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Want to have some serious fun without the serious effort? Tubing is probably right for you! Tubing is a recreational activity where either you or your friends and family will ride on top of an inner tube, either on water, snow, or through the air. You can get family size tubes or individual tubes. Double tubes are also available for couples who want to ride together. The tubes themselves are known as donuts or biscuits, due to their unique round shape.

Are you interested in doing some tubing near you? Simply browse tubing near me on the map below and find tubing in your local area. Need a bit more information on tubing? Read on for facts, trivia, tips, and more!

Tubing Near Me – Find it on the Map

Tubing Near Me – Tubing Trivia

True or false: A Thai princess is responsible for bringing tubing to the masses.

While water tubing has always existed in some capacity, a single Thai princess can be thanked for popularizing the activity and making it popular amongst folks of all ages. Consider these facts as you search tubing near me. What first began as a social event for the Thai princess and her closest friends, eventually turned into a very lucrative business when she began to charge members of the general public around five Baht to enter her estate and another five to rent a tube. The public couldn’t get enough and a true recreational sensation was born. Of course, the claim to water tubing fame doesn’t solely belong to this Thai princess. Much of its popularity is also owed to David Breault, a popular nightclub owner who liked to organize “floating parties” on Wisconsin’s Apple River back in the 1940s. The tubing parties were free, but they resulted in a massive uptick in business for Breault back at the nightclub. After all, who doesn’t like tubing and a drink?

tubing near me

Tubing is lazy fun for the whole family!

What ages can go tubing?

One of the greatest aspects of tubing is just how inclusive the activity is for folks of all ages. So what ages specifically can go tubing? Consider this as you search tubing near me. While some tubing companies may have specific age restrictions- most will allow children over a certain weight so long as they are accompanied by an adult and wearing a life vest. Obviously, babies and very young children will likely not be permitted. This is especially true of snow tubing excursions. In general, tubing is an activity something both the young and old can enjoy. Unlike other activities which may require boat travel or snow travel at very high speeds, tubing allows passengers to travel at whatever speed feels right for them. Often times, you simply float aimlessly and just enjoy spending a little bit of time in nature. Many large tubes will even hold several people, which is essential if you do have children or even an older adult who is a bit apprehensive about spending time out on a tube.

Tubing Near Me – Tubing Facts

Is tubing good for the body?

Okay, let’s make one thing clear- tubing is not a very physical activity. Most of the time, you’re simply laying back and enjoying nature. While you can take breaks to get off of your tube to swim or simply frolic in the snow, it’s a very low impact activity that doesn’t require much effort on the part of tubing participants. For this reason, tubing is a very inclusive activity that offers a bit of fun and relaxation to folks of all ages and fitness levels. While tubing may not be a physically challenging activity, it is good for the body in the sense that it can drastically lower stress levels. Tubing has been proving to help elevate mood, ease anxiety, and make those involved feel more connected with their loved ones and the world around them. Just spending 90 minutes in nature has been shown to drastically improve stress levels in both children and adults. So while tubing likely won’t be able to replace your daily exercise routine, it can be an effective way to beat stress and alleviate some of the pressures of everyday life. As you search tubing near me, consider just how great your mood will be!

Water Tubing Is Easy!

What’s the best part of searching tubing near me? Knowing that once you find the right tube rental service, the hard work is done. Water tubing is without question one of the easiest water sports you can try. Not only does tubing not require much in the way of agility, balance, strength, or coordination- but it is easy and accessible to anyone who can climb on a tube and know how to have a little fun. In fact, the hardest part of tubing is probably having to stop at the end of a long and leisurely day. Luckily, tubing isn’t far out of reach, as it’s pretty affordable too! On average, you’ll pay just $20 for up to 2.5 or 3 hours of tubing time. While larger or family size tubes may cost a bit more, the amount of time you get to spend on the tube and the length of your trip are likely worth any upfront cost. There are also discounts available for large groups and those looking to have a fun tubing party on the river.

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