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When it comes to fast fashion and up to date trends at affordable prices, few retail chains beat the quality and selection of H&M. From basics and outerwear, to trend pieces and accessories, every H&M offers a wide selection of Men, Women’s and Children’s items.

Are you interested in finding an H&M location near you? Simply browse H&M near me on the map below and find a list of H&M locations in a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on H&M? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more on H&M!

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H&M Near Me – H&M Trivia

What year was H&M first founded?

Fast fashion may seem like a relatively new concept, especially in the competitive social media minded trend market. Though there are many newer concept brands on the scene such as Forever 21, the history of H&M dates all the way back to the 1940s. Consider these facts as you search H&M near me. According to brand historians, Erling Persson opened the very first Hennes store in 1947. At the time, the store only sold women’s clothing, as the name implies. Hennes is actually the Swedish word for “hers.” Soon after finding success with Hennes, Herling acquired Mauritz Widforss, a men’s retail outfitter that also sold hunting equipment. With the acquisition of the men’s retail chain, Hennes and Mauritz was born. The first H&M was a rousing success, immediately outgrowing its initial digs and moving into the building next door. There are now more than 2,500 sister stores in a total of 50 countries.

h&m near me

H&M is one of the oldest and most revered fast fashion brands in the retail game.

When are the best days to shop at H&M?

You might think that any day is a good day to shop at H&M, but insiders say that a few days reign supreme if you’re looking for the best selection of goods and the latest fast fashion finds. So when should you try and stop by your local H&M? Consider this as you search H&M near me! According to H&M employees, the best times to shop at an H&M are Mondays and Thursdays. You might not have a weekday shopping trip on the brain, but employees cite that this is when the brand receives it’s new shipments. By shopping on a Monday or Thursday, you’ll have first dibs on the latest fashion finds and the greatest selection of size options. Shopping on a weekend can be hectic and can often lead to depleted stock. If you visit the store on a Saturday, you might find a lack of sizes and a general disarray within the store itself. Looking to shop online? H&M reportedly replenishes its website every Thursday at 8AM. This makes Thursday the best day to shop the brand’s online store. H&M will also frequently release coupons or promotions prior to the weekend.

H&M Near Me – H&M Facts

The iCollect Program

In a world of fast fashion, it can often seem as if clothing is something that can easily be tossed aside or replaced in favor of something newer or more on trend. Many of us are guilty of buying more than we need or buying items we wear once or twice before growing bored of the style. In order to combat some of the environmental and social impacts of fast fashion, H&M introduced the iCollect program in 2013. The iCollect program in tandem with the H&M Conscious program, allows shoppers to bring in bags of their old clothing in return for a 15% or 20% off coupon. Shoppers can do this as many times as they’d like. There is no limit on how much one can donate, but you will only receive one coupon per trip. H&M then collects the garments and recycles them or donates them to those in need. It’s a win win situation for shoppers and the environment. You’ll leave with a coupon and those in need will receive quality garments. Speaking of being environmentally conscious, you can feel good about searching H&M near me if being eco-friendly is on the brain. H&M is actually one of the world’s largest buyers of organic cotton. Not only is H&M dedicated to sustainably sourcing as many materials and pieces as possible, but their conscious collection is focused on environmental responsibility and eco friendly practices.

Want a Designer Garment? Play the Waiting Game.

H&M is known for it’s amazing designer collaborations. From Kenzo to Alexander Wang ,the fast fashion brand has teamed up with some of high fashion’s biggest names to bring budget friendly collections to the masses. Unfortunately, even the “budget” friendly pieces are often out of reach for those on an actual budget. If you’re looking to score some designer pieces but aren’t interested in paying $70 for a sweater, play the waiting game. According to brand insiders, if a designer collaboration doesn’t completely sell out after launch, the collection will get marked down a week or so later. If you don’t mind waiting and aren’t interested in paying full price, keep checking back both in store and online for pieces that didn’t sell out when the collection initially launched. This can be a great way to score quality pieces without emptying out your pocket book. Next time you’re searching H&M near me hoping to get your hands on the next design collaboration, consider waiting until a week past launch before purchasing.

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