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A gun range or shooting range is a facility that has been specifically designed for the practice and training of archery and firearms. Typically, each facility is run and overseen by a supervisory panel and a staff of well trained and well educated experts on both shooting, handling, and safety. Are you interested in finding a gun range near you? Simply browse gun ranges near me on the map below and find a list of gun ranges located in close proximity to your current location. Do you need a bit more information on gun ranges and shooting? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more on gun ranges near you!

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Gun Ranges Near Me – Gun Ranges Trivia

When did gun ranges first become popular?

Shooting has always been a form of both leisure and sport, a way for one to learn how to handle a weapon properly while cutting loose. But when exactly did gun ranges and shooting reach peak popularity? Consider these facts as you search gun ranges near me. In the early 19th century, the sport of rifle shooting became exceedingly popular in both England and in the United States where the National Rifle Association was formed in 1871. With the formation of the NRA, a standardized set of rules for rifle marksmanship were put into place, which lead to an increased interest in the sport of shooting. With the guidelines, ranges were able to arrange matches and offer trophies to those with the best shot. In 1900, pistol and revolver events were added. Eventually, shooting became so popular that it was added as a sport in the olympic games in 1896. Since this time, shooting has only become more popular, with both men and women. Many find that a day at the gun range can be a great way to blow off some steam and steady your shot. Of course if you’re searching gun ranges near me, you likely have your own reasons for visiting your local range.

gun ranges near me

An example of an indoor shooting range.

What is an indoor range?

One thing you’ll find when you search gun ranges near me is that there are both indoor and outdoor gun ranges. What’s the difference? Indoor ranges, typically have a back wall that includes a sloped berm or bank, as well as reinforced baffles that are situated along the roof and along the side walls of the room. Every indoor range has proper ventilation systems in place to pull smoke and lead particles away from the shooting line and expel them from the building itself. This can reduced the potential risk of lead poisoning. When a range does not have proper ventilation systems in place, both employees and users are exposed to lead dust from cartridge primers and bullets. Unfortunately, this lead can be inhaled and can settle onto the skin or clothing. Discharge of firearms in indoor ranges can also produce noise levels that exceed 140 decibels. To combat this, most indoor ranges will require you to double up on protection by inserting ear plugs and using over the ear muffs To protect individuals outside of the range, modern ranges have an air locked corridor for sound proofing. Indoor ranges are just as safe, fun and effective as outdoor ranges. Both offer expert professionals and safety measures that can make shooting fun and easy to do.

Gun Ranges Near Me – Gun Ranges Facts

Outdoor Ranges

Now that you know a bit about indoor ranges it’s time to touch on outdoor ranges which are more prevalent in most states than their indoor counterparts. While searching gun ranges near me, you’ll likely come across many outdoor ranges along with some shooting galleries and indoor ranges. Despite the variety of shooting ranges available, many experienced shooters prefer outdoor ranges. Typically, outdoor ranges are used for longer distance shooting, often exceeding 1,200 yards. Many individual also enjoy the aspect of exposure to the elements, such as wind or rain. Training in these conditions can help improve a hunter’s shot or aid competition shooters in improving under a diverse set of circumstances. Outdoor shooting ranges are designed to contain all fired shots. This often necessitates a high retaining wall that stands behind the target line. This is known as a back stop or stop butt. Some are as simple as a sandbag barrier or an earth mound. These barriers trap and prevent misaligned shots from going beyond the grounds of the shooting range. Many outdoor ranges have taken to restricting the maximum caliber size and or projectile energy based on the actually design of the range. If you’re looking to shoot a higher powered firearm such as a .50 caliber, you may want to check the range you’re looking to shoot at first. You may have to find a facility devoted entirely to the use of higher powered firearms.

Licenses and Classes

One thing you may want to consider while searching gun ranges near me is the licenses and classes that may countries and states require you to have in order to shoot a gun. In some countries, no license or training is required beyond basic gun familiarization (for rental guns) and a familiarization of rules and gun safety for shooting range facilities. In other countries, an individual is required to be part of an organized club or hold a license to own an individual firearm. A common requirement at most ranges is that the shooter must at least be of a legal age or have a guardian present prior to firing a shot. Gun laws and licensure practices vary wildly from state to state within the US. If you’re planning on visiting a gun range out of state, consider doing some research on that state’s particular gun laws. Nearly every gun range will offer training classes for a concealed carry license and can provide information on local gun laws.

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