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When the weather starts to heat up and the grass starts to grow, it’s time to bust out the trusty lawn mower and trim up the lawn. While most lawn mowers encounter few problems throughout their working life, some can suffer from mechanical failures or other issues. Instead of dishing out thousands on a new mower, your best bet is to consult a lawn mower repair shop. You’ll get your old mower up and running without having to break the bank.

Ready to find a lawn mower repair shop near you? Browse lawn mower repair near me on the map below and find a list of qualified repair shops in your local area. Need a bit more information on lawn mowers and repair services? Read on for facts, trivia, tips, and more!

Lawn Mower Repair Near Me – Find it on the Map

Lawn Mower Repair Near Me – Lawn Mower Repair Trivia

Who invented the first lawn mower?

Given the American fascination with having a neatly trimmed lawn, it’s hard to imagine what life was like before the advent of the modern lawnmower. After all, having a bunch of goats do the job for you isn’t exactly feasible in the typical neighborhood. Who is credited with inventing the first lawn mower? Consider this as you search lawn mower repair near me. Historians believe that the first lawn mower ever was invented by an Englishman named Edwin Beard Budding. He patented his invention in 1830 after watching a cutting cylinder in action at the local cloth mill. The scene lead to a stroke of genius. After Budding patented the idea, it took him over a decade to build an effective mowing machine. We think he’d be proud of just how far lawn mowers have come!

lawn mower repair near me

Don’t ditch that old lawn mower, repair it!

How many hours a week does the average person spend on their lawn?

Lawn care is an important aspect of home ownership. Every person wants their lawn to look neat, green, and just like a golf course. Just how much does the average American spend a week trying to achieve that perfectly manicured look? Read on as you search lawn mower repair near me. Statistics show that the average American will spend 4+ hours per week taking care of their lawn. That adds up to a staggering 208 hours per year. This is why efficient lawn care is key in maximizing benefits and saving a bit of time. Having a proper mower can also help alleviate some of your lawn woes. When Americans aren’t tending to their lawns, they’re spending money on them. In the United States, homeowners spend upwards of $30 billion dollars per year just taking care of their lawns. That’s a lot of grass!

Do lawns produce oxygen?

One of the greatest benefits of having a house with a big open backyard is the oxygen! Lawns are excellent at producing oxygen. In fact, a 50 foot by 50 foot lawn can release enough oxygen throughout the day to meet the needs of one person. This means that maintaining your grass isn’t just good for curb appeal, it also helps to maintain balance in the ecosystem and bring fresh oxygen into your world.

Lawn Mower Repair Near Me – Lawn Mower Repair Facts

Water Usage

A beautiful backyard can make any space feel that much more luxurious. Unfortunately, keeping a yard in tip top shape can come at an expense to the environment. While lawns are great for the ecosystem and producing oxygen, lawn maintenance can be detrimental if not done responsibly. As you search lawn mower repair near me, consider how you can have a beautiful lawn all while helping the environment! According to statistics some 65% of all the water used in American households goes to watering the lawn. In the summer, that comes out to about 238 gallons of water per day. In order to conserve water, experts recommend that homeowners water their lawns in the early morning hours. The best time is between 4 AM and 10 AM. Avoid watering at night, it’s about the worst thing you can do for the lawn and your water usage. Generally speaking, your lawn only needs to be watered two or three times a week. It can even be less than that if you live in a particularly rainy area. Try not to overwater your lawn and you’ll find a happy yard and an even happier earth. Speaking of erath, did you know that according to the EPA, 5% of all polluting exhaust in urban areas is from lawn mowers? While lawn mowers are an essential part of many of our lives, there are ways to cut down on the exhaust being expelled into the atmosphere. For example, you can purchase an eco-friendly lawn mower! Solar powered mowers and electric mowers are a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to mess around with gasoline or contribute to emissions. With the advent of cordless electric mowers, you have even more freedom to roam about your yard. If you’re only option is a regular old gas mower, fear not. Proper engine maintenance and searching lawn mower repair near me can help you to lower emissions and get the most out of your mower. Think of your tractor or mower like a car. Without the proper care, your car can run poorly and even get bad gas mileage. With a good tune up, you can increase gas mileage and keep your car running smoothly. The same goes for lawn mowers and tractors!

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