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As one of the largest auto parts companies in the united States, the National Auto Parts Association (NAPA) is known for selling high quality and mechanic recommended parts at prices any DIY mechanic can afford.

Are you interested in finding a Napa store near you? You’ve come to the right place? Simply browse Napa near me on the map below and find a list of Napa stores located within a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on Napa stores? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and so much more! You might just learn something new!

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Napa Near Me – Napa Trivia

When was NAPA first founded?

Like so many auto parts businesses, NAPA is deeply entwined with the Genuine Auto Parts Company, which was founded by Carlyle Fraser back in 1928. At this time, Fraser bought a small auto parts store in Atlanta. The store had a measly six employees and a capital of just $40,000 when he acquired it. Quickly, sales grew to %75,000 after the first year, though the store ended up losing about $2,500 as the year came to a close. Since independent garages for car repair were suddenly spreading like wildfire, Genuine found a solid market for it’s auto parts store. Genuine quickly snapped up parts from famed manufacturers such as Tenneco and then sold them off to parts stores, also known as jobbing houses. These jobbing houses then took on the task of selling the parts to independent garages. Genuine was known for its swift and reliable service, which helped the fledgling brand to garner respect and a solid reputation in the auto parts game. The firm also used its relationship with NAPA, the trade association that was cofounded by Fraser in 1925 to set standards and sell parts to jobbers with some degree of stability. As you search Napa near me, consider just how long and steadfast this business has been in growing the auto parts sector for nearly 100 years.

napa near me

Napa is known for offering a wide selection of specialty auto parts.

True or false: Napa and Genuine business was actually helped by the Great Depression.

True! Consider this as you search Napa near me. While many businesses fell on hard times and were forced to shutter their doors during the Great Depression, Napa and Genuine actually experienced an increase in business. Given that many people could not afford to buy new cars due to the poor job market, families were forced to hold onto aging automobiles. This forced them to buy replacement parts in order to repair the vehicles when they broke down. In 1936, around $2 was spent on parts for the average one year old car. A three year old car required $10 or more in parts. The older the cars were, the more money NAPA was bound to make. During the 1930s, sales at the company quickly skyrocketed from $339,000 to $3.18 million. While it wasn’t the brands intention to make money off of the misfortune of others, that’s simply the way the cookie crumbled.

Napa Near Me – Napa Facts

The 1982 Recession

Though Genuine managed to weather the storm that was the Great Depression, the band ultimately fell on some hard times during the 1982 recession in the United States under President Reagan. At this time, NAPA became an increasingly important part of Ginuwine’s entire business model. Consider these facts as you search NAPA near me. Back in the 1980s, Napa’s 72 distribution centers sold parts to some 5,300 NAPA jobbers, who then went on to sell those parts to local mechanics. Since Genuine owned 55 of the distribution centers, and 350 of the 5,200 jobbing sites, Genuine grabbed a whopping 85 percent of all of Napa’s sales. This accounted for around 5 percent of the nationwide market for auto replacement parts. In fact, around 85 percent of Genuine’s 100,000 auto and truck parts bore the Napa brand name on the back. To help boost sales and bolster interest in a lagging economy, Genuine decided to use its Napa connection to give itself greater leverage over the 5,200 Napa jobbers. If a jobber began buying less than 85 percent of its parts from genuine, the firmt might open another Napa shop in the same area. If jobbers maintained a healthy relationship with Genuine, they would find little in the way of direct competition but would maintain excellent service. At this time, Genuine began to deliver parts overnight to most of its customer base. Thus enabling them to keep their inventories well stocked and their costs super low. Because of these few tactical tricks, Genuine refurbished its image in the mid 1980s and raised a greater awareness of the Napa brand name. Stores were redesigned and a greater push was made to make Napa the nation’s premiere auto parts store.

Napa Locations

If you’re searching Napa near me, you won’t find any shortage of locations to choose from. According to some estimates, Napa now boasts 58 distribution centers, 16,000 Napa AutoCare Centers and more than 6,000 independently owned and operated stores. Napa also now carries an incredibly extensive inventory of more than 475,000 unique auto parts.

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