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Doughnuts have become a staple of American diets. From a quick snack to a breakfast treat, few pastries have served to inspire the enthusiasm and fanfare as the classic American doughnut. Whether you’re looking for a chocolate frosted concoction or a rich Boston creme, there’s no shortage of flavors or doughnut types to choose from.

Are you interested in finding doughnuts near you? You’ve come to the right place! Simply browse doughnuts near me on the map below and find a list of doughnut shops located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on doughnuts? Read on for tasty facts, delicious trivia, and so much more!

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Doughnuts Near Me – Doughnuts Trivia

How many doughnuts are made in the US every year?

It’s no surprise that Americans love their doughnuts. From chain varieties such as Dunkin’ Donuts to homemade concoctions from mom and pop shops, there’s no shortage of doughnut shops and varieties to choose from. Ever wondered just how many doughnuts are made in the United States every year? Consider this as you search doughnuts near me. According to some estimates, America produces more than 10 billion doughnuts each and every year. The industry is bigger and more popular than ever. Not only are doughnut shops popping up everyday, but new takes on old traditions are starting to emerge in cities such as New York, Portland, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Though the US may make 10 billion doughnuts per year, Canada boasts the highest number of doughnut shops per capita. Even though our friends in the Great White North only produce about one billion doughnuts annually, the doughnut might be even more popular in Canada than it is in the states.

doughnuts near me

Doughnuts are one of America’s favorite treats!

True or false: A popular Oregon doughnut shop once offered medicinal doughnuts.

Odds are if you’re searching doughnuts near me, you’re craving something sweet, like a chocolate frosted doughnut or a classic glazed doughnut. Though many shops have attempted to produce some pretty zany doughnut flavors, none hold a candle to the crazy doughnut offerings at Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, Oregon. This hip city shop is famous for it’s often weird doughnut offerings, including NyQuil and Pepto Bismol coated doughnuts. According to doughnut fans, the Pepto Bismol doughnut was dipped in Pepto, sprinkled with tums, and marketed to customers who were hungover and seeking a snack that was easy on the stomach. The NyQuil doughnut was clearly designed for those in need of a little shut eye. Despite the fact that many adventurous eaters tried these doughnut flavors, they eventually were forced to retire these medicinal flavors after the FDA stepped in and had their say. Would you eat a medicinal doughnut?

Doughnuts Near Me – Doughnuts Facts

Who Invented the Doughnut Hole?

When it comes to doughnuts, the stand out feature has and always will be that iconic hole pressed into the middle. What exactly is the origin of the doughnut hole? Consider these facts as you search doughnuts near me. According to historians, it is a New England ship captain who claims to have first put the whole in the doughnut. Elizabeth Gregory, who was the mother of said ship captain Hanson gregory, used to relish in making fried pastries for her son and his crew. Voyages were long and tokens from home were few. She made it a point to always pack her iconic doughnut like pastries. Elizabeth packed the pastries with nuts and flavored them with cinnamon and nutmeg. Her son and his crew members loved the doughnuts, but found them difficult to hold while fulfilling their duties on board. Thus, with a stroke of genius, Captain Hanson put a hole in the middle. He claimed to have invented the doughnut hole, proclaiming it to be the very first doughnut hole to be seen by mortal eyes.

National Doughnut Day

Need a good reason to eat a doughnut? You may want to hold off searching doughnuts near me until the first Friday of June. This is considered National Doughnut Day in the United States. Not only will you find celebrations far and wide, but you’ll find many doughnut shops offering up free doughnuts and treats to celebrate the national day of doughnuts. The holiday itself was first established in 1938 as a way to celebrate the Salvation Army Workers (also known as Doughnut Girls) who supplied free doughnuts to American troops during World War I. The doughnuts served as a major pick me up for the war torn boys who had few reminders of home. The doughnuts were both comforting and delicious and the girls who handed them out were considered selfless and heroic in their actions. Need another day of doughnut joy? If you happen to miss or forget National Doughnut Day, you can always get in your celebrating during National Doughnut Appreciation day, which falls on November 5th.

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