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For centuries, Greek cuisine has focused on offering fresh and local foods that are good for you. From amazing fresh desserts wrapped in filo dough to decadent lamb gyros- you can find anything to suit your taste at a yummy Greek restaurant.

Ready to find some Greek cuisine near you? Simply browse Greek restaurants near me on the map below and find a list of great Greek restaurants in your local area. Need a bit more information on Greek cuisine? How about insights into how the food is prepared? Read on for facts, tips, and insights into this amazing cuisine.

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What is filo dough?

Enter any Greek restaurant and you’re going to find a bevy dishes featuring filo dough. Filo dough isn’t the same as pie dough or pizza dough. But what is filo dough? Filo dough is an ultra-thin, flaky pastry. It is most comparable to what Americans consider “puff pastry.” It is a foundation of many favorite Greek recipes and classic desserts. If you’re searching Greek restaurants near me, you’ll find it in spanakopita (spinach pie) and baklava (a traditional sweet pastry with nuts). Other favorite Greek recipes using filo include seafood appetizers, “nest” style side dishes, and tarts.

greek restaurants near me

Blue and white is almost always the color theme of a Greek restaurant!

What kind of meat is used in Greek food?

Every country utilizes different meats in their cuisines. The meat that is most popular in a given ethnic cuisine is most often dependent on what is available in their local area. What kind of meat is typically used in Greek food? Without question, the favored meat served in Greek homes and in restaurants is lamb. Generally, the lamb is spit-roasted prior to being served. This can shock many Americans at first, as lamb isn’t necessarily a staple meat in most regions of the country. In Greece and in Greek restaurants, lamb is used in main dishes, casseroles, and vegetables. Other meats that can be found in Greek cuisine includes chicken, pork, beef, and fish. Any of these meats can be utilized in a traditional Greek souvlaki, which is a common wrap-style sandwich.

What kind of bread is served with Greek food?

Search Greek restaurants near me and you’re bound to find pita bread on the menu. Traditionally, pita bread is served with a majority of meals. Dips for pita bread include yogurt with cucumbers or olive oil and hummus. Pita also serves as the outer layer on wraps or Greek-style sandwiches including Gyros. A gyro typically includes lamb, tomatoes, onions, and yogurt dressing. Of course, you can substitute any kind of meat for lamb if that’s not your thing. Pita is even great on its own. Toast it up on a stove and you have a delicious snack that won’t bust your diet!

Greek Restaurants Near Me – Greek Restaurants Facts

Religious Greek Food

If it is the holiday season where you currently live, then you can count on some staples at a given Greek restaurant including Christmas and Easter. In Greek culture, Easter always begins on the first day of Lent. This is when people prepare themselves for the resurrection of Christ by cleansing their bodies. Food eaten during lent has to have the word “nistisima” after it. This indicates that the dish does not contain any of the restricted foods. Greek restaurants also boast traditional Easter bread, known as Tsoureki. This bread has a slightly sweet flavor and often has hard-boiled eggs woven into a decorative design. Greeks also make Easter cookies which are shared with friends, family, and visitors. On Easter Sunday, a traditional soup known as mayeritsa, which is made from lamb organs and other seasonings. At Christmas time, the Greek tradition often involves making cookies known as melomakarona (cookies topped with honey and walnuts) and kourabiethes (sugar cookies with almond). This is also a big time for desserts, cakes, and other kind of indulgent foods. As you search Greek restaurants near me consider ordering some of these seasonal favorites.

Lemons and Olives

When it comes to both Greek dishes and appetizers, olives and lemons play a crucial role in adding flavor and a traditional flair. Consider this as you search greek restaurants near me. Most Greek foods, including salads, call for olives, olive oil, and either lemon juice or lemon zest. Olive oil is also one of the most common ingredients in Greek cuisine. It is used in the preparation of nearly every dish, including as a dipping sauce. Lemon adds a dash of zesty flavor and a bit of kick, something Greek cuisine is traditionally known for. When you go to your next Greek meal notice the amount of olives used in every dish. Even if it’s just a dish of olives for the table. You’ll quickly see how culturally these items play a role in not only preparing Greek cuisine but in serving it up in a way that is authentic. Olive haters, have no fear! Not every Greek entree involves olives. Though you may be hard pressed to avoid olive oil!

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