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Movie theatres can prove an endless source of entertainment. Whether you’re looking to catch a matinee, go on a date, or simply take in a flick, a trip to the movie theatre is often a guaranteed and often inexpensive way to have fun.

Are you interested in finding a movie theatre in your area? Simply browse theatres near me on the map below and find a list of movie theatres in your area. Need a bit more information on movie theatres? Read on for facts, trivia, and more information on movie theatres in the US!

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Where was the first movie theatre located?

It’s hard to imagine life without a movie theatre, but up until 1905, these venues for viewing movies were a simple figment of the imagination. The first theatre in the world exclusively devoted to showing motion pictures was the Nickelodeon, which opened in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 19, 1095. The theatre was the brainchild of Harry Davis and John P. Harris. They movied 96 seats into an empty store on 433-435 Smithfield St, and transformed the venue into the world’s first movie theatre. The name was based upon the cost of admission into a theater (just one nickel) and the Greek word for theatre (odeon). Among being the first theatre ever, the venue was also the first to show films all day long. Patrons couldn’t get enough of the theatre atmosphere and the ability to take in a movie at any time of the day or evening was a true luxury. The first films shown at the theatre were “Poor But Honest” and “The Baffled Burglar.” Soon enough, theatres began popping up all over America. All of them charging just one nickel. Consider this history while searching movie theatre near me!

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A trip to the theatre is always a good time!

Why are movie concessions so overpriced?

Everyone knows that quite often the most expensive part of a trip to the movies is the concessions. Surely if you’re searching theatres near me you’re more than privy to the rising costs at the concession counter. But just why are movie concessions so overpriced? Insiders cite that for the first month or two of a movie screening, money from ticket sales goes to movie studios and not the theatre itself. Theaters rely on concession stands in order to make money, this is why concessions are often so overpriced. Even though snacks such as popcorn costs almost nothing to make, theatres raise prices to offset screening costs and the costs of paying full time employees, especially when they’re not making money off of the films themselves for the first few months. In the same vein, keep in mind that those combination deals offered at the theatre may seem like a bargain, but they often don’t save you any money. Combination deals are used to create the illusion that you’re getting more bang for your buck. In most cases, you would pay the same price if you just purchased the items separately.

Theatres Near Me – Theatres Facts

Strange Facts

The film industry is a strange and wild place. If you’re searching theatres near me, then you know that movies, theatres, and the studios that produce them are often run in very specific ways, many of which you may be surprised to learn. Read on for five movie and theatre facts that will likely blow your mind!

1. The budget for the movie Titanic reportedly cost more than than the Titanic itself. Who would’ve thought a film could cost so much?

2. Movie theatre workers admit that they often do sweep food and popcorn under the seats when “cleaning” up. There is often so little time between showings that workers rarely have the time to actually clean the theatre.

3. Movie theatre popcorn costs more per ounce than than filet mignon in the United States. We’d say that’s quite the markup!

4. Nigeria makes more films every year than the US. Did you know that they had such a robust film industry?

5. The 1976 film “Rocky” was shot in just 28 days. On average movies can take several months.

6. The movie industry originally moved from New York to Los Angeles in order to escape Thomas Edison’s crazy patents.

Best Time to Catch a Flick

You may be tempted to go to the theatre at night, but experts agree that the best time to catch a film is in the afternoon. Not only will catching a film in the afternoon save you money (any movie before 4 PM is considered matinee and is shown at a discounted rate), but many theatres also offer discounts on concessions at this time. Not to mention, you’ll pretty much have the theater to yourself. An afternoon flick means big savings and the opportunity to stretch out and enjoy the show with a bit more elbow room than if you go on a Friday or Saturday night. If you’re interested in saving even more money, call the theater and ask about ticket discounts. Matinees, senior discounts, and student discounts can help you to shave a few bucks off of the price of admission. If you’re searching theatres near me, consider just how much you want to save!

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