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Few things are as exciting during the high school years as getting prepared for and attending prom. The very act of going to prom is an age old tradition that is embraced by nearly every high school in America. Both boys and girls put on their best, get their cameras ready, and embrace a night of feeling like royalty. Of course, before you can even think about going to prom you’ll need the perfect dress!

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When did Proms first emerge in US culture?

In the modern day, the very act of going to prom is as much a tradition during the senior year of high school as the official graduation ceremony. Everyone looks forward to that one special night, typically in May, when everyone dons their best dresses and suits for a magical evening of dinner and dancing. The word prom itself is short for promenade, which is, the formal introductory parading of guests at a party. The origins of proms can be traced all the way back to the very simplistic do-ed banquets that most American Universities held during the 19th century. These were held for each year’s graduating class and promised a night free of the headaches of finals and writing papers. As teenage culture emerged, the idea of prom became suited for a younger audience. Suddenly, in the 1940s, proms had emerged as a full scale tradition. With many schools going all out to make prom as memorable and glitzy as possible. In a post World War II economy in the 1950s, high schools had the resources necessary to forgo the tradition of holding prom in the high school gym in favor of holding prom in hotels or at country clubs . Rumor has it that even President Kennedy once had to reschedule a 1963 fundraiser at a Beverly Hilton in order to accommodate a local school prom that was booked for the same night. As you search prom dresses near me, consider just how revered the very act of going to prom still is in the modern world. It is a tradition that will likely always be upheld, no matter how different teenagers might be from those that attended the earliest proms in the 19th century.

prom dresses near me

Finding the perfect prom dress can make for a magical evening!

How has prom culture changed since the 1940s?

Prom has always been as American as baseball and apple pie, but it hasn’t always looked the same or been treated in the same vein. While the proms of the 1930s and 1940s were typically held in a high school gym, decorated by a prom committee, and graced by girls and boys wearing innocent and demure frocks, prom today is a whole lot different! Modern proms are an important event in the social climate of high schools. There is a lot of pressure put upon both girls and boys to find the right dates, wear the right outfit, and generally stand apart from the crowd. The prom itself has also taken a more glamorous turn. Not only are most proms held in hotels or country clubs, but many of them are decorated by professionals who are hired to make the prom look as much like a royal affair as possible. The cost of prom has also gone way up! While a ticket may have cost you the price of a soda pop or less back in the 1930s, modern proms can cost as much as $75.00 a ticket! As you search prom dresses near me, consider if you think proms have changed and if the changes or more positive or negative? Sound off if you’d prefer a more simplistic approach to prom or if you’re loving this more extravagant turn of events.

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Prom Dresses in the 1940s

As you may have already expected while searching prom dresses near me, gowns have changed quite a bit over the past 70 some years. Though proms existed prior to the 1940s, the proms of the 1920s and 1930s were very low key and reserved due to the economic downturn. Many individuals didn’t even have the means to attend proms during this as any extra money was wisely spent on food or home goods rather than a prom. Of course, the resourceful gal was all about making her own prom dress, a unique statement that couldn’t be replicated by any of the other girls attending. In the 1940s, there was a slow but steady increase in the extravagance of prom dresses, especially after World War II. Suddenly, many Americans had discretionary income that could be spent on whatever they so pleased. This was great news for teen girls in the late 1940s. Suddenly, dresses were floor length and more elaborate. Female attendees always made sure to wear their nicest jewelry. Simplicity simply wouldn’t do. Hair was to be done up in a fanciful way and a full face of makeup was to be expertly applied. The whole look was topped off with some killer shoes, a nice shawl, and a clutch or handbag to accentuate the look.

The Coming Age of Teenage Culture

Teenagers have obviously always existed, but not in the way they did in the 1950s. According to some historians the 50s were basically “the birth” of the teen. Suddenly popular culture, fashion, and music was being catered to teenagers rather than adults. They were deemed an exciting market as they were ever changing, always looking to latch onto a trend, and typically rife with spending money. This is also the time when prom really started to take off as a bonafide tradition. Prom dresses in the 1950s were much more glamorous than their 40s counterparts. Most were all about emphasising the waist with a very fitted bodice which was then accentuated by a very voluminous skirt that was typically made of tulle. Between the tulle and the petticoats, 50s prom dresses were elegant, royal, and a bit more difficult to move around in. Strapless dresses were all the rage, as were halter style gowns. These styles were made popular by actresses such as Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Dress hems typically fell between the knees and the ankles. Hair always looked on point and was either curled or pulled back. Jewelry was more minimal as the dresses, hair, and makeup did all of the talking. When you search prom dresses near me, try a show stopping vintage style. It may just be the best way to stand apart from the pack in the modern age!

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