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Looking for a gift for that special someone? Is it a birthday, Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, or just a day to tell that special person how you feel? Maybe someone close to you just had a baby or graduated from college? Flowers are an excellent gift for anyone for any occasion and there are so many styles and varieties to choose from, so you are never stuck on finding the best choice

Bouquets or even a single rose can be a great way to surprise someone you love, so why not pick up some flowers? Flowers are not only sold in flower shops, but also grocery stores, gas stations, and novelty shops, so it won’t be hard to find flowers in your city or town. Looking for a local place with a great deal on flowers and balloons? Just search “Florist near me” today!

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Florist Near Me – Florist Trivia

What is the both the largest and smelliest flower?

The Titan Arums is quite a unique specimen. Hailing at 10 feet tall, it’s easy to understand where the name comes from, but what about the interesting smell. Apparently this flower gives off a terrible odor similar to decaying matter. Yuck!

Yarrow is used for a lot of things from relief from cold symptoms to fevers, even gastrointestinal discomforts. It was the same plant in tea form that allowed Achilles protection in battle and strength. It’s just too bad he missed the ankle!

florist near me

Tulip bouquets being sold at a market in Amsterdam.

What flower is considered bad luck?

It’s funny that the Chrysanthemum is welcome so highly in Japan because on the Southern European island of Malta, these same flowers are bad news. Known to be cursed, Chrysanthemums are not welcomed anywhere and are bad luck!

Did you know?

The Venus Fly Trap captures it’s prey in 20 seconds? It has special hair like projections inside it’s trapping mechanism that lure prey. Than when it sense the fly on there, it clamps it’s mouth tightly shut. It is also known to digest it’s food similar to humans in the way it has a stomach acid designed to break things down.

Why the name Arrowroot?

Arrowroot is often used to thicken fillings in pies and make chewy baby teething cookies, but where does the name come from? the arrow root plant was known to take poison out of wounds inflicted by a bow and arrow.

Did you know?

The Daisy gets it’s name from “Day’s eye” which refers to the sun. The daisy looks like a little sun, so that make perfect sense! In need of some flowers for your home? Check out a “Florist near me” and go!

Did you know?

Saffron comes from the Crocus, a lovely member of the Iris family that can withstand anything, including frost and cold!

Blue Cohosh is used to induce labor, ease menstrual cramps and even help with the painful symptoms of Endometriosis. It was very popular during Native American birthing ceremonies and is still used in reproductive medicine today. Please consult a doctor before using herbal supplements.

Florist Near Me – Florist Facts

There are three main arrangement styles in floristry. Ikebana, which comes from Japan, and is a simple style but has a great Buddhist meaning within it. English garden is another style that uses garden varieties like roses and peonies, and there is less space between the flowers in the arrangement. Some wedding bouquets are an example of this. Modern style is varied sizes and flowers in a more linear pattern.

Miami is on of the top wholesaler cities in the US where florists get deals and good cut flowers. There are several ways in which they can buy flowers. Wholesale places, auctions, and local farms and green houses.

Though it is cheaper to buy grocery store flowers, remember that there is more of a selection and style choices in a florist’s shop. There is also more artistry and skill involved in their work.

There are many online retailers of flowers that take bouquets from local shops and deliver them to clients nearby. ProFlowers, Interflora, Teleflora, FTD are all places that provide quick and easy delivery service and offer pictures of arrangements on their site. Looking for a great flower shop? Why not search for a “Florist near me” and see who is close by and waiting for your patronage!

If you like the idea of eating flowers, or think they make a lovely garnish, just remember a few things:
-Eat flowers that you grew on your own, since florists and grocers use pesticides.
-Make sure you check online or by another source to make sure certain flowers are in fact edible.
– flower petals are perishable items, so make sure they are constantly refrigerated if not being eaten yet.
-If you are allergic to certain things like ragweed, or have other allergies related to pollen, check with your doctor about whether this would be ok or not, as some flowers will trigger allergic reactions.

Think you might want to pursue a career in floral design? It’s easy to get certified and learn the basics at community colleges, but if you are looking for a serious education and excellent program that will make you feel like a pro, why not check out the American school of Flower Design? Check out this site for more info:

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