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Ever since Perkins but down roots several decades ago, the restaurant has been committed to always providing delicious plates and exceptional service. The menu changes all the time to keep customers guessing, but some old standards will always have a permanent home on the Perkins menu. Whether you’re looking for a big breakfast with all the fixings or a great burger after work, Perkins has meals to suit any hankering you may have.

Are you interested in finding a Perkins near you? Simply browse Perkins near me on the map below and find a list of Perkins restaurants in your area. Need a bit more information on Perkins? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and so much more! You’re mouth will seriously water over these facts.

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Perkins Near Me – Perkins Trivia

What year was Perkins founded?

Perkins might seem like a restaurant that found its footing in the 1980s and 1990s, but this chain actually came to be in 1958. Consider these facts as you search Perkins near me. Perkins was first founded by Matt and Ivan Perkins. The duo were working as gold prospectors in Alaska when they decided to open a bakery. Though they hadn’t struck it rich searching for gold, their bakery was a runaway success. People couldn’t resist the comforting classics that seemed right out of Mom’s kitchen. While running the bakery, Matt and Ivan came across Smitty’s Pancake House. Out of curiosity they decided to go in and sit down for a meal. The pancakes were so good that Matt couldn’t help but ask the owner for more details on how he made his pancakes and how much he made at his little business. Smitty was more than open to revealing his secrets. Eventually Matt struck up a deal with Smitty to get the rights to his secret pancake recipe. The deal stated that Matt could use the recipe anywhere east of the Mississippi, with the exception of Pennsylvania and North and South Dakota. With this flavorful and fluffy pancake recipe in mind, Matt and Ivan officially opened their first Perkins Pancake house in Ohio. Their guests couldn’t get enough of their secret buttermilk pancake recipe or delicious coffee. Along with the pancakes, customers loved the brand’s unique approach to service and true knack for making you feel like you were settling down for a meal in your own home.

perkins near me

Perkins is your best bet for great pancakes and piping hot coffee!

When did Perkins branch out from pancakes?

At the beginning, pancakes were the heart and soul of the Perkins Restaurant. After all, the brand was built upon delicious buttermilk pancakes and breakfast fare. When did Perkins decide to branch out and include more menu items? Consider this as you search Perkins near me. Matt and Ivan wanted to build upon their success and decided to expand their restaurant to include a full menu in the early 1960s. This is when the brand decided to include delicious sandwiches and entrees. Many of the meals were meant to emulate the comforting classics of home. From meatloaf to turkey and gravy, Perkins was all about the classics. After enjoying a lot of success from expanding the menu, the duo were able to begin franchising the restaurant as a means of spreading more locations into different states.

Perkins Near Me – Perkins Facts

How many Perkins restaurants are in the United States?

After being founded in 1958, the success of Perkins spread like wildfire throughout many eastern states. Nowadays, Perkins operates more than 400 independent restaurants in some 33 states. There are also restaurants located in a total of five Canadian provinces. The Perkins family of restaurants includes 134 company owned branches and a total of 266 franchised units. With so much growth since 1958, Perkins shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. As long as the brand stays committed to delicious pancakes, yummy entrees, and mouthwatering omelettes, people will keep on choosing Perkins over other restaurants!

Kids Eat Free

Parenthood can offer a lot of expenses, but eating out with your kids doesn’t have to be one of them. Consider this as you search Perkins near me. If you’re looking to save some hard earned dough and treat your family to a night out, consider visiting a Perkins on Tuesday. On Tuesdays, kids eat for free at every location. The only stipulation is that there be one paying adult. So while you may have to pay for your entree and the entrees of any adults in your party, you won’t be saddled with having to pay for your children’s meals as well. This can offer you a pretty big savings in the long run, especially if you have more than one kid!

Are Perkins’ Entrees Healthy?

Like so many individuals, you may be concerned about the foods you’re putting into your body and the calorie content of the entrees you choose when eating out. Like most chain restaurants, Perkin’s offers some healthy options for those looking to stay fit or who have special dietary circumstances. Unfortunately, not every option is healthy and many Perkin’s meals can be several hundred calories. As you search Perkins near me, consider the calorie count on some of the brand’s most famous entrees. If you have a hankering for pancakes but are on a diet, you’ll want to go with the blueberry banana pancakes. Unlike a traditional stack, this type of pancake only boasts 660 calories versus the 930 calories on the strawberry pancake platter. Most entrees seem to come in at around 600-1000 calories. You can always go lighter by swapping out sides, steering clear of maple syrup, and going easy on the butter.

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