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In recent years, Korean barbecue has reached peak popularity in the United States, with many diners flocking to this fresh and enticing method of eating. Korean barbecue typically involves roasting meat (typically beef, pork, or chicken), all at the dinner stable on gas or charcoal grills that are built into the table itself.

Are you interested in finding a Korean barbecue restaurant near you? Simply browse Korean BBQ near me on the map below and find a list of Korean barbecue places near you! Need a bit more information on Korean barbecue? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and information on this delightful cuisine!

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What is the most popular kind of Korean barbecue?

Korean barbecue offers up many tantalizing dishes that have been beloved by individuals from all walks of life for centuries, but what exactly is the most popular Korean barbecue dish in the states? Consider these facts as you search Korean BBQ near me. According to statistics, Bulgogi is the most popular variety of Korean barbecue. Prior to cooking, the meat is marinated for hours using a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, garlic, and pepper. After the meat has been marinated over time to ensure flavor and tenderness, it is cooked. Traditionally speaking, it is prepared using gridirons or perforated dome griddles that sit atop braziers. In recent years, pan cooking has become a common method of preparation as well. The second most popular Korean barbecue dish is Galbi, which is made with beef short ribs that are marinated in a sauce that contains soy sauce, water, garlic, sugar, and sliced onions. Many believe this dish tastes best when prepared over charcoal or burned wood chips. This infuses the barbecue with a smoky flavor. The third most popular dish you’ll find in the US is Jumulleok, which is a short steak marinated with sesame oil, salt, and pepper. It is similar to gogigui in that it has a very juicy texture and is never tough or rubbery. Of course, these options are not the only options at a Korean barbecue restaurant. You’ll find dozens more options when you visit your local Korean barbecue joint.

korean bbq near me

A traditional sampling of Korean barbecue.

What are popular Korean barbecue side dishes?

In any Asian culture, side dishes often play a huge role right next to the main dish. So what kind of side dishes can you expect after searching Korean BBQ near me? Well, it depends on what you’re ordering. If you’ve ordered Gogigui, you will typically get a whole host of side dishes known as banchan. This includes a green onion salad called pajeori and a fresh vegetable dish including lettuce, cucumbers, and peppers. A very popular way to eat Korean barbecue is to wrap with lettuce and adding condiments such as a spicy scallion salad or a ssamjang (a spicy paste consisting of doenjang and gochujang). Of course, vegetables such as broccoli and carrots are also a hit with patrons. Many Korean barbecue restaurants have also taken to offering deep fried side dishes to please even the pickiest American taste palette. Do you know what you’ll be ordering on your next Korean BBQ run?

Korean BBQ Near Me – Korean BBQ Facts

LA Style Galbi

If there is one city that you’ll find great Korean barbecue in, it’s Los Angeles. With a thriving Koreatown, Korean barbecue has taken the city by storm. This city even boasts its own methods of preparing Korean barbecue. In Korea, chefs typically use a vertical cut of beef that they like to slice by hand in order to preserve the texture and keep the meat tender. In Los Angeles, chefs cut the meat horizontally with a slicer, not a knife. This usually leaves two or three small bones in the center of the cut of meat. Korean Americans have also taken to using local and cheaper cuts of beef. Though it produces less tender Galbi, hungry patrons haven’t seemed to notice. In fact, this method of preparing the dish has even made its way to Korea, where LA style Galbi is known as a cool and western take on an old standby. In LA, many Korean barbecue restaurants are also judged based on the number of side dishes it serves. In both LA and Korea is this is seen as a status symbol. For example, a king would be served at least a 100 side dishes with dinner. Dinner with the boss requires no less than five dishes and with future in laws, seven or more side dishes are required. This means it’s perfectly okay to turn up your nose at places that only offer two or three side dishes as you search Korean BBQ near me.

A Healthy Balance in the Body

Like most Asian cultures, Korean food is all about balance. In fact, most Korean food is designed to produce a health balance in the body. This not only keeps individuals feeling physically fit, but it gives them spiritual balance as well. Almost every Asian culture has a method of preparing food that involves creating balance or symmetry in the body. For example, in Korea, pork is regarded as “cold” even though it is hot when you eat it. To achieve balance, a garnich such as chives are added to the mix which are deemed “hot.” It is also customary to eat certain dishes in a particular season. The cold noodle dish naengmyeon is typically served up in the winter. If you have a cold, you may want to drink hot ginger tea for a dose of hot energy. In Korea, a fever is often quelled by eating a poached Korean pair. As you search Korean BBQ near me, consider how balance plays a role in the food you’ll be consuming. Does achieving a balance in both hot and cold make you feel more fulfilled after eating?

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