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Alternative medicine, also known as holistic medicine, is a more natural approach to healing and relief from pain. Instead of using medications or prescriptions to combat ailments, an alternative medicine practitioner relies on holistic methodology. Everything from essential oils and acupuncture to massage and reflexology are all utilized to ease pain and create a greater sense of well being for patients.

Looking for a more natural approach to your healing? Simply browse alternative medicine practitioner near me on the map below and find a list of alternative medicine healers in your local area. Need a bit more information on alternative medicine? Keep reading for interesting facts, trivia, and insights on this ancient form of healing.

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Alternative Medicine Practitioner Near Me – Alternative Medicine Practitioner Trivia

What does alternative medicine focus on?

Modern medicine focuses on treating one problem or symptom. An achy back can be relieved with a dose of ibuprofen or aspirin. Though the problem is far from fixed. Holistic medicine on the other hand focused on “whole body” medicine. That means the “whole person” is taken into account. Mind, body, spirit and emotions are all addressed. Thus, a total quest for optimal health is embarked upon.

Alternative medicine practices know that a person is not just one symptom or ailment. This means that by addressing the whole body, total wellness is achieved, rather than just symptomatic relief. Alternative medicine practitioners know that the whole person is made up of independent parts. If one part is not working, all the other parts will cease to work properly as well. In this way, imbalances in either the physical, emotional, or spiritual realms can negatively impact one’s overall health.

alternative medicine practitioner  near me

Alternative medicine practitioners focus on whole health, not just solving one issue. Oils are commonly used in treatment.

While searching alternative medicine practitioner near me, consider what alternative medicine actually focuses on.

True or false: Alternative medicine practitioners don’t utilize medicine at all.

This is a common misconception when it comes to holistic or alternative medicine. While these practitioners do not rely on medicine and tend to avoid it if possible, they are not against medicine in certain circumstances. An alternative medicine practitioner uses all forms of health care to treat patients. Conventional medicine, alternative therapies, and everything in between can be used to achieve treatment goals. For example, if you walk into a holistic doctor suffering from migraines, you won’t walk out solely with a bag of medications.

Instead, the doctor will look into what is likely the cause of your headaches. Other health problems, diet, sleep, stress, and personal issues may all be considered when crafting a treatment plan. Though drugs may be given to help provide temporary relief from symptoms, lifestyle modifications will be the most aggressive step in helping you to prevent the headaches from coming back. Don’t think that holistic doctors won’t prescribe medicine, just know that they won’t rely on medication to heal you or get you back to your proper self. Remember as you search alternative medicine practitioner near me, that not every doctor will oppose prescribing medications.

Alternative Medicine Practitioner Near Me – Alternative Medicine Practitioner Facts

Types Of Alternative Treatments

As you search alternative medicine practitioner near me, you’ll find that every practitioner implements a variety of techniques to help a patient to achieve optimal health and well being. The type of treatments implemented will often vary depending on the practitioners training and background. Here are the most common types of alternative treatments.

– Lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes depend on patient education and self care techniques to promote a whole approach to wellness. These changes will include diet, exercise, therapy, spiritual counseling, and possibly meditation.

-Alternative therapies. In addition to lifestyle changes, alternative therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, homeopathy, and naturopathy may be used to create wholeness in the body and relieve symptoms.

-Western medications and surgeries. Though often a last resort, many alternative medical practitioners will rely on western practices such as medications or surgeries to help relieve symptoms or cure disease. Often, these will be
implemented in addition to lifestyle changes and alternative therapies. For example, post surgery your doctor may recommend therapy or homeopathic care to heal.

Do Your Homework

When searching alternative medicine practitioner near me, make sure you do your homework. Deep dive into the person’s training, experience, and specialties. It is always recommended that your doctor have at least some kind of affiliation with a professional organization or hospital. Also seek out someone who is board certified in holistic medicine by a credible organization. Those who are not qualified will not have these kinds of certifications, indicating that they are not well trained or experienced in the field. You’ll also want to keep the doctor’s treatment philosophy in mind. It should be similar to your own views and goals regarding your health. If a doctor’s philosophy does not align with yours, you will constantly butt heads in regards to treatment and what to do next.

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