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For thousands of years, people have pierced their bodies to both express themselves, honor religious practices and simply fit into a certain aesthetic. From nose piercings to belly button piercings, there is no limit to what you can have pierced or how you choose to display that piercing.

Of course, finding the right body piercing shop is your key to a piercing that looks good and is done safely. Ready to find a great body piercing shop near you? Simply browse body piercing shop near me on the map below and find a list of body piercers in your local area. Need a bit more information on body piercing? Read on for interesting facts, trivia and more!

Body Piercing Shop Near Me – Find it on the Map

Body Piercing Shop Near Me – Trivia

Are piercings harmful to the body?

Body piercings can look great and speak volumes about what you represent, but are they secretly harmful to the body? No one wants to intentionally put themselves in harms way, yet most of don’t consider what can go wrong with a body piercing. Read on for the straight truth on piercings as you search body piercing shop near me. Are piercings safe? For the most part, you can safely pierce most parts of your body without harm. However, this often has to do with the body piercing shop itself and after care. Sometimes, bad infections such as HIV and hepatitis can be spread by body piercing. This can often be avoided by visiting a shop with high safety standards and a good reputation.

Remember, you get what you pay for. A shop offering piercings at too low of a rate may not be doing the piercings with the proper safety precautions in mind. Other problems from body piercings can include swelling, scarring or reactions to the jewelry. Make sure you know how to properly care for your piercing for several months afterwards to avoid any potential harm. Of course, if you find a reputable shop and take care of your piercing, you shouldn’t have any issues at all!

Body Piercing Shop Near Me

Finding a reputable shop means a lower risk of infection or complications.

How many people have body piercings?

Take a look around the next time you’re caught in a crowd. How many piercings do you typically see? You may see many pierced ears, but what about noses and lips? According to statistics, just 14% of people have body piercings somewhere other than their earlobes. This means if you have a piercing, you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd! Think about where you’d like to get your first or next piercing while searching body piercing shop near me.

True or false: Some piercings take longer to heal than others.

It is true, some piercings will take longer to heal than others. If you find that a piercing in one area isn’t healing as fast as one in a different area, it’s not in your head, this has to do with the way your body heals. Some areas of the body receive better blood flow than others. The greater the blood flow, the faster it will heal and the less vulnerable that piercing will be to an infection. Ear lobes, tongues and lips heal the fastest at around four to six weeks. This is due to high vascularity in these regions. Cartilage on the outer ear or nose will take far longer to heal. It won’t hurt for several months, but it will require more cleaning and attention.

Body Piercing Shop Near Me – Facts

Can you over clean a piercing?

To most of us, it might seem like you can never be too careful when trying to avoid an infection at a piercing site. Yet, experts cite that it is possible to actually over clean a piercing and do a bit more harm than good.The aim of cleaning is to assist the body’s natural healing process, not send it off the rails. So what should you do to keep your piercing clean without going overboard? Read on as you search body piercing shop near me. Experts recommend a light cleaning twice a day with a very mild product. Sterile saline wound wash is the best choice because it will irrigate the piercing site without causing a reaction. Some iodine based products can irritate those with sensitive skin, often doing a bit more harm than good. When it comes to cleaning, you may also want to avoid ointments.

The logic some people have is that you put ointment on a cut, so why wouldn’t you put ointment on a piercing? Well, ointment doesn’t rinse a piercing such as a saline wash. It is also possible that dust, debris and irritants will stick to the ointment and find a way into the piercing itself. While it can be tempting to put a bit of ointment on the piercing to alleviate pain or redness, you may want to refrain and just stick with the simple saline wash that works!

Piercing Isn’t Always Regulated

When searching body piercing shop near me, you’ll want to keep in mind that there is no federal regulations on the piercing industry. In fact, only a few states even have legislation regarding piercing. This means that just about anyone can open up a piercing shop and slap a name on the sign. What does that mean to you? Well, you have to make good choices about both your health and your safety. When trying to find a great piercing shop, do your homework. Don’t just walk into the first shop on the street with a sign and a piercing gun. Instead, check reviews online and visit shops in person.

Try to discern just how clean the space is and ask questions to gauge staff knowledge and expertise. You want to feel comfortable in the space and not at all nervous or on edge. Tattooing requires a license, but piercing does not. This can leave many ending up with an infection or a less than sterile procedure. Remember, when it comes to body piercing, you’re your own best advocate and sleuth. You can never be too careful even if some might think you’re being a bit overkill on your quest to find a safe and reputable piercing shop in your local area.

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