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Navigating the relationship between employers and employee isn’t easy, especially if you work in a bigger business or somewhere where unions are involved. By hiring the services of a labor and employment lawyer, you can find the representation you need to help you resolve any workplace issues you encounter during your day to day working life.

Interested in finding an employment and labor lawyer near you? Simply browse employment and labor lawyer near me on the map below and find a list of qualified attorneys in your local area. Need a bit more advice on finding the right lawyer? Read on for tips, tricks, and more on finding the right employment and labor lawyer.

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What are your legal rights as an employee?

Every employee enjoys the same rights no matter what type of business they choose to work for. Whether you’re working at Walmart or Google, you have the same rights as any individual who is involved in the US labor force. Of course, these rights can often be violated, leading the necessity of an employment and labor lawyer. What are your legal rights as an employee in the US? Consider this as you search employment and labor lawyer near me? Every employee, regardless of age, race, or gender has the same basic rights in the workplace. Every worker has the right to privacy, freedom from discrimination, and fair compensation for the work being done. Before you’re formally hired, you still have rights as a job applicant. This means you cannot be discriminated against for your age, gender, national origin, race, or religion during the rigorous hiring practices of many American companies. For example, a prospective employee cannot ask you family related questions during the hiring process. No one has the right to ask a woman when she plans on becoming pregnant, how many kids she has, or if she is married. These are private matters and are not fair game in an interview. If you feel your rights have been violated, an employment and labor lawyer is your next logical step.

employment and labor lawyer near me

Finding the right lawyer can mean the difference between settling your claim and wallowing in defeat.

How much do labor and employment lawyers make?

Like most individuals in the legal profession, labor and employment lawyers do take home a pretty penny, especially if their client base consists of several big or well known companies. What is the average annual salary for an employment and labor lawyer? Consider this as you search employment and labor lawyer near me. According to statistics, the median annual employment for a labor attorney is around $164,813 as of March 2018. Typically a lawyer just starting out will make around $132,839, though this can vary based on the size of the firm they work for and the number of cases they take on early on in their law career. How much you pay a lawyer will depend on the firm’s overall rates and charges.

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Emotional Distress

Stress at work can affect people from all walks of life, but can you sue your employer for emotional distress? If you are experiencing emotional distress due to the behavior or negligence of a boss or co-worker, you may be able to hire a labor and employment lawyer to help you receive damages for the stress you’ve endured. The law in this area is pretty complex, but if you’re suffering from emotional distress due to your work environment searching employment and labor lawyer near me is your best first step. Legally speaking, there are two forms of emotional distress recognized by the law. Emotional distress in the workplace is categorized as either being negligently or intentionally inflicted. The difference is based on the state of mind of the company and the person responsible for performing the harmful acts. For each claim of emotional distress you file, you’ll need to require proof that certain acts did in fact occur. You’ll also likely have to provide medical proof that the stress did cause ill effects on your health and overall mental well being. If you feel as if you’ve been wrongfully distressed at work finding a lawyer could be the best choice for you.

What Not to Say To A Lawyer

If you’re searching employment and labor lawyer near me, you’ll need to remember that there are a few things you should never say to a potential lawyer. Firstly, don’t mention how many other lawyers you’ve interviewed and certainly don’t bring up that you’ve been quoted for a cheaper price. A lawyer won’t see this as a negotiation move, but a signal to move on. If you’ve found a cheaper lawyer, then by all means, they’ll tell you to hire that lawyer instead of them. It is also imperative that you not give your lawyer a minimum amount hat you’re willing to settle for. Most attorneys will put a cap on you recovery funds and take a small fee. Many will also attempt to settle rather than going to a full blown trial. You might think you’re displaying confidence in haggling with your attorney and being forward with your wants/needs, but many find this to be out of place and a bit bewildering.

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