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Little Caesar are known for their delicious hot and ready pizzas, low prices, and delicious sides. Unlike traditional pizza chains, Little Caesar’s focuses on the concept of “Hot-n’-ready” which means that popular items are available for immediate carry out without having to call ahead. If you’re looking to customize an order, that’s an option too, as you can still place an order the old fashioned way!

Are you interested in finding a Little Caesar’s pizza near you? Simply browse Lil Ceaser near me on the map below and find a list of locations in your local area. Want a few hot-n-ready facts on this brand? Read on for trivia, epic facs, and so much more. You might just wow your friends over your next Little Caesar’s pie!

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Lil Ceaser Near Me – Lil Ceaser Trivia

True or false: The found of Little Caesar’s was a minor league baseball player.

When you think of pizza, what comes to mind? Hot cheese? Crispy Crust? These are all logical answers. Unfortunately, baseball probably didn’t make the cut. So is it true that the founder of Little Caesars was actually a minor league baseball player first? Consider this as you search Lil Ceaser near me. Back in the 1950s, Mike played shortstop for a minor league baseball team. Sure, his career path was great, but even when deeply invested in baseball he had pizza on the brain. At this time in America, pizza was still largely considered to be a novelty snack item, not something you would sit down and eat for dinner. With the minor league team, Ilitch traveled a lot. To help pass the time while out on the road, he would visit different pizza parlors and taste test the recipes, taking notes along the way. Though his baseball career didn’t last forever, his research certainly helped him to create the thing he would go on to be best known for: Little Caesars!

lil ceaser near me

For hot and ready pizza on the go, Lil Ceaser’s is the best!

How much money did Mike Ilitch save for the first Little Caesars?

Opening a business can be a huge financial drain, so much so that it’s out of reach for many of Americans no matter how good of an idea they may have. After retiring from his minor league gig, Mike Ilitch was focused on pizza. Unfortunately, finding the money wasn’t going to be as simple as a pizza pie. For four years, Mike and his wife, Marian, saved up to open the first Little Caesar’s franchise. They put every dime of their $10,000 savings into the first location in Garden City, Michigan in 1959. Luckily, the risk paid off. By 1962, the duo had sold their very first franchise and received a bit of a return on their initial investment. As you search Lil Ceaser near me, consider how this bold move helped to create one of America’s favorite fast pizza chains!

Who is Little Caesar?

As you search Lil Ceaser near me, you might be wondering how this pizza chain actually got its name. Who exactly is Little Caesar? The answer might surprise you. At the beginning, Mike really wanted to name the fledgling pizza business “Pizza Treat.” Marian thought the idea was okay, but wanted the name to be a bit more personal and from the heart. Marian used to call Mike her “Little Caesar.” At just 5’9” and of Macedonian descent, Mike certainly fit the bill. The name stuck and this iconic pizza brand was born!

Lil Ceaser Near Me – Lil Ceaser Facts

Who created the Little Caesar’s logo?

Anyone who knows Little Caesar’s also knows their iconic logo. Where exactly did this logo first come from? Consider this as you search Lil Ceaser near me. Logos are an important part of any business, which is why many companies choose to hire graphic design companies or marketing agencies to come up with the perfect image to represent their business. The story of the Little Caesar’s logo is a bit more humble than that. Back in 1959, a friend of the Illitches named Don Silverstein created the famous logo. He reportedly sketched out the design on a napkin and handed it over to the Ilitches for final approval. The husband and wife team were delighted and the logo stuck! Who knew the beginning of this iconic logo was so simple?

The Conveyor Oven

Every chain pizza brand now utilizes a conveyor oven in order to make lots of pizzas quickly and with ease, but which chain actually used this technology first? Given that Little Caesars has always been on the up and up in terms of pizza technology, it makes sense that this brand would be the first to utilize the conveyor oven. The Rotary Air Impingement Oven was promptly ordered by the Illitches upon its invention in 1997. Not only did it allow the brand to pump out their famous pizzas at a faster rate, but it helped streamline the baking process and keep the kitchen far more organized. What do you think about technology in the kitchen? Consider this as you search Lil Ceaser near me.

The Pizza Pizza Motto

Little Caesars has had many successful marketing campaigns, but few have stood the test of time as well as the catchphrase “Pizza Pizza!” Where did this phrase first come from? Consider this as you search Lil Ceaser near me. “Pizza! Pizza!” was actually first created in 1979 to correspond with a two for one deal. In The deal, two pizzas were offered for the price of just one pie from Little Caesar’s competitors. The campaign was such a hit that the motto stuck around long after the deal explore.

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