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If you’re looking to relax and unwind, a lake can be the perfect backdrop to your day. Water has been proven to soothe the senses and help calm nervous minds. Not only can sitting out by a lake be relaxing, but swimming, water sports, boating, and fishing are all great reasons to get outside and enjoy the world around you!

Are you interested in finding a lake near your current location? Simply browse lake near me on the map below and find a list of lakes in your area. Looking for a bit more information on lakes and recreational activities? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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Lake Near Me – Lake Trivia

How many lakes are all around the globe?

Lakes are a prominent water feature in most major countries on earth, but not every lake is the same in size. Just how many lakes are located all around the globe? Consider this as you search lake near me. According to geologists, there are some 117 million lakes on earth. Lakes actually cover around 3.7% of the earth’s total continental land surface. This figure does not include Antarctica, Greenland, or the Caspian sea. More than 90 million of the lakes located on earth are actually less than two football fields in size. Which means that most lakes you encounter will only be .5 to 2.5 acres in overall size.

lake near me

A lake can truly be an amazing sight to behold!

Which is the biggest of the Great Lakes?

The Great Lakes are probably the most prominent system of lakes in the world, they are also some of the largest in the US and abroad. Ever wondered which of the Great Lakes is the biggest in size? Consider this as you search lake near me. Out of all the Great Lakes, the Lake Superior is by far the biggest and the deepest. This lake straddles the US Canada border and touches Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Lake Superior includes 31,700 square miles of surface water and is 350 miles wide, 160 miles long. It also includes 2,726 miles of shoreline.

How did lakes originate?

If you’re searching lake near me, you may be wondering just how lakes actually came to be on earth. Most lakes on earth were actually formed as a result of glacier activity. The Earth’s glacial ice formed and initially extended into what is now Canada, the northernmost portion of the United States, and northern Europe. As the heavy ice was pushed along the landscape, it created crevices by digging out top soil and then carving into the bedrock. Scientists believe that glacial growth actually peaked around 20,000 years ago, after which time the ice slowly began to melt down. As temperatures rose and the ice melted, glaciers retreated. Though the glaciers were long gone, the basins formed by the glaciers were left behind and ended up being filled with the water that was left from the melting ice.

Lake Near Me – Lake Facts

Lake Threats

Like every ecosystem on earth, lakes can easily be threatened by weather, human activity, and other kinds of disturbances. What is actually the biggest threat to lakes in the modern day? Consider this as you search lake near me. It might not come as a surprise but pollution is the major threat to the life of a lake. When pollution is prominent, acid is rain is formed through the sulfates and nitrates that are emitted from industries such as coal. Automobile exhaust pipes can also contribute to air pollution. These chemicals then effectively combine with the moisture and the sunlight in the atmosphere to form sulfuric and nitric acids that then enter lakes through rain and other precipitation. Acid rain is known to be some 10 times more acidic than normal rain, which can lead to excess acidity levels in freshwater lakes. When water is too acidic, life forms that inhabit the lake can gradually die or be effected in other ways such as birth defects. Other chemical pollutants that can run off into lakes include fertilizers and pesticides. These most commonly enter into freshwater bodies through soil run off. Pesticides are extremely toxic to fish and can cause major issues within the fragile lake ecosystem. If you want to try and help keep pollutants down, always try to buy non-toxic detergents, dishwash, and soaps. Only use non-toxic or organic pesticides on plants outdoors and aim to buy a vehicle that is rated as giving off zero or little in the way of emissions.

The Largest Enclosed Body Of Water On Earth

Ever wondered what the largest enclosed body of water on earth is? You’re about to find out! As you search lake near me, consider how the Caspian sea takes the cake when it comes to inland lakes. In sheer terms of size, the Caspian Sea is unquestionably the largest enclosed inland body of water on Earth by area. It is also classed as the world’s largest lake or even a full fledged sea. It is bordered on the Northeast by Kazakhstan and on the Southeast by Turkmenistan.

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