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As a driver, you know that life is wholly unpredictable, especially when it comes to dings, dents, and accidents. Over the life of your car, you’ll need maintenance, repairs, and in some cases, major overhauls. This can make an auto body shop a valuable resource in protecting your investments.

Are you interested in finding an auto body shop near you? Simply browse auto body shop near me on the map below and find a list of quality auto body shops located in close proximity to your current location.

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True or false: Many insurance companies will insist on salvage parts.

If you have ever been in an accident, even a minor fender bender, then you’re likely aware of just how costly auto body repairs can be. While insurance will cover most repairs, it won’t come without it’s fair share of things to be wary of. For example, many insurance companies will insist that the auto body shop use salvage parts in order to keep total costs down. This is often without decided without any input from you or a preliminary consultation with your auto body shop. While salvage parts can serve your collision repair just fine, original equipment manufacturer parts are important to many drivers and vehicle owners. If you want to make sure that you’ll be getting OEM parts and not salvage, you’ll want to find a body shop that is transparent with you right from the start. Don’t be afraid to ask assertive questions concerning parts, cost, and your insurance company. As you search auto body shop near me, consider what your specific needs and preferences are. They might just help you make the right decision concerning your vehicle.

auto body shop near me

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True or false: Insurance companies have their own agenda.

Accidents can be a jarring experience, so much so that they can often keep us from making wise decisions when it comes to what’s best for our wallets and pocketbooks. Often times, insurance companies will take advantage of the situation, catering to their own agendas. Once an accident has occurred, it might seem easier to go with a body shop recommended by your insurance company. While this can work out swimmingly for some, it’s not always the right call. Many insurance companies will steer customers towards a particular auto body shop based purely on price and keeping costs down. They often have no regard for quality of service, prior reviews, or even general proximity to your home. To ensure that you’re getting the best service, you’ll want to search auto body shop near me and do your own research. Often times, exploring local options and even going off of the recommendations of friends can be the best route if you want some peace of mind.

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Frame Repair

One of the most costly and worrisome aspects of visiting an auto body shop is frame repair. When the frame of your car is bent or damaged in an accident, body shop personnel will take a look at any damage and see if the car is even worth repair. Since frame repairs can be very difficult, many mechanics will recommend scrapping the vehicle if the cost of repair outweighs your car’s actual value. If an auto body expert believes that your car will still be unsafe to drive even after the repair, you can claim it as a total loss on your insurance and move on to a different vehicle. Once your mechanic has determined whether or not your car is worthy of frame repair, the first thing they’ll do is recommend straightening the fame. Thanks to major advances in technology and computerized tools, it’s much easier for auto body shops to realign your frame and bend it back to its original condition. Of course, the frame will first have to be assessed for the extent of damage. Once it’s determined how much the car will need to be aligned, auto mechanics can bend and shape the metal back into place with a precision that was once deemed impossible. On jobs where there is extensive damage, yet the car is not considered a total loss, welding will often be necessary to repair the frame. In this type of frame repair, sections are cut out completely and new straight pieces are welded on in order to help rebuild the frame. No matter what condition your car is in, there are options if you’re searching auto body shop near me.

Sustainable Practices

Have the environment on your mind? Try an auto body shop that implements sustainable business practices. Many auto body shops have taken great strides to curb their pollution by reducing the amount of waste they contribute to landfills. Some auto body shops responsibly dispose of the heavy metals and chemicals found and auto parts. This can lead to ground leaching, which can pose an environmental health risk. By recycling unused steel, aluminum, plastics, batteries, and more, the auto body shop can help keep potential contaminants from ending up in the garbage or in drinking water. Next time you search auto body shop near me, try finding a company that uses sustainable practices and environmentally friendly fluids.

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