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For the meat lover, there are few things as satisfying or fulfilling as a biting into a juicy steak at a top notch restaurant. Whether you’re looking for a steak with all the fixings on the side or a simple surf and turf, there’s a restaurant out there that’s perfect for you.

Are you interested in finding a steak restaurant in your area? Simply browse steak restaurants near me on the map below and find a list of steak restaurants in close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on steak and steak restaurants? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and history on this beloved type of restaurant.

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Steak Restaurants Near Me – Steak Restaurants Trivia

Why are dry aged steaks more expensive?

Anyone who frequents a steakhouse or searches steak restaurant near me knows that dry aged steaks are often the most expensive option on the menu when it comes to steak dishes. But why will a dry aged steak set you back so much more than a regular or fresh cut steak? According to those in the know, dry aged steaks are typically more expensive because of mold and moisture loss. When a meat is dry aged, it is stored in a temperature and humidity controlled refrigeration chamber for three to six weeks. During this time period, the moisture evaporates and the fibrous connective tissue that holds the cow’s muscle together eventually breaks down. This gives the meat a much softer texture. In addition to the breakdown of connective tissue, a thin layer of mold also develops on the steak as well. The layer of mold is tripped off before cooking, so diners are never exposed to the mold aspect of a dry aged steak. Due to the moisture loss accrued during the process (about 20%), the beef will end up weighing less than when it was first purchased by the buyer. Restaurants pay for the beef pre weight loss. This means that as a customer, you’re going to end up paying more for a dry aged steak than what that has not undergone the aging process. Consider these facts as you search steak restaurants near me!

steak restaurants near me

Steak restaurants can offer options at all price points.

Which holiday is the biggest day for beef in the United States?

In the United States, it may seem like every major holiday has the potential to be a big holiday for beef. As a staple item in many American diets, it would make sense that our biggest occasions would be celebrated with a special cut of beef. Of course, there is one holiday that reigns supreme in terms of beef sales: Memorial Day. According to statistics, more beef is purchased in preparation for Memorial Day than any other day on the calendar. Many attribute this to the amount of grilling that takes place on this barbecue driven holiday. The second biggest holiday for beef? The Fourth of July. Much like Memorial Day, most individuals celebrate the Fourth by hosting or attending a cookout. Most barbecues simply aren’t complete without a juicy grilled steak or beef kabobs. Rounding out the summer holidays as the third most popular day for beef is Labor Day. Holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas tend to be unpopular times for beef, as these meats such as turkey and pork are often served instead. Are you searching steak restaurants near me in hopes of finding a good steakhouse before a summer holiday?

Steak Restaurants Near Me – Steak Restaurants Facts

The Right Steak For You

Many individuals love a good steak, but aren’t exactly sure which cut of steak would suit their taste palette the best. Everyone loves their steak to have a certain texture or tenderness, but many aren’t aren’t sure what to order after finding the perfect restaurant or searching steak restaurants near me. According to steak experts, if you want a melt in your mouth and tender steak, always order a filet mignon. In fact, this is often the first choice for many tender meat lovers. If you like your steak to be tender by slightly chewy, order a sirloin steak. If juicy and flavorful steaks are your game, order a rib eye. And if you simply can’t make up your mind because you want a little bit of everything, try a porterhouse. A porterhouse is part sirloin and part filet mignon, meaning that you get the best of both worlds. Now that you know what steak you want to order, what will you get as a side? Statistics show that 28% of all people who order a steak end up getting a baked potato as their side dish. A baked potato is always a great choice, but purists suggest a more classic side such as creamed spinach or hash brown potato cakes.

How to Tell If A Steak Is Done

Even if you’re searching steak restaurants near me in hopes of finding the perfect sit down steak dinner, it’s still a good idea to be able to tell when a steak is done on your own accord. Whether you’re cooking at home or dining out, you can see if a steak is done by performing the finger test. The finger test is an easy tests that cook use to see if a steak is perfectly done without implementing a meat thermometer. So how is the test performed? Without using any kind of force, bring the tips of your index finger and thumb together and then feel the fleshy area below the thumb (this is what a rare steak feels like). Now press together the tips of your ring finger and then your thumb. Feel the flesh below the thumb (this is what a medium steak feels like). To determine if a steak is well done, carefully press together the tips of your pinky finger and thumb, then feel the fleshy area beneath the thumb. This test will always enable you to determine if your steak is actually cooked to perfection every single time. It may also be the easiest way to wow your friends when out to dinner!

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