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Whether you’re nursing a cracked screen a busted battery or even a stuck home button, visiting your local iPhone repair shop can be a simple way to fix your iPhone without the hefty cost of replacement. Most fixes are relatively simple to a trained professional and can be performed in under an hour. Not only is having your iPhone repaired highly cost effective, but it can help extend the life of your phone and offset any damage.

Are you interested in finding an iPhone repair shop in your area? Simply browse iPhone repair near me and find a list of iPhone repair shops in your location. Need a bit more information on iPhone repair? Read on for facts and trivia on the iPhone and iPhone repair!

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iPhone Repair Near Me – iPhone Repair Trivia

True or false: If your iPhone won’t charge it’s typically the cable and not your phone.

True! If you’re searching iPhone repair near me because your phone simply won’t hold a charge, check your cable first. iPhone experts agree, that if your iPhone is having issues with charging, the cable is most often the problem. Make sure that your cable isn’t damaged or frayed. If you’re not finding an issue with the cable, try your phone at a different outlet or USB port. If these simple fixes don’t work, you may want to try replacing the cable. As a habit, always clean all of the dirt, dust, and debris from your cable and the iPhone port. This can help your phone to take a charge more easily. Don’t resort to resetting or forcing a wipe on your phone until you’re sure of the problem. You wouldn’t to lose precious information or photos due to a broken cable or a little dust!

iphone repair near me

Cracked screen? Fret not, most iPhone repair shops can fix your phone in under an hour.

When was the iPhone first conceptualized?

If you’re searching iPhone repair near me, you may be wondering when the first iPhone was actually conceptualized. After all, it’s difficult to imagine life without our smartphones. Way back in 1983 an Apple computer developer named Artmut Esslinger designed a landline phone that reflected most of the iPhone and iPad features we know and love today, all with a stylus controlled interface. Unfortunately, the design never saw the light of day, though it’s good to know where the foundation of their current model came from. If the 1983 prototype had been released, imagine how much faster smartphones may have made their way into the palms of consumers. Would our current iPhones even keep up had the first smartphone been developed back in 1983?

True or false: Samsung makes iPhone’s processors.

File this under unbelievable but true. Though Samsung and Apple may be bitter rivals in the smartphone industry, this hasn’t stopped Apple from contracting Samsung to build it’s super fast and reliable computer chips. Apple may trash Samsung’s phone offerings, but even they can’t deny that a good chip is hard to find.

True or false: iPhones made texting trendy.

Sure, you could text on your old flip phone, but it would’ve been quite a long process involving multiple keys and a lot of mistakes. It wasn’t until the advent of the iPhone that the masses took to texting rather than calling. Due to the easy to use touchscreen keyboard and features such as swipe, texting soon became easier than calling someone up. Apple may just be to blame for our current lack of voice communication, but there’s no going back now!

iPhone Repair Near Me – iPhone Repair Facts

Push Through Your iPhone Problems

If you’re searching iPhone repair near me, odds are you have a cracked screen or a splinter. Despite the relative ease of repairing a cracked screen, many people can’t resist the urge to go out and by a brand new phone. While a new phone is always nice, it’s not the best solution. If your screen is cracked and still responds to your touch, push through. If you can still swipe through to see your messages and legible read text, keep your phone and contact a repair person as soon as you can. Cracking your screen is no longer the end of the world. According to iPhone experts it benefits you to keep your phone and have it repaired to avoid costly upgrade and contract fees with your cell phone provider.

The iPhone Screen Cost

While searching iPhone repair near me, you may be wondering just how much one of those modern retina screens actually costs. While you may come across the part for hundreds of dollars, the part only costs Apple $28.50 and is the most expensive component on the entire iPhone. This may have you wondering why the iPhone is so expensive, given that it’s most costly component is under $30.00. While it may be hard for the consumer to wrap their head around, Apple cites that the cost of phone is dependent on many factors including: design, assembly, and even the branding of the phone. So many elements go into the production and design of the iPhone, that though parts may be inexpensive, the phone as a whole is not cheap to produce.

The iPhone Was Once Named Purple

Imagine, you may have had to search Purple repair near me instead of iPhone repair near me! Back when the iPhone was in the early stages of development, the codename for the unnamed project was titled “Purple.” iPhone developers even went so far as to call their section of the Apple headquarters the “Purple Dorm” as this is where all iPhone related development, strategy, and information was being held. The name didn’t stick and the iPhone was officially born in 2007. It was so revolutionary during this period that Time magazine officially named the iPhone the invention of the year. No you basically have a mini computer in your pocket wherever you choose to roam.

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