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One of the fastest growing categories of entertainment venue is the water park! With an annual growth rate of 7% per year, there’s no wonder more Americans than ever are seeking some splashy fun. With both indoor and outdoor offerings, there’s no shortage of water park options to suit even the pickiest traveler.

Are you interested in finding a Water Park in your area? Simply browse water park near me on the map below and find a list of water parks in close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on water parks? Read on for facts, trivia, and a bit of history on this wet n’ wild form of fun!

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Water Park Near Me – Water Park Trivia

What was the first water park in the US?

While there were many water slides and small local offerings in the 1960s, the modern waterpark as we know it didn’t premiere until 1977. Consider this while searching water park near me. Many indicate that Wet n’ Wild in Orlando, FL which enjoyed its inaugural season in 1977, was the first premiere water park in the US. While there was a lesser known water park in Newberry Springs, California, it didn’t bear the same amenities or rides as a traditional water park. Wet N’ Wild’s founder George Millay, has been called the “Father of the Waterpark.” He began construction on his Orlando based theme park in the mid 1970s. The park officially opened its doors in the summer of 1977. The park consisted of a very large lazy river and a wave pool for visitors of all ages to enjoy. Over the years, George Millay opened four more Wet n’ Wild locations throughout the United States. The original Orlando park kept expanding exponentially over the years with the additions of several slides as well as dedicated children’s play areas. Today Wet n’ Wild is owned by Universal Studios and is a premiere destination for travelers from all over the world.

water park near me

Water Park’s are endless sources of fun!

When was the first indoor water park created?

While searching water park near me, you may be looking to find an indoor water park for some good clean fun in the winter months. The first ever indoor water park was built in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1985 at the West Edmonton Mall. Called World Waterpark, the park is 217,800 square feet in size. The park includes the world’s largest indoor wave pool, several daring waterslides of varying degrees, tube rides, bungee jumping, and some truly impressive hot tubs. While on the subject of indoor water parks, did you know that the waterpark capital of the world is Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin? With five indoor water parks, it showcases several of America’s largest indoor and outdoor water parks. Indoor water parks in Wisconsin Dells, first debuted in 1994 after the famed Polynesian Resort Hotel built the first one in the US. The resort saw success by extending the tourist season and turning water park resorts and vacation destinations. Now many other resorts have followed suit. Now many resort hotels in mountain towns feature indoor water parks that are often reserved exclusively for overnight guests. Resorts such as Great Wolf and Kalahari are well known resorts that have several indoor water park locations throughout the US.

Water Park Near Me – Water Park Facts

The Largest Water Park in the US

According to statistics, the largest water park in the United States as of 2013, is Noah’s Ark Water Park in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. With a footprint of 70 acres, the park is hands down the largest in the US. The massive resort boasts two enormous wave pools, 51 water slides, four children’s play water areas, mini-golf, a movie theater and 12 restaurants. Of Noah’s Ark’s 51 impressive slides and rides, four attractions stand out above all the rest. If you or your children enjoy racing, they will become fast fans of Quadzilla: a four-lane, head first mat racer. Speed junkies will line up in droves for the Black Anaconda, a quarter mile, 30 mph raft ride that includes several coaster style twists, bumps and turns. True daredevils will feel most at home on The Scorpion’s Tale, a 10 story high vertical drop that will have you sliding at 50 feet per second. Of course if speed isn’t your thing, you can always lounge on the lazy river and just relax on your well deserved vacation! If you’re searching water park
near me, remember that certain parks offer thrills that others simply cant.

The Largest Water Slide

If you’re searching water park near me as a water slide enthusiast, then you’re probably itching to discover the largest water slide in the US. The tallest free fall water slide on record is the 120 foot tall “Summit Plummet” located in Walt Disney World’s Blizzard Beach. Not only is Blizzard Beach known for it’s smattering of loops, speeds, and exhilarating drops, but this tall slide alone makes Blizzard Beach worth the trip. If you’d rather ride down a slide on a raft, you can go ahead and take the plunge on an insane 11 story water slide in Brazil. Whether you’re on a mat, raft, or going bare, you’re always at the mercy of gravity when you decide to hit up a water slide. These slippery slopes are just one aspect of the total water park experience. Of course, with so much to enjoy, it’s no wonder water parks are now America’s premiere travel destination.

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