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Since 1962, Walmart has been a one stop shopping destination for consumers craving a good a deal. With roll back prices, insatiable variety, and brands beloved by all; Walmart is as ubiquitous with American shopping as the dollar itself. Looking to find a Walmart or Walmart Supercenter near you?

Locate the closest Walmart to you by using the Walmart near me function on the map below and get to saving yourself some dough! When money goes farther, life is that much better. Founded by Sam Walton in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas, Walmart began with the noble idea of selling products at low prices in order to gain a higher volume of sales at a lower profit margin.

This simple yet, momentous idea helped Walmart to become the largest retailer on earth all while garnering a large customer support base. Consumer’s love Walmart for its low prices, unfussy digs, and overwhelming variety of products. The company has also focused on selling merchandise made in America in recent years, proving an economic tour de force in the states and abroad.

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Walmart Near Me – Walmart Trivia

True or False: Walmart has more employees than seven times the population of Iceland.

True! Walmart currently employs a staggering 2.1 million people, with a share of 1.4 million people working in the US alone. This is an amazing 1% of the U.S’s 140 million working population. With an overwhelming 6,300 locations in the US alone, finding a Walmart location using the Walmart near me function shouldn’t be difficult at all! In fact, nearly every American town now boasts a Walmart or a Walmart subsidiary such as Sam’s Club.

How much money does Walmart earn in sales each year?

In your quest to find a Walmart near me, you might be wondering just how much this big box store rakes in per year. If you’re thinking: “A lot!” You’re 100% right. This retail giant typically earns over $400 billion dollars per year, that’s $7 billion more than the GDP of Norway. If Walmart were a country instead of a one stop shop, it’d be the 25th largest economy in the world.

Not bad for what was once just a simple unassuming storefront in Arkansas. Of course, this figure changes yearly, fluctuating up and down depending on the market/retail trends. However, don’t count on Walmart’s sales dropping any time soon. This juggernaut has been on an upswing for years. If trends reveal anything, it’s that bargain shopping will always be a hit.

walmart near me

Walmart associates take part in daily team meetings to boost morale, set goals, and make sure the store is kept flowing as seamlessly as possible. Without Walmart’s enormous workforce, the store would be defunct.

Which item does Walmart sell the most of?

With over 142,000 different items gracing its aisles, you might wonder what item Walmart sells the most of? Well if you were thinking milk or eggs you’re close, but not quite right. The surprising answer? Bananas! While there is no shortage of options at Walmart, most consumers hit this store for pantry staples at rock bottom prices.

By searching Walmart near me, you too could be on your way to saving money and living better with this retail giant’s amazing prices. Of course, why stop at just bananas when you can get a cart full for a few dollars at this retail haven. Browse the Walmart near me map below and discover if you can join in on the Walmart fun.

Walmart Near Me – Walmart Facts

Five Facts About Walmart That Might Just Might Surprise you:

The world of Walmart and its practices might seem pretty cut and dry, but like most things, not everything about Walmart is what meets the eye. While locating a “Walmart near me” check out these five little known facts about this retail giant.

1.Walmart currently occupies more than 900 square miles of retail space.

You read that correctly, Walmart occupies 900 square miles of space in this world. If one were to take that 900 million square feet of retail space and spread it out evenly over one place, it would take up over 34 miles. That’s 1.5 times the size of Manhattan. Even the big apple can’t take a bite out of Walmart’s spread. Interestingly enough, there is not a single Walmart on the island of Manhattan, though it’s citizens are lobbying to change that fact.

2. 90% of Americans live within 15 miles of a Walmart.

With these odds, it’s easy to see how Walmart occupies such a vast corner of the retail market. Granting access to nearly every American not only means killer sales, it means finding a Walmart in your neighborhood is as easy as making a left at the stoplight. Many American’s have even cited that they will often drive out of their way to hit a Walmart store rather than shopping closer to home.

3. Walmart has its own meat Czar.

Yes, you read that correctly. As Walmart continues its push into offering low prices on meats and produce, it has created two new positions in its senior ranks that specifically focus on those two areas. This includes executive Scott Neal, who is Walmart’s resident meat strategist. There really is a job for everyone!

4. Walmart has fully embraced solar energy.

In an effort to save money and the environment, Walmart has turned to solar energy to power its large stores. While this might come as a surprise, Walmart is actually the top solar customer in the country having installed over 260 solar projects on store rooftops and other places. Over the next four years, Walmart has another 400 projects planned in conserving energy and moving away from their traditional electricity models.

5. 37 million people shop at Walmart everyday.

You’re not the only one searching Walmart near me. In fact, everyday Walmart caters to an astounding 37 million customers. That’s more than the entire population of Canada!

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