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Everyday on the news, we hear of job layoffs and cut backs, yet none of those jobs ever have to do with the field of IT. The reason? IT jobs are currently in demand and growing every year. By getting IT certification and training, you’re well equipped for a career path with high earning potential and job security for decades to come.

Ready to start your career in IT? Simply browse IT school near me on the map below and find a list of great IT schools and training programs near you. Need more information on the field of IT? Read on for facts, trivia, and more.

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True or false: IT Employment growth is rapidly accelerating.

When searching for an IT school near me, it can be easy to second guess yourself or consider whether or not a degree or certification in IT is worth your time. Here’s the truth- IT certification is always worth your time. The reason? IT employment growth is rapidly accelerating every year. Right now, businesses are allocating even more time and resources into improving their IT efforts. This means that there is constant and steady growth in the field. On a year-by-year basis, IT has grown more than 5.7 percent since 2012. That’s far better than the average career. Since jobs have been on a steady upswing for several years, experts agree that there won’t be a slowdown anytime in the near future. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that growth for all IT careers will increase between 12 and 31 percent right through 2020. Should you pursue IT certification you can be confident that the time and effort you invested into your IT career path was well worth your time. You’ll also have guaranteed job prospects for years to come.

A career in IT means high earning potential and plenty of jobs to go around.

it school near me

True or false: IT Professionals have more job opportunities.

Anyone in the job field can easily agree that no two jobs are created equal. Some jobs have steady growth for years and then drop off- leaving little in the way of open positions for new hires. IT is not one of those careers. Thanks to years of steady growth, IT professionals tend to enjoy more job opportunities than the average professional. Those who are qualified can easily find advertised vacancies. In fact, there are 3 vacancies for every 1 qualified professional. The odds are most certainly in your favor. This means you can be more selective when deciding whether or not to accept a job offer. Gone are the days where you feel stuck at a certain business or company. IT offers upward mobility and a sense of freedom rarely enjoyed in other occupations. A whopping 32% of hiring managers say that IT candidates are declining more job offers than they were just 6 months ago. Because of the availability in the field, employers also have to be competitive by offering perks to entice employees to take a job. For you, this could result in benefits, extra vacation days, or even paid lunches. If you’re searching IT school near me, keep striving for the career you have in mind. There are endless opportunities to be had!

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IT Salaries Are Higher Than Ever

Everyone wants to feel like they’re earning what their worth, yet some companies have yet to reward employees for going above and beyond. You hear it all the time: underpaid teachers, underpaid labors and even underpaid retail associates pepper the job landscape. Yet, with IT this is simply not the case. Due to competition, employers have to be willing to pay a bit more in order to land top talent. Once you’ve found an IT school near me and earn a certificate or degree, you can expect to earn even more. That’s because IT degree holders are worth even more to employers than individuals who bear no college experience. Gaining experience in the field or at other jobs also qualifies you for a bump in pay. IT professionals can expect to climb the financial ladder faster than those in any other industry. Many positions will offer $50,000 or more for entry level candidates. Those with education and experience can expect even more for a starting rate. It is also not uncommon for those with a large range experience to pull in just under six figures. If you want a steady job that offers a higher than average wage without going into debt acquiring an education, IT is definitely for you.

IT Initiatives On The Rise

Here’s the great thing about IT- more and more companies are beginning to recognize just how valuable a solid IT team is to everyday operations. This means more business are leveraging the latest technologies and striving to find the best candidates possible. Technology is a staple in nearly every workplace. In this digital age, skilled professionals who know how to improve efficiency, mobility, connection, and communication amongst employees are an invaluable resource. Every year, bigger and better technologies are being introduced, which means businesses will have to continue to adopt new tech trends and employ those who know how to fix, troubleshoot, and even program these new technologies. According to statistics, some 64% of CIOs are confident that their businesses and firms will continue to invest in more IT projects in the future. As you search IT school near me, know that you’re about to start on a career that has true potential for years to come.

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