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Looking for a good scare? There are thousands of haunted places all across the USA. From well set up haunted houses to legitimately haunted homes and graveyards buzzing with activity from beyond. If it is a taste of the dark side you want, start searching haunted places near you.

If you dare, go ahead and browse haunted places near me on the map below. You’ll find a comprehensive list of haunted houses and haunted places in your local area. Need a bit more information on some of the most haunted places in America? Read on for the scary truth!

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What is the most haunted place in America?

America is full of haunted places and thrilling scares. With so much history to sort through- naming the most haunted place in America wasn’t an easy choice. Of course, expert paranormal researchers have often cited one location as the site of more ghastly ghost activities than any other. What is the most haunted place in America? Keep reading if you dare while searching haunted places near me. According to paranormal investigators, the LaLaurie Mansion in Louisiana is arguably one of the most haunted places in America.

Back in the 19th century, Madame Marie Delphine LaLaurie was a well known Louisiana socialite was best known for hosting elaborate and decadent soirees in her over the top mansion in New Orleans. Guests were treated to the best food and delicious champagne. With all of that excess, they were blissfully unaware of the horrors that were unfolding just two floors above.

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The Sweetwater Mansion is a notoriously scary haunted house.

While responding to a kitchen fire in 1834, police discovered the bodies of several extremely mutilated slaves in the attack of the mansion. It wasn’t long before the public learned of LaLaurie’s sinister secret and stormed the house. The mob of angry townspeople forced the wealthy wicked woman to flee to France.

Soon after LaLaurie disappeared, the hauntings began. People claimed to hear the phantom shrieks of victims spilling from the house at all hours of the night. Paranormal investigators have also cited extraordinary activity in the house, including shadow forms and even a bit of contact.

What is the best haunted hotel?

Looking for a scare that lasts well after dark? You may want to search haunted places near me to find a great haunted hotel. While on your quest for spooky hauntings consider a stay at one of the most famous haunted hotels in the world- The Stanley Hotel in Colorado. This haunted spot was first made famous when it became the real-life inspiration for Stephen King’s mega-bestselling horror novel “The Shining.” The Stanley offers amazing ghost tours and guests can even visit a creepy underground tunnel located beneath the hotel. The hotel’s original owner is known to haunt the hotel and can often be spotted in formal attire, descending the main staircase. Occasionally, the piano in the lobby will even play itself!

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How To Tell If A Place Is Haunted

Need to know if you’re really staying in a haunted place? Experts agree, there are a few key ways to determine whether or not a place is truly haunted. While seeking haunted places near me, consider these tell-tale signs of a haunting.
One thing nearly every victim of a haunting sites is the presence of unexplained shadows. Fleeting shapes and shadows seen out of the corner of the eye are not just your eyes playing tricks on you. In fact, sometimes those shadows may even seem to take vague human forms. Other times, they may seem smaller or come about as orbs, similar to balls of light. If you often see these things in your home, you may have a paranormal presence.

Another tell tale sign of a haunting that people often ignore is strange animal behavior. Often times, we rely on our dogs or cats to behave in a certain way. However, when a pet starts behaving strangely, there may be a sinister reason. If your dog barks at something unseen or cowers without apparent reason they might sense something that you cannot. Sometimes, a pet will even refuse to enter a room as they normally do. If you have a cat, they may appear to be “watching” something well across the room. Many times, you cannot even detect or discern what they are looking at. Unlike humans, animals have extraordinary sharp senses. Some researchers even believe they have finely tuned psychic abilities.

Lastly, do you ever feel like you’re being watched? Many of us feel as if we’re not alone in a room from time to time or as if someone is breathing over our shoulder. It is not uncommon, but from time to time, the source may be paranormal. If the feeling constantly happens when you’re in a particular part of the house or at a certain time of day, researchers believe that it may be due to a paranormal presence rather than simple psychological trick in your mind.
While searching haunted places near me, make sure your own place or the places around you aren’t haunted first! You might save yourself a trip to the local haunted house or paranormal phenomenon.

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