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If you’re a passionate beauty lover or even just having a casual makeup fling, Sephora is a product lovers dream. Founded in 1969, the store features nearly 300 unique brands including its own private label of merchandise. From makeup and skincare to fragrance and haircare, Sephora has all of your beauty needs met.

Are you interested in finding a Sephora near you? Simply browse Sephora near me on the map below and find a list of Sephora locations in your area. Need a bit more information on this beauty mecca? Read on for facts, trivia, and history on this makeup paradise.

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Sephora Near Me – Sephora Trivia

How did the brand get their name?

Many Sephora shoppers have spent some time pondering just where the name ‘Sephora’ actually comes from and how it relates to the world of makeup. According to brand representatives, the name Sephora originates from the Greek word “sephos” which the company claims means “beauty.” The ending portion is derived from the name Zipporah. Zipporah was Moses’ exceptionally beautiful wife in the book of Exodus. Together you have Sephora! Not everyone buys this explanation though, nothing that “sephos” does not actually mean “beauty” in Greek! Whatever the true origin of this name, one thing is for sure, beauty and Sephora certainly do go hand in hand.

sephora near me

Every Sephora is a brightly lit beauty paradise!

Who founded Sephora?

While on your quest to find a Sephora near me, consider just how this brand got its start. What many beauty mavens don’t know is that Sephora was started by Dominique Mandonnaud in Sephora during 1970. In 1997, the brand was officially acquired by Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey and one year later opened its first official North American store (much to the delight of American women everywhere). What began as a simple way to market perfumes and beauty goods to woman has since become an empire. Today, Sephora boasts over 20,000 employees in a whopping 1900 stores. There are currently Sephora’s located in over 30 countries. Revenue generated by all of these beauty havens? $4 billion annually.

True or false: Sephora is divided up into worlds.

If you’re searching Sephora near me, then you’ve likely noticed that every Sephora store is divided up into sections. What you might not know is that those sections are called ‘worlds’ within the company. The three worlds at Sephora: fragrance, skincare, and color cosmetics. Every world is ruled by a cast member who carries an expertise in that particular realm of beauty. If you need help with fragrance, always ask an employee (aka: a cast member) in the fragrance section. They’ll have the greatest amount of knowledge on that particular world. While on the topic of Sephora words, those red and black smocks that every cast member has to wear; those are not uniforms. Sephora treats every store like a stage and its employees as cast members, this means that those red and black smock are seen as costumes rather than required employee uniforms.

True or false: Unpopular products often get the boot.

The main objective at every Sephora? Your happiness. Without happy customers, Sephora simply wouldn’t be the worldwide beauty megastore that it is today. In order to ensure that customers always get the best, each store keeps a list of the products that get returned most often. These products are then often phased out over time. While it may be hard to nail down an official list of frequently returned goods, individual employees will occasionally open up about the company’s most loathed products.

Sephora Near Me – Sephora Facts

Looking Good is a Requirement for All Employees

One thing you’ll notice when first stepping foot in any Sephora location; the absolute artistry of the makeup worn by cast members. Pretty much every employee of a Sephora seems to have impeccable makeup. From brightly colored lips to exaggerated winged eyes, every cast member looks the part. This has a lot to do with Sephora’s stringent requirement that all employees look good. In fact, the brand went so far as to place the rule in the employee handbook, stating that every cast member must wear a certain amount of makeup while working. That means there’s no skipping your makeup on a lousy day for a Sephora employee. While this may not always be a walk in the park for those that work here, the cast members certainly serve as inspiration to those of us shopping in Sephora.

The Best Selling Products

If you’re searching Sephora near me in hopes of finding your new holy grail product, you’ll likely want to know what other shoppers have found to be the best. According to recent reports, the top three selling products at Sephora belong to the Kat Von D Line of Makeup. Top products include her top rated Tattoo liner, her Shade+Light Contour Palette, and her Studded Kiss Lipstick in the shade Lolita (a pretty dusty rose color). In a store with hundreds of products, these reign supreme in terms of sales. Most Sephora cast members will also vouch for the quality of the Kat Von D line of products.

The Epic Sephora Return Policy

Buying makeup can often feel like a gamble. What works for some people simply won’t work for others, making it almost impossible to determine which product is the perfect fit for any given individual. Sephora understands that you’re not always guaranteed to love a product, which is why this brand has one of the most epic return policies in beauty. If for some reason you’re not totally satisfied with your Sephora purchase, you can return any item (even used items) for a full refund within 60 days of your purchase date. If you decided you’re not thrilled with a purchase within 61 to 90 days, sephora will return your product for store credit (there’s always something to buy). Keep in mind that if you make too many returns without a receipt, it can result in a temporary return ban. Use your returns responsibly and you’ll always be satisfied with your Sephora experience!

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