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A cafe can be a place of total relaxation or a place to get some work done. Of course, the best thing to do at a cafe is to simply enjoy a great latte, cup of coffee, or baked good. Cafes are now as multi-purpose as a library once was. Not only do individuals use cafes to catch up with friends and get their caffeine fix, but it’s not unusual to find a whole work group hashing out a project, or a lone screenwriter trying to find some inspiration.

Are you interested in finding a cafe near you? You’re in luck! Simply browse cafes near me on the map below and find a list of cafes located in close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on cafes? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Cafes Near Me – Cafes Trivia

When did cafes first emerge in Europe?

One can’t possibly think about Europe without picturing quaint cafes, warmly light coffeehouses, and regional chains that can make even the biggest of outsiders feel included. But like all things, Europe’s coffee culture wasn’t always so standard. In fact, many believe that coffee didn’t appear in Europe until the 17th century. With the emergence of coffee, came the emergence of cafes and coffeehouses. These were quickly established and became popular right off the bat. The first coffeehouses appeared in Venice, Italy in 1629. This is largely credited to the traffic that existed between La Serenissima and the Ottomans, which made coffee trading quite easy. To this day, Italy is still known for it’s amazing cafe culture and love of strong coffee drinks such as espresso. The first coffeehouse in England was set up in Oxford sometime around 1650. The shop was the brainchild of a Jewish man named Jacob at the Angel in the parish of St Peter in the East. A building still exists on the same site to this day, known as the Grand Cafe. Oxford’s Queen’s Lane Coffee House, was also established in the 1650s. This cafe is still widely popular today. The first coffeehouse in London was opened in 1652 in St. Michael’s Alley, Cornhill. The owner was Pasqua Rosee, the servant to a trader named Daniel Edwards. Edwards imported the coffee and assisted Rosee in setting up the now famous coffeehouse. If you’re searching cafes near me, consider how these early coffee houses paved the way for the cafe culture we know and love today.

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A cafe is a great place to relax and pass the time.

True or false: Cafes in France are a cultural phenomenon.

Every coffee lover knows that few countries value the cafe culture as much as France. Cafes in Paris, as well as buvettes, bars, and restaurants exist on nearly every street corner. Food and drink is the most essential part of Parisian culture, as is the enjoyment of life’s little moments. This is why cafes and coffee are so different in France. Instant coffee is a rarity in France and free refills on coffee are pretty much unheard of. Coffee is to be savored and enjoyed, perhaps with a pastry or something equally delicate. It is not to be guzzled purely for its caffeine content, though we’re sure even the French are guilty of doing that from time to time. Cafes in cities such as Paris even have different scales for drinks depending on where a patron sits. The most expensive seats are out on the sidewalk and window seats. The cheapest seats are at the rear of the cafe or at the bar. This is because a big part of the enjoyment of cafes in Paris is to simply linger, sip, and people watch. People watching could literally be the national activity of France. Consider these facts as you search cafes near me.

Cafes Near Me – Cafes Facts

Two Types of Coffee

If you’re searching cafes near me, then you know that often times staring at the bean offerings of a Starbucks or cafe can seem wholly intimidating. It seems like there are a million types of coffee to choose from, yet in reality, there are only two true types of coffee. What are they? Arabica and Robusta are the two main commercially grown and sold coffee beans, especially in the United States. Arabica is far more common, as nearly 70 percent of all coffee is derived from the Arabica bean. It is also considered the more flavorful bean time. Robusta beans are hardier and cheaper. These are the type of beans that you will often seen in cheaper coffee brands or ground up in instant coffee jars. To many coffee connoisseurs, the taste difference is very noticeable. Of course, how the beans are used roasted and flavored can all lend itself to the seemingly millions of coffee varieties you can now order at your local cafe. Just be aware, there are only two beans to rule them all!

A Fast Growing Business

If you’re searching cafes near me, then you’ve likely noticed that it seems like coffee shops and cafes are seeming to pop up everywhere recently. If you’ve thought this to be a little strange, you’re right, they are growing at a breakneck speed. According to statistics, coffee shops are the fastest growing industry within the restaurant business. Coffee shops typically enjoy a seven percent annual growth rate. Starbucks, by far the biggest coffee chain in America, is the third largest restaurant chain in the United States. No one predicts that this growth will slow down anytime soon, as over half of Americans over the age of 18 enjoy some kind of coffee drink or plain coffee everyday. The average American coffee drinker gulps down some 3 and ½ cups in a single day. That’s a lot of cups of coffee and a lot of revenue for coffee shops all over the country. Seeing as coffee is the source of 75% of all caffeine consumed in America, it’s fair to say that we think investing in coffee shops is probably a good idea!

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