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A tire shop is a store that sells car tires. A store may also sell wheels for cars. Typically the store will offer installation, where the staff will fit the new tires to the customers’ cars as an extra service. Some tire shops may be general purpose auto stores, and sell car accessories too, whereas others only sell tires. Car tires can vary according to diameter, width, tread thickness, and other parameters.

Customers will often buy four tires when only one is faulty, so as to ensure that all of the tires have equal wear on them. Because of this, tire stores will often have deals if the customer purchases four tires or wheels. You can find your nearest tire shop simply by searching for “tire shop near me”.

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How old is the tire?

The wheel dates back thousands of years, and was in fact not originally used for transportation. It is believed that the earliest wheels appeared approximately six thousand years ago, and were used in pottery. A few hundred years after, the wheel was used in early vehicles. This occurred at the same time that horses were first domesticated, and so the first vehicles were primitive horse-drawn chariots. The earliest tires were made from leather bands placed on wooden wagon and cart wheels. Later iron and steel were used in place of leather. The metal ring helped to hold the wooden wheel together, and also provided a wear-resistant surface. The word ‘tire’ is believed to come from how the metal and wood were ‘tied’ together. An alternative history of the word is from ‘attire’, because the tires were the wheels’ ‘clothes’.

tire shop near me

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Who invented the first rubber tire?

The first air-filled tire was created by Scottish inventor Robert William Thomson. His tire was a simple hollow belt of natural rubber, filled with air and then enclosed in leather to form a strong outer casing. The tires were fitted to several horse carriages in Regent’s Park in London in 1847, as a demonstration. The air cushion greatly improved comfort, and reduced noise. Thomson’s tire never went into commercial production, and the tire was later re-invented in 1888 by Scottish-born veterinarian John Boyd Dunlop. Dunlop created the tire for his ten year old son to use on his tricycle. Later Dunlop and others created a company known as Pneumatic Tyre, which later became the world-famous Dunlop company.

What are vulcanized tires?

Charles Goodyear, an American chemist and engineer, developed the technique for vulcanizing rubber. Vulcanizing rubber improves the strength and durability of rubber, by adding sulfur or other materials to it. Natural rubber is considerably weaker than vulcanized rubber, and so vulcanized is the preferred choice for tires. The Goodyear Tire company was not in fact created by Goodyear himself, but was simply named for him.

What do tire shops sell?

As the name suggests, tire shops sell tires; however they may also carry other sorts of products. Some stores offer tires for trucks, as well. There are also various types of tires, for example those suited to all-terrain vehicles have a different sort of tread to regular tires. As mentioned, some tire stores will fit the tires for the customer. Others may sell equipment such as tire puncture repair kits, and may offer expert advice as to the sorts of tires suitable for a customer’s vehicle.

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The Michelin Stars, given out to restaurants that are deemed to have excellent food and service, were created by the Michelin Tyre Company. Brothers André and Édouard Michelin started their tire company in 1888 in France. At that time there were only about three thousand cars in all of France. The brothers decided to promote tourism by car by reviewing restaurants and later hotels, thus encouraging more people to become car users, who would in turn need more tires!

The largest tire in the world can be found near the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, in Michigan. It was created by the Uniroyal tire company for the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair. At the time, the wheel served as a giant Ferris wheel, as well as an advertisement for the company. The wheel is 80 feet tall and weighs 12 tonnes! In 1998, Uniroyal created the world’s largest nail, which was 11 feet long and weighed 250 pounds, and stabbed the giant tire so as to demonstrate its resistance to punctures.

Some people have come up with creative ways to re-use and recycle old tires. In some places, the rubber old tires is mixed into asphalt and used to make new roads. Some people use tires to create flower beds for their gardens. The rubber can also be used to create turf for sport fields, and sometimes is even used in the construction of buildings!

The world’s largest manufacturer of tires is not Michelin or Uniroyal, or Goodyear or Dunlop, but Lego! The Lego Group made over 380 million tires in 2011, which is more than twice as many as any other tire company.

The Michelin company is experimenting with airless tires, which they call Tweels. The main advantage of their design is that the tire can never be punctured or lose pressure. The Tweel consists of a solid rubber ring connected to the wheel hub by a series of energy absorbing plastic spokes.

The first tires that drivers could change themselves appeared in 1904. Prior to this, the rubber tires were fixed to the wheels, and could not be easily removed.

An average car tire will travel about twenty thousand miles in its lifetime. The Earth’s circumference is about twenty-five thousand miles, meaning you could drive almost the whole way around the Earth on one set of tires!

However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the US recommends that tires be checked for pressure at least once a month, and offer a simple method to check the treads. Simply turn a penny so that Abraham Lincoln’s head is pointing down, and insert the coin into the tread. If the tread does not cover Lincoln’s head, then the NHTSA say that it is time to replace the tire.

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