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Hitting your mileage limit and need an oil change? Has your oil light gone off? Maybe you just are really careful and like to baby your ride. No matter the reason, if you need your oil and/or fluids changed, Jiffy Lube is here to help you out. Just check out the Jiffy Lube Near Me Map below. It will show you all of the Jiffy Lube locations in your area.

Just click on a location and it will show you the phone number and address for each of the location. It will also show you their hour’s of operation and reviews from past customers. You will also find a link to the company website and with a few clicks, you will be able to get directions to the location of your choice.

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Jiffy Lube Hours of Operation

Jiffy Lube locations maintain a pretty regular set of hours between locations. During the weekdays, you will almost always find them opening at 8am and closing at 7pm. There are some locations that will open as early as 7:30am and close as late as 7:30pm. On the weekends, however, you will find a small variation in their hours of operation. They may open as early as 7:00am or as late 8am and close between 5 and 7pm on Saturdays. On Sundays, you will find openings as early as 8am and as late as 10am and closing between 3 and 5pm.

jiffy lube near me

Jiffy Lube was the first company to offer drive through oil changes.


Jiffy Lube offers a wide range of general vehicle services for both individual cars as well as fleet services for companies that have a number of vehicles. The most common services that they perform involve oil and fluid changes, and inspections on the rest of the car. In addition to these services, you will find services offered for a large number of options from engine diagnostics, tire changes and alignments, battery maintenance and replacement and even small things like windshield wiper changing.

What type of oil should I use?

When you get your oil changed, you will find 3 basic types. Conventional (Non-synthetic Oil), Semi-synthetic oil and fully synthetic oil. Conventional oil is the regular oil that you find made from petroleum products, while synthetic is a fully man made product derived from various chemicals. Semi-synthetic is of course a mixture of the conventional and synthetic oil.

There are a balance of pros and cons for each kind of oil, but we will just focus on conventional and synthetic. Conventional oil is made from petroleum, which can be harmful to the environment; however, it can be recycled, which means that some to most of the oil can be reclaimed and used again, decreasing its impact on the environment. Synthetic oil is also made from chemicals that can cause harm to the environment as well.

As far as cost goes, synthetic oil can cost upwards of twice the cost of a conventional oil change, which can hurt your pocket book if you can’t invest the money into it. In the long run though, it may actually save you money.
Efficiency is where synthetic oil wins. Synthetic oil gives you two to three times the distance that conventional oil will give you before needing a change. This is due to the fact that it can run in higher temperatures and generally perform overall. You may get 10, 15 or even 20,000 miles per oil change depending on the type of synthetic oil. You will also find that well maintained synthetic oil will also improve the performance of the vehicle, giving you an increased horsepower and mileage.

So, after you have found your Jiffy Lube location when searching Jiffy Lube Near Me, you will have to decide which type of oil is best for your car.

Jiffy Lube Near Me – Jiffy Lube Facts

A History of Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube has been around for a while, but is nearer than other automobile service companies like Pep Boys. There is some controversy about when the first Jiffy Lube location was started. In 1971, the first location known as Jiffy Lube was started in Ogden, Utah by Edwin H. Washburn. Washburn showed early success and started to franchise locations around Utah.

The second start to the company was in 1979, when W. James Hindman purchased all seven location from Washburn and his franchisees. Hindman started Jiffy Lube International and moved the company to Baltimore, Maryland.
What made Jiffy Lube unique and successful was its use of the drive through service for oil changes. At this point, the idea of drive through servicing for cars generally wasn’t done. Either you parked the car and got out, slowing you down, or you were part of the new do it yourself craze, which aimed at reducing the costs of the service. This new approach proved successful and the company continued to grow.

In 1987, Jiffy Lube went public and by 1989, the company had expanded to over 1,000 locations. In 1991, Jiffy Lube became a subsidiary of Pennzoil and continued to expand. In 1998, when Pennzoil and Quaker State merged, Jiffy Lube had exceeded 1,500 locations.

The final acquisition of Jiffy Lube happened in 2002, when it was purchased by Shell Oil. This is the current state of the company.

Jiffy Lube Fast Facts

1. Jiffy Lube is everywhere. They have over 2,000 locations in both the United States and Canada. There are only 135 locations in Canada, but if you are in the United States you are bound to find something if you search Jiffy Lube Near Me.

2. They service a lot of cars. Combined, each service company services over 24 million vehicles each year.

3. Jiffy Lube changed the oil change industry. They were the first to offer the drive through oil change and they were also the first to offer the window stickers to remind drivers about when they need to get an oil change.

4. Jiffy Lube does its best to be environmentally conscientious. They collect more oil than any other company and re-purpose it for other uses.

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