a name for himself. This was back in 1985, a time when a 16 year old opening a business was pretty unheard of. In 1999, Farid developed what some would call a healthy obsession with fruit. He used the insights he accrued from his flower shop and the floral industry itself to develop a new business concept: fruit bouquets. He saw fruit bouquets as a healthy and unique alternative to flowers. While flowers could liven up a room, a fruit bouquet could liven up a party. With this idea in mind, he opened his very first Edible Arrangements store in East Haven, Connecticut. Along with his brother, Farid designed all of the computer systems, training manuals, production tracking and supply chain management. He then began to franchise the concept in 2001. The first official franchise opened its doors in Waltham, Massachusetts. As you search Edible Arrangements near me, consider how one teenagers dream became an empire.

edible arrangements near me

Edible Arrangements are a healthy and fun way to celebrate any occasion!

True or false: Traffic originally drove business to the first Edible Arrangements.

In business, a lot can rest upon location and advertising, this was especially true in the case of Edible Arrangements. While a man named Chris Dellamarggio was driving through Connecticut, he ran into a bit of traffic. While stuck in a bumper to bumper jam, he noticed a sign that simply exclaimed “Edible Arrangements.” Out of boredom and intrigue, Chris decided to take a detour to visit Tariq’s store, “Edible Arrangements.” Chris decided to purchase a fresh fruit bouquet and was immediately wowed. He began frequenting the store whenever he needed something special. With a true dedication to the business, Chris convinced Tariq the he should attempt to franchise his fresh fruit concept store. Tariq obliged and eventually Chris went on to open his own Edible Arrangements location! While searching Edible Arrangements near me, think about how often it’s the little unexpected turns in life that can lead to the greatest triumphs.

Edible Arrangements Near Me – Edible Arrangements Facts

The Sweetest Form of Support

Lots of great companies are dedicated to giving back to the causes that matter most, but few have gone as far as edible arrangements in helping communities to truly thrive. Consider this as you search Edible Arrangements near me. Back in 2004, though still a fledgling business, Edible Arrangements introduced their Breast Cancer Awareness collection. The collection, which featured items dipped in pink chocolate, was designed to help show support for a cause that is close to the Edible Arrangements family. In addition to raising awareness with pink chocolate, the brand donates a total of 10% of all sales from the collection to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. In 2006, after finding much success with their American efforts, Edible Arrangements expanded the collection into Canada, where they partnered with the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. Edible Arrangements is dedicated to helping individuals via providing money to research efforts that could potentially help stop breast cancer in its tracks.

Just Grab And Go

Edible Arrangements may be known for their large over the top fruit baskets and bouquets, but in 2009 they decided to open up their market to people who simply loved fruit, even if they didn’t have a reason to celebrate. Consider this as you search Edible Arrangements near me. With more and more locations opening all over the US, Edible Arrangements decided it was time to branch out and step outside of their bouquet comfort zone. With this, fruit smoothies, juices, and salads were introduced to the menu. They dubbed these treats “Frutations.” Over the next few years, the concept continued to grow and flourish. Now every Edible Arrangements store offers quick grab and grow products that you can enjoy no matter what the occasion. Whether you’re looking for a healthy smoothie, a fruit salad, or even a fruit sundae, you grab your fruit fix even when it’s not your birthday! Do you think this takes away from the specialness of receiving an Edible Arrangement or you are happy to have fresh fruit on any day of the week?

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