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Proper car maintenance and repair can not only extend the life of your precious investment, it can bring you peace of mind. Finding the right mechanic isn’t always simple, but it is possible. With so many well qualified mechanics to choose from, you’ll never be in short supply of a experienced auto mechanics no matter where you live.

Are you interested in finding a mechanic near you? Simply browse mechanics near me on the map below and find a list of qualified mechanics located in your area. Need a bit more information on mechanics? You’re in luck! Keep reading for facts, information, and trivia on mechanics!

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How did early car owners repair their cars?

In the modern day, if you fear an issue with your car, getting it repaired is often as simple as calling up a mechanic or searching mechanics near me. In the early days of vehicles, this was not an option. Prior to the introduction of the car, there were very few options for transportation. Individuals relied on horses, horse drawn carriages, trains, ships, and of course their own two feet. When cars became available just before the dawn of the 20th century, most were exalted with joy. Soon a myriad of manufacturers were making hand fitted vehicles. Because of the hand crafted nature of early vehicles, production runs were low and spare parts were nearly impossible to obtain. For early car owners, there weren’t any mechanics or auto repair businesses. The owner himself was tasked with maintaining his vehicles. If the individual was wealthy enough, they could also seek out the help of a bicycle mechanic, machinist, plumber or blacksmith to repair and possibly fabricate parts. Those who employed chauffeur’s as servants also asked the drivers to double as mechanics.

mechanics near me

Auto mechanics can protect your precious investment and extend the life of your vehicle.

When did the auto repair business begin to grow?

While searching mechanics near me, you’ll likely come across dozens of options for repair services in your town. It’s safe to say that auto repair businesses are not only commonplace, but they’re intertwined in American culture. It wasn’t until the 1920’s that the auto repair industry first began to flourish. By the twenties, motorized vehicles were common place, which gave manufacturers like Ford incentive to use standard interchangeable parts. This allowed the repair industry to grow, as independent companies and dealerships for specific automakers began to pop up all over the country. Mechanics at these establishments were paid hourly and repairs were billed for the actual amount of time taken. Though home repair was still very popular, repair shops that employed reputable mechanics had a big advantage as repairs were quicker and often cheaper for the car owner.

Mechanics Near Me – Mechanics Facts

A Technically Demanding Job

Few jobs are as technically demanding as that of a mechanic. As you search mechanics near me, you can rest assured that the mechanic you choose will likely be well trained and highly skilled. Due to the increasing sophistication and complexity of modern cars, becoming an automotive technician is no longer as simple as it once was. Modern mechanics not only have to diagnose and repair physical issues, they have to diagnose sensor and computer glitches as manufacturers continue to place an emphasis on new technology, all of which has to be learned and mastered on the fly. Much like the technology of the smartphone and the TV, the tech featured in new vehicles is constantly changing from year to year. Even the most highly trained and educated mechanics are often tasked with learning as they go when it comes to these new facets of the vehicle industry. Overall, auto repair has become a much more demanding industry than it once was. While mechanics have always been skilled, they now must be well versed in a host of new disciplines including computer troubleshooting, variable valve timing, and fuel injection.

The First Auto Workers Union

Like many trade jobs, mechanics needed a way to feel represented and protected in the industry. This is why the machinists union was formed in 1912 in New York City. Unlike many other skilled trades, early mechanics had no clue what their pay would be at the end of the week. Many times, management would try to reduce their income through sly calculations and expenses that would often be taken out of the mechanics paycheck.The union not only improved working conditions for early mechanics, but it guaranteed their daily pay rate. Due to the formation of the machinists union, auto mechanics were paid a flat hourly wage that could not be reduced by the hands of a greedy manager. Many were also given bonuses for productivity. Nowadays, mechanics in the union are also treated to health benefits, paid time off, and retirement packages. Not only does this ensure that your mechanic has received a certain degree of training, but their level of satisfaction and happiness with the job often leads to better service. As you search mechanics near me, consider just how great the union has been for mechanics.

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