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When you have an incredibly busy life, you can’t help but feel totally stressed. The best way to fix that is by heading to a spa! There’s so much there that can help relax you and pamper you as much as you desire. With all the health and beauty treatments they offer, it’s no surprise that they’re so popular, especially in Europe.

They may not be as popular in North America yet but they’ll catch on. If you’re in the mood to head to the spa and try it out or just check to see what’s around you, just search spas near me to find the closest location.

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Which type of spa happens to be the most popular?

The type of spa that happens to be popular is day spas! They comprise about seventy-nine percent of establishments, resort/hotel spas comprise nine percent and medical spas comprise 8.7%. Some other type of spas include Club, Mineral Springs and Destination spas. The area with the largest portion of spas is the Northeast with 25% of spas while the Southwest holds about 23% of spas. The majority of all these spas happen to be single location operations.
How many treatment rooms do spas have?
When you look at an average spa, they happen to have about 7.5 treatment rooms. Besides the treatment rooms, all spas also contain a retail space and 54% of them contain a relaxation area. Because they happen to be a service station, 70% of spas happen to have a manicure and pedicure station. So it’s not just a massage you can get at a spa but a whole variety of different things for you to try out either alone or with your friends.

spa near me

Heading to the spa is best for a day of relaxation

How many client visits do spas usually get?

Just in 2010, spas received about 150 million client visits but they weren’t all after a massage! While massages happen to the number one treatment received by spa-goers, skin care services are also available at spa locations. It’s been showed that skin care services were the most offered type of service with about 94% of spas offering them. The other popular types of services that were offered by 88% of spa facilities were body services, salon services and complimentary or alternative therapies. The main four treatments actually account for about 79% of total spa revenue. The top four if you were forgot were massage and bodywork, skin care treatments, hair and nails and there was an average of 8,704 treatments and services per spa. So that means that those treatments are the most popular compared to everything else the spa may offer as a package to the customer. If you’re interested in checking out a spa near you, just search spa near me to find the nearest location.

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If you’re worried that your visit to the spa may be too expensive, don’t worry! Most spas offer a wide variety of packages to help customize the treatment experience. About six in ten spas offer packages to wedding parties while about forty-seven percent have experiences for couples. Forty-five percent have packages specifically for men and pregnancy programs. Thirty percent of spas also offer a package just for teens.
The name spa is actually derived from the name of the of Spa, Belgium. The word spa itself denotes “fountain” and some experts suggest that the word spa originated from the Belgian town of Spa as suggested, where a curative natural spring was discovered in the 14th century.

Spas have been around since taking baths was considered a popular means to treat illnesses. The idea of people travelling to a hot or cold springs in hopes of curing an ailment actually dates back to pre-historic times. Many people around the world believed that bathing in a particular spring, well or river would result in physical or spiritual purification.

The first truly popular spa was Saratoga Springs which by 1815 had two large, four-story Greek revival hotel. It was quite popular and grew quickly and by 1821, it had at least five hundred rooms for accommodations. It soon became the country’s most popular tourist destination and was serving both the country’s elite and more middle-class audience.

By the late 1930s, there was more than 2,000 hot or cold springs health resorts that were operating in the United States but that number has greatly diminished since the 1950s and has decline in the following two decades. The public bathing industry in the U.S. remained stagnant but it’s always been quite popular in Europe. If you’re interested in heading to a spa to check it out or relax, just search spa near me to find the nearest location.
There happens to be quite a few different types of spas. There is the Ayurvedic spa which is where all treatments and products are natural and is often used as alternative medicine, the club spa which is a facility whose primary purpose is fitness or pool, there is a day spa where there offer a variety of professionally administered spa services to clients on a day-use basis and a dental spa where it’s a facility under the supervision of a licensed dentist that combines traditional dental treatment with the services of a spa. There’s quite a few other types but these are a few of the popular ones.

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