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Since ancient times, hair salons have proven an invaluable asset to women and men in need of a little pampering, styling, and rejuvenation. Nowadays a trip to the hair salon is no longer just about getting a haircut; a salon trip can mean getting a color treatment, skin care rejuvenation, massage, and nail treatments.

Are you interested in finding a hair salon in your area? Simply browse hair salon near me and find a list of hair salons located in your area. Need a bit more information on hair salons? Read on for facts, trivia, and a list of the top three hair salons in the United States!

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Hair Salon Near Me – Hair Salon Trivia

In which country did hair salons first emerge?

Hair salons are believed to have emerged in Ancient Egypt where hairdressers initially decorated their tools, scissors, lotions, and other styling materials to create a luxurious and almost artistically inclined environment for citizens to tweak their look. In Ancient Greece and Rome, wealthy men had their servants act as personal hairdressers and shavers. They would also have their servants dye and maintain their current look. The Greeks were very into beard trimming and keeping hair neat and tidy. They are even credited with opening the first barber shops. In 296 BC, barber shops were common and became a timeless tradition of Rome. Romans were particular about their appearance and referred to barber shops as Tonstinae. These barber shops also introduced waxing, manicures, and pedicures. The true demand for hair care increased in 1092 when Roman Catholic clergymen were asked to remove facial hair and keep their appearance very neat.

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Modern hair salons also offer nail and massage services in addition to hair care.

When did hair salons gain massive popularity in the US?

If you’re searching hair salons near me, you may be interested in discovering just when hair salons gained massive popularity in the US. Like so many areas involving beauty, hair salons gained popularity in the roaring 20s. This is when almost 25,000 hair salons opened in the United States. From the 1900s to the 20s, bobby pins, hair dryers, perms, and hair color became highly popular amongst women who wanted to spice up their looks. It was the age of jazz, pomp, and Coco Chanel. This meant many women desired short bobs and blunt bangs. Many salons initially refused to cut women’s hair, forcing a majority of trendy individuals to seek out barber shops to take care of the job. The 40’s era was all about hairspray, relaxers, and other styling products. It was at this time that beauty salons became the go to place for women to escape everyday life and indulge in a little pampering. Women also loved to partake in a little gossip. In fact, military outposts went so far as to start beauty salons for their employees in order to boost morale among female employees.

What is the most common hair color in the world?

While searching hair salons near me, consider what the most common hair color in the world actually is. Believe it or not, black is the most common hair color in the world. The rarest color in the world is red, with only around 1% of the population boasting a head of natural red locks. Blonde hair comes in a close second, with only 2% of the world’s population being able to proclaim they are naturally blonde.

Why do humans have hair on their head?

If you’re seeking a trip to the hair salon, you may be wondering just why human have hair on their heads. Just like how animals need hair in order to stay warm, our head is one of the few places on the human body that does not have a layer of fat to keep us warm. Hair is intended to keep us warm and toasty during those frosty months of the year. Without it, we’d still survive with modern conveniences, but it’d be a tad more uncomfortable to get through the winter months feeling good.

Hair Salon Near Me – Hair Salon Facts

The Popularity of Hair Color

In modern times, searching hair salon near me is often due to a need for a color touch up or full on color change. But when exactly did it become popular for women to color their hair? This trend didn’t emerge or gain popularity in 1950, when about 7% of women began to color their hair and partake in new kinds of hair styling practices. In 2015, it was reported that round 75% of women dyed their hair or visited a hair salon in order to receive a color touch up or full on dye job.

Hair Growth

For years, myths persisted that cutting your hair could possibly stunt growth and keep your locks from growing out to luscious lengths. However, salon professionals agree that cutting your hair does not affect its growth in anyway. It does however help you to avoid split ends which can eventually work their way up the hair shaft and make the individual shafts of hair much thinner. This can give your hair the appearance of not growing. By regularly trimming your hair and maintaining hair health, you are actually helping your hair to grow faster as the hair shaft will be much healthier and thick in appearance.

The Amount of Hair on the Scalp

If you’re searching hair salon near me, you’re likely wondering how much hair you actually have on your scalp. The average person has between 100,000 and 150,000 strands of hair on their head at a given time. This means that losing 40 to 150 strands of hair is not a big deal whatsoever.

Top Three Hair Salons in the US

If you find yourself near any of these salons while searching hair salons near me, book your appointment as soon as possible. These salons not only offer highly qualified professionals, they offer a pristine aesthetic and environment to relax and soothe you as you get your hair mussed and styled to perfection.

1. Hair Rules, New York City

Hair Rules not only caters to individuals with easy to style hair but they pride themselves in helping women with thick, curly or unruly hair to achieve their best look ever. With specially trained stylists, a clean modern atmosphere and amazing products, Hair Rules can truly help you achieve the perfect style.

2. Tracy Riggs, Charlotte, NC

Tracy Riggs salon is not only a beautiful and modern space to get your hair done, they offer high end pampering treatments that can help you to achieve your best look ever.

3. Capella Salon, Los Angeles, CA

The Capella Salon is just as Hollywood ready as their Los Angeles location would indicate. This salon is not only well versed in trendy and beautiful haircuts, but they specialize in the DevaCut method which caters to women with thick and curly hair.

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