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Few things are as comforting or American as a dinner of Steak and potatoes. Whether you like you cut well done or bloody rare, a steak can be a satisfying source of protein and iron. Steak houses have always been a popular choice for steak lovers, especially since this meat is often a bit finicky to make. Grilling a steak might seem straightforward, but achieving the perfect texture and taste is often best left to the professionals.

Are you interested in finding a steak house near you? Simply browse steak house near me on the map below and find a list of great steak houses in your region! Need a bit more information on steak? Read on for facts, trivia, tips and more!

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Steak House Near Me – Steak House Trivia

What’s the most popular side dish to steak?

Americans love their steak, but what’s a good juicy cut without a delicious side dish? Just a steak, that’s what. According to statistics, one side dish reigns supreme when it comes to ordering a steak dinner. What’s the most popular side dish to a steak? Consider this as you search steak house near me. Without question, more people order a baked potato with a steak than any other side dish. In fact, 28% of people who order a steak will only get a baked potato. While a baked potato is always a solid choice, real steak lovers suggest a more classic side such as creamed spinach or hash brown potato cakes.

steak house near me

A great steak can be comforting and delicious!

What’s the best steak to order?

The steak you order depends upon your personal taste and how you like your meat cooked. Not everyone will agree on what constitutes the best steak, but experts have designated a few steaks that never disappoint. What’s the best steak to order? Read on as you search steak house near me. If you’re looking for a tender melt in your mouth steak, you’re going to want to order a filet mignon. This is an especially good choice if you like your meat cooked particularly rare. If you like your steak slightly chewy, your best bet is a sirloin. A sirloin isn’t too tender or too tough. It’s right in the middle! You’ll also find that sirloins offer great flavor and texture. If you want a steak that’s super flavorful and extra juicy, a rib eye is your best bet. Rib eye is generally cut a bit thicker, which means you’ll get a juicer and more flavorful steak. If you’re just starting to figure out what kind of steak you like, you might want to order a porterhouse. It’s part sirloin and part filet mignon. With a porterhouse, you’ll get the best of both worlds!

When does the cost of beef go up?

Beef costs are often very dependent on the weather and the time of year. You may find that you’ll pay more for a steak in the summer months than in the winter. This isn’t a coincidence. As you search steak house near me, consider why you may be paying a bit more for that cut of meat. Without fail, the cost of beef always rises when there is a drought in the areas in which cattle are raised. For example, a very dry hot summer with little rain in Oklahoma will likely mean higher prices on good cuts of meat. No water inevitably means less natural grass for cows to munch on. This forces farmers to purchase expensive grain based feed such as hay or corn. To help them make ends meet, they have to raise the cost of beef in order to make up for the extra money spent on feed.

Steak House Near Me – Steak House Facts

Why are dry aged steaks so expensive?

While searching steak house near me, you might find a few establishments offering dry aged steaks on the menu. Dry aged steaks are a fan favorite amongst all steak loves as they are often extremely tender and flavorful. Unfortunately, they’ll cost you. Why are dry aged steaks so much more expensive than a regular steak? Well, dry aged steaks are more expensive because of two factors: mold and moisture loss. When meat is dry aged, it is stored in a temperature and humidity controlled unit for three to six weeks. As the moisture evaporates the fibrous connective tissue that holds the muscle of the beef together begins to break down. This gives the meat a much softer texture. During this process, a very thin layer of mold will start to develop. Don’t worry, that part is trimmed off of the beef long before it is grilled up for you at the restaurant. The trimming and the moisture loss (about 20%), add up to some major weight loss. This means the beef will weigh far less than when it was first bought. The whole process and the loss in weight add up to higher prices.

What’s the best way to prepare a steak?

There are many ways to prepare a steak. Some people like to pan sear their steaks while others are loyalists to grilling. What is actually the best way to prepare a steak? Consider this as you search steak house near me. According to top chefs, grilling is always the best way to prepare a steak. Grilling helps to retain the best flavors in the meat because it is a much slower process and the coals allow the meat to heat more evenly than on a stovetop. Grilling also helps to seal in flavor and keep the meat juicy. Stovetop cooking can easily result in rubbery or bland tasting steaks. If you are grilling your steak, always use tongs to turn your meat and never a fork. If you find it’s sticking to the grill, let it be. This means that the steak is not yet ready to be turned. The less you touch your steak, the better. By being patient and touching your steak as little as possible you can keep all of the juices inside. A juicy steak is more flavorful and tender than one that’s been tossed and turned several times due to impatience.

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